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08-09-2004, 05:03 PM

By Conrad Brunner | Aug. 9, 2004
Though the Ron Artest-Peja Stojakovic trade rumor has taken on a life of its own, Larry Bird would just as soon see it put to rest. The team President said Monday that "nothing's going on" between his Pacers and the Sacramento Kings.


"He asked for a trade and we're a team that's got a lot of guys," Bird said, "so that's where (the rumor got started)."

Stojakovic, Sacramento’s leading scorer last season, asked the Kings for a trade last week. The Pacers were named in the initial report in the Sacramento Bee as a team that had expressed interest in June, with a possible deal involving Ron Artest.

But Bird said his discussions, with Kings Player Personnel Director Jerry Reynolds, preceded the trade with Atlanta that brought Stephen Jackson in exchange for Al Harrington, and were largely informal.

“Before we got Stephen Jackson we really didn’t call them, per se, I just talked to Jerry Reynolds a couple of times and he informed me they wouldn’t trade him,” Bird said. “We’re interested in anybody that can shoot. We like guys that can spread the court and obviously we think he’s a very good player but it’s going to be very hard for them to let a guy like that go.”



Stojakovic’s agent, David Bauman, has taken an active and aggressive stance with the Kings designed at convincing the team’s co-owners, Joe and Gavin Maloof, that his client is serious about wanting out of Sacramento.

“They’re going to realize Peja is dead-set on this,” Bauman told The Indianapolis Star. “It’s probably better to make the best trade you can make now. We’re putting a ton of pressure on the Kings and the Kings’ owners.”

Joe Maloof told ESPN he had “absolutely no intention and no plan” to trade Stojakovic.

And if the Kings decide to grant Stojakovic’s request?

“We’ll always listen,” Bird said. “We’ve got people calling a lot about our players, but we don’t like to get our players’ names in the paper unless we get ready to do something. But it’s all speculation right now.”

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