View Full Version : Ray Rice builds reputation for good deeds

Basketball Fan
09-13-2010, 12:02 PM

Ravens RB Ray Rice’s reputation spills over into his private life. “It’s nothing for Ray to go into a store and walk up to a poor kid who’s eyeing a $70 video game,” said Bryan Shannon, Rice’s cousin. “First, he’ll ask the kid how he’s doing in school. If he’s doing OK, Ray will buy him the game — and autograph it.” Rice’s response is always the same, Shannon said. “He’ll say, ‘Man, that felt good.’ ” Rice doesn’t trumpet these outings, some of which he has roped other Ravens into. “He has phoned me from hospitals and had me talk to people he’s visiting there,” offensive lineman Michael Oher said. Once, Rice was even asked to autograph some football paraphernalia for a deceased fan who wanted to be buried with it. Rice did it willingly. —