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10-05-2010, 03:26 PM

Kevin Garnett Goes To A Dark Place In The Off-Season
October 5, 2010 Ė 8:45 am by Paul Bessire

When he is on the court, Kevin Garnett is anything but shy. He is as passionate as it gets with unparalleled intensity that drives him and fuels the Boston Celtics aggressive and tough approach. Basketball is his life. When he can separate himself from the game and from winning (or losing), Garnett is laid back, mellow and guarded. Get him talking about basketball though and the unfiltered passion returns immediately.

This is the same guy that once referred to the deciding game of a playoff series as, ďItís Game 7, man. Thatís it. Itís for all the marbles. Sitting in the house, Iím loadiní up the pump. Iím loadiní up the Uzi. I got a couple M-16s, a couple 9s. I got a couple joints with some silencers on them. Iím just loading clips, a couple grenades. I got a missile launcher with a couple of missiles. Iím ready for war.Ē Whoa. So what happens when he loses Game 7 on the the biggest stage?

Kevin Garnett joined Dennis and Callahan on WEEI in Boston to discuss going to a dark place after losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals, what he would think of himself if played for the other team, whether he feels old in the league after 15 seasons, when he will decide to retire, being shy, what he, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen figured out that the Miami Heat will have to learn and the two-year window for the Celtics.

On the off-season after losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals:

ďVery dark, to be honest, dark. ĎJust leave me alone, let me be my myself. I donít want to deal with anything right now. Let me just be in a dark place.í Just the way I replay the game over and over in my mind, trying to get a resolution to some type of place to where you can settle with it. I never found it, but thatís what it is. I say itís fuel to the fire. [Expletive? (Bleeped completely out] .ď

On if he would like him if he were on the other team?

ďIíd think I was an *******, because Iím misunderstood. Iím serious. Iím not out on the court making friends. Iím not out there patting guys on the back. Iím trying to bust yoí ***, period, point blank. When I hit the floor, Iím a certain kind of way, and I never have any excuses for that.Ē

On if he feels old in the league:

ďI feel older in the fact that Iíve played for multiple years. But when it comes to competing, being in shape, passion ó none of those things are lacking, not with me. When I get out on the floor, man, Iím going to compete. I wear my heart on my sleeve with anything that I do, anyway. Basketball is one of the things I enjoy in this world, so itís like Iím having a tryout here. When I work out, I work out to better myself, to better my craft. Basketball is pure enjoyment for me.Ē

On when how he will know when itís time to retire:

ďI think it will be physical. When I retire, it will probably be because Iím hurting on a regular basis. Iím a passionate guy. Anyone who knows me or hangs out with me, they know that if Iím playing a video game or telling a story or something, Iím passionate about it.Ē

On if he is shy:

ďI wouldnít say shy, Iím just private. I think to get to know anybody is a moment. I look at life like, guys get to see me perform, play ball, a lot of things that we do are on blast anyways. So, the little private life that I do have I like to keep it private. I donít have a Twitter. I donít have a Facebook. Itís not that Iím not social. Iím social, but I like to be social with the people I know. I just feel like everybody out here is not for you. If you let everybody in, you let those people in with that. I just prefer to have my circle tight and have my family and friends close to me. Thatís how I like to interact and be around people. Shaq has the personality. His personality is so big that you canít really withhold that. Ray (Allen) is a good golfer. I guess he likes people to see his swing or whatever. Iím just to the back. If I go out and go somewhere, I like to sit down and chill. Iím not a rah-rah guy. Iím rah-rah when Iím on the court. Iím pretty laid back.Ē

On if he is going to cuss around the house as his daughter grows up:

ďCuss words are a part of life, letís say that. You know what, I always said if a kid has never heard of cuss words, they donít know what Iím saying. I donít promote cussing, but it helps. I look at it like itís straight to the point. Itís nothing that Iím proud of. If I could stop, I would. But [expletive (completely bleeped out]. This is me. If you donít like it, then you donít have to like it. This is who I am, though.Ē

On what Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh need to learn that he, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce figured out:

ďI donít know. We havenít seen them play so we donít know what their style is. We donít know what they look like. When they go through something we donít know how theyíre going to react. When they lose or when someone gets hurt or when someone goes down, or when someone didnít get their shots their night, thereís a ton of stuff that you can point at. But the true essence in a team is when, can you bring something else to the table vs. what youíre known for. Can you impact the game a different way? Are you actually enjoying the experience? Sometimes you get caught up in the bigger picture that you need to get some small detail that makes your team in the first place. You know, Iíve known Paul since I was 15 and Iíve known Ray since I was 14 and weíve known each other and I felt like for the most part we had all been established in what we had been doing. And the time when we met up it was perfect, I felt like we were more established players. Everybody coming to Boston at the time we were coming was focused on one thing. It wasnít about all the stars. It wasnít about placement over here, first team, second team. We just came to Boston to win.Ē

And on if he views the team as having a two-year window:

ďI look at this as just that ó two years and who knows after that. Hopefully there wonít be a lockout next year and we can better our game and get the finances or economics part out of the way, and it can be two solidified years of basketball. But, yeah, thatís how Iím looking at it.Ē

10-05-2010, 03:52 PM
Nice article

KG has the intensity I would kill for Brandon Rush to have

10-05-2010, 06:41 PM
That is what a long time leader and warrior sounds like. I cannot wait for the Pacers to have someone with that type of intensity. D-Squared probably was closest to having that in recent memory IMO.

10-05-2010, 11:19 PM
When KG retires, it will be a sad day for the NBA. Many players look back and wish that they would have devoted every second to the game like KG, Kobe, Durant, and Blair and Hibbert are doing now.

KG's that guy to hate playing against, but love to have on your team. Never have to worry about your team being soft with KG on your team.

10-06-2010, 12:06 AM
Many players look back and wish that they would have devoted every second to the game like KG, Kobe, Durant, and Blair and Hibbert are doing now.

I agree with your sentiment, but what an odd assortment of characters to make your point.

Two of these things are not like the others....

10-06-2010, 01:58 AM
Pierce is the heart and soul of the Celtics but without KG they aren't winning a title and probably aren't considered contenders this year.