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Basketball Fan
08-20-2010, 02:52 PM
I forgot he had one.


Vick Dumps Reality Show

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Friday, August 20, 2010

By Jordan Raanan
CSNPhilly.com Contributor

Even though it's just a preseason game, the cameras should be everywhere Friday. In addition to the fact that both the Eagles and Bengals were playoff teams last season, they also dominate the NFL in reality shows.

Hank Baskett and Michael Vick star for the Eagles; T.O. and Chad Ochocinco for the Bengals.

But the tie has been broken even before they take the field. "The Michael Vick Project" on BET is extinct. Thankfully, there will be no Season 2 despite producers' desire to continue following the life of the embattled quarterback. Vick denied the offers to concentrate his efforts solely on football.

"I put a stop to that," he said. "They asked me to do it. I don't have that lifestyle."

Surely the public (and Virginia Beach law enforcement) would have welcomed watching footage of Vick's 30th birthday party -- if there was any. There isn't.

And there will be no footage of the Eagles' backup during his second year out of prison, either. Instead, we're left with images of him sweating profusely during a nervous marriage proposal. (Yes, I actually watched that episode. It was the only one. Really. I swear.)