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Basketball Fan
09-09-2010, 04:58 PM

Lewis goes off on Rex, Jets (updated w/ audio)
By Dan Kolko, September 9, 2010 1:19 PM | 5 Comments

Rex Ryan has been talking. Antonio Cromartie has been talking.

For the most part, the Ravens have been quiet.

Until today.

Ray Lewis went off on Ryan, the Jets, and the hype surrounding the Ravens' Monday night opponent today, letting loose on a four-minute rant.

"The bottom line is - and I'm going to be very careful with this - we're talking about the Jets like we're talking about the Saints," Lewis said. "That's the Super Bowl champs. Until they play tonight, that's the only people that can be dethroned - Drew Brees and the Saints, not Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

"All of this 'We're the Miami Heat of football.' If you're the Miami Heat, we got to be the Lakers. We're aiming for multiple rings. But you listen to all this yap, yap, yap, the bottom line is you got to buckle up your chin straps."

What set Lewis off was a clip from last night's episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks", in which Ryan allowed Sanchez, his young quarterback, to put on a headset during the Jets' final preseason game and call the offensive plays from the sideline.

Ryan told Sanchez that he allowed Lewis and Ed Reed to call plays during a preseason game while he was the defensive coordinator in Baltimore. According to Ryan, Lewis and Reed "tapped out" after a few plays.

"Rex can say what he wants to say," Lewis said. "The thing that Rex said, I don't want to get into it because I didn't see it. But when you talk about what I can't do, we're talking about a decade of stuff I've done. We're not talking about whether I didn't want to call one defense or not. Coach Mark Sanchez. Coach your Jets. My name should not come out Rex's mouth unless you're telling somebody to come block me, which is going to be a very hard damn task come Monday night.

"So, whatever he feels that they want to say and all of these Jets want to talk, man, you've still got to play the game. The game ain't played through tongues. The game is played when you buckle up your chin strap. So, all this pressure he wants to put on his team, I hope they can cash the check that he writes."

Lewis was asked if he'll be carrying some of this talk over onto the field on Monday night.

"I will be barking. I'm not sure I'm going to listen to too much of it," Lewis said. "That's the beauty of my job. I get to do the barking and I get to do the hitting. I'm not the receiver of any of that."

The 10-time Pro Bowler capped off his rant with one final shot at the Jets and his former coordinator.

"They watched the Super Bowl from the same place I watched the Super Bowl from - your couch," he said. "You can't talk about whether you're ready to do something until you win a championship. That's just a fact."

Here's the audio of the rant:

Audio: Ray Lewis calls out Rex Ryan and the Jets

Diamond Dave
09-09-2010, 07:50 PM
Old dog with only a few teeth left in his mouth. I'd be more impressed if this wasn't the same Ray Lewis that seems to think he was the Godfather of the league. He is correct though, Rex Ryan doesn't need to talk about Ray Lewis at all. Ray does that enough as it is.

09-09-2010, 10:51 PM
Regardless of how long in the tooth old Ray is, don't **** him off. Like my uncle said, "Don't poke the bear, he can still rip your head off". Ray may not be quite as quick as he used to be, but he can still lay a good lick on someone and I think if he sets his sights on the young man Mr. Sanchez, he will get to him a few times and will look to blast this kid any chance he can get.

09-10-2010, 12:53 PM
He might talk a lot, but it's spot on. Or like Denis Green would say. "If you want to crown 'em, then crown their ***."

Sorry I don't get a stiffy thinking about a team that barely made it into the playoffs, because their opponent already had their seed locked up and wanted to go in as healthy as possible.

Basketball Fan
09-10-2010, 07:28 PM

Bart Scott responds to Ray Lewis

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By Rich Cimini
PTI On Ray Lewis' Comments
Pardon The Interruption give their take on Ray Lewis' comments about the New York Jets and Rex RyanTags:

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PTI On Ray Lewis' Comments

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Few players in the NFL know Ray Lewis better than Bart Scott, who started alongside him for four seasons in the Baltimore Ravens' linebacking corps. When Scott heard the tenor of Lewis' inflammatory remarks Thursday, he attributed it to Ray being Ray.

Jets blog

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"I don't even know what he said; I just know he said something," said Scott, the leader of the New York Jets' linebackers. "It's just part of the show. If you listen to all his news conferences, they're pretty much the same thing. It's part of how he builds it up."

Scott said he "couldn't care less" that Lewis ripped the Jets for talking too much and behaving like yet-to-be-crowned champions. Scott wasn't available to the media Thursday, when Lewis went off on the Jets, who face the Ravens in the season opener Monday night at the new Meadowlands Stadium.

For the most part, the Jets took a "Who cares?" attitude, but you can bet they will be chirping if they beat the Ravens. Jets coach Rex Ryan, formerly the Ravens' defensive coordinator, admitted that he discussed Lewis' comments with some of his players.

"I've been around Ray for years and I know how he's going to approach this game," Ryan said. "No question, he's trying to bring his teammates with him. That's the way he's always done it."

Ray Lewis on the Jets Listen

Ravens LB Ray Lewis shared his feelings on the Jets and the hype that surrounds them.

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Scott conceded that the pregame trash talk will make for "more of a chippier game. ... When you get on the field, people are more easily agitated."

It's probably safe to assume that Scott, himself an all-time trash talker, will needle Lewis about his new Old Spice commercial, which aired during Thursday night's New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings game.

"That's probably the worst commercial I've ever seen," Scott said. "It looked like some student shot it."