View Full Version : Dean Smith losing memory..

07-18-2010, 11:38 AM
Sad to see such an icon struggling.

MSN sports, AP


Trader Joe
07-20-2010, 12:30 PM
So they dance around it the whole article but never come out and say it, so I will...Dean Smith has alzheimer's it would appear.

My grandfather passed away this past November after about a ten year battle with the disease. Took pretty much everything from him before he passed. He was a shell of the man he was in life. I always said he died about 5 years before his actual death, stopped talking, stopped walking, stopped being able to feed or clean himself. Confined to wheel chair, and perhaps trapped in his own mind, it was tough to see that man that had been such a strong figure scream out to you with his eyes unable to articulate his thoughts.

Luckily, he and my grandmother had built up a multi-million dollar fortune and he was able to have top notch care up until his death.

Still it is horrid to see a self made, brilliant man who had owned and operated his own company for 50 years, graduated second in his class at Ohio State and went through a Harvard masters program reduced to what he was. Such a sad, slow way to go...

It sounds like Smith is in the earliest stages (memory loss). Sad...I know though that he seems to be a man who has always been at peace with his life.