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09-30-2010, 12:20 PM
http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Reggie-Miller-lends-Doug-Collins-a-hand?urn=nba-273634 by Trey Kerby

In the NBA, everybody knows everybody. Whether it's players becoming best friends and deciding to play for the same team, Donnie Walsh's strange fixation with Al Harrington(notes) or Phil Jackson hiring Craig Hodges as an assistant coach, networking is of the utmost importance. It gets you jobs, it gets you benefits, it gets you flowery treatment from the press — basically, if you're well-liked in the NBA, the possibilities are endless.

For instance, if a coach has spent several years broadcasting NBA games with one of the best shooters in NBA history, somewhere down the line that shooter might show up and help out the coach. That's exactly what happened with the Philadelphia 76ers this week. From Dennis Deitch at The Trentonian:

[Doug] Collins wasn't going to let [Reggie] Miller's presence go wasted. With a young team that is going to rely on its perimeter talent for much of its success, Collins asked Miller, one of the best players in league history at moving without the ball so he could use his catch-and-shoot skills, to offer some pointers.

"I was somewhat bamboozled by coach," Miller said. "I thought I was coming here and observe practice ... but once I started to watch practice and saw what coach was teaching, I kind of got excited because I'm an old-school kind of guy who loves fundamentals.
"For him to call me out for two of my favorite plays ... I love that coach asked me to come out and talk to his young club."

Pretty cool drop-in for the 76ers. "Oh, hey guys, my friend Reggie Miller is going to stop by and he's going to teach us all how to catch-and-shoot and move without the ball, so pay attention because he's pretty good at those things." Not a bad tutor especially considering the Sixers have a young shooting guard in Evan Turner(notes) who would benefit greatly from learning to play off the ball. As long as Reggie didn't accidentally convince Andre Iguodala(notes) that he should be a spot-up shooter, this is a very nice treat for Philadelphia.

It's also kind of weird that a member of TNT's broadcast team would help work out an NBA team that he is supposedly going to be covering objectively. There might be kind of a conflict of interest there, but Reggie is a total professional so his opinion will definitely not be swayed because his old partner flattered him by asking him to teach a bunch of guards who grew up watching Reggie play. I'm sure he'll be as not-hard on the 76ers as he is on the rest of the NBA's teams.

And hey, as far as former player/current broadcasters go, it could have been a lot worse for the 76ers. I mean, they could have ended up with Tom Tolbert or Jon Barry, so they should be counting their blessings. No one wants to spend an entire practice learning how to set screens or have a brother who won the dunk contest.

Uncle Reg, can you swing by Conseco for a minute?

Had to laugh at the "Walsh fixation with Harrington"

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damm i posted that 2 lol earlier but urs is better than mine. mine was from real gm why would they close mine if i posted it first? they should have combined the 2

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Wow, this has been posted for half an hour and none of those "When Will Reggie Become a Head Coach?" threads have started. :thumbup:

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damm i posted that 2 lol earlier but urs is better than mine. mine was from real gm why would they close mine if i posted it first? they should have combined the 2

RealGM must have bit it off of Yahoo

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He He, I'm sure he'll be at least as impartial as Bill Walton was.

So, when WILL Reggie become a coach...and how soon can we replace JOB?