View Full Version : Knicks out of running for Dampier?

08-06-2004, 09:27 AM
Accordingly to this article, Vin Baker's agent claims the Knicks agreed to sign VB for the full mid-level exception, NOT the 1.6m veteran's exception, thereby making it impossible for it to be used for Dampier. I wonder what is going on here. If true, I think DW and LB need to find a way to step in here and get something done.


08-06-2004, 10:57 AM
At this point, I believe we are also out of the running for Dampier.

To obtain him we'd need to do a sign and trade. I don't think that Donnie is willing to do that.

08-06-2004, 11:02 AM
I sure as hell hope not, P's going after Damp that is.

overpriced, aged, with 2 decdent seasons out of the what 8 he's been in the league?

pls, for the midlevel (which we don't have anymore) for 1 year with an option (team) for another year at the same rate. that's about the extend of risk we should take with Damp.

perish the thought we would trade anyone but Polly for him, heck I'm not sure I would do that one, would miss the bugger's sense of humor :D but ok I would do that.

But that is the only trade I would make for Damp.
nuff said, he aint worth it.

Or have I missed how all those teams rolled over each other to sign Damp?

Not even Atl is prepared to make him an offer that is better then what he had, in fact he's only had offers to do worse, not a good sign in a market that is overpaying most scrapp players.

08-06-2004, 11:11 AM
Only if he wants the other half of our MLE for two years would I want him here now.

Dr Huxtable
08-06-2004, 12:07 PM
overpriced, aged, with 2 decdent seasons out of the what 8 he's been in the league?"

So you would be willing to keep Bender just for the potential, when if we resign he might have 0 decent seasons out of 6 years, but not Dampier who is pretty cheap considering the talent you're getting? Also, the main deal going around is Chroshere+Pollard for Dampier+Robinson.

Robinson is the best backup we could find for JO besides Harrington in my opinion.

08-06-2004, 01:48 PM
The Warriors have 7 out of 12 players on their roster that could be gone after this season. Two will be FAs - Robinson $5.3M and Dale Davis $9M. The others are team options or RFAs.

The don't really have a backup SF. And their starting SF, Dunleavy, has played more guard than SF. Their depth chart shows Robinson as a backup SF, but I believe he is more of a PF/C.

Thier starting PF is Murphy, and he is backed up by a rookie, or at least so says the depth chart. Although either Robinson or Dale Davis could back up PF and/or C.

IMO, the Warriors need better stability in their roster. 7 players for a single year makes for pretty awkward negotiations following this season.... seems like the Pacers learned that a year ago, right?

Also, Robinson and Davis, although each is a FA after this season, are redundant players. So getting rid of one to the Warriors is no great loss.

The Warriors actually need players with mid-length contracts, anything from 2-4 years in length and Robinson can easily be parted with.... Hmmm?

Seems to me like a trade including Robinson, or even Davis (but he makes $4M more for the year than Cliffy) would be exactly what the Warriors would want to do.

So a trade of Dampier + Robinson for a true SF + a 2-year contract or so would seem to be just what the doctor ordered.

I don't think the rumors circulating are so far-fetched at all.

Probably just the Warriors waiting and hoping for a better offer, Dampier hedging for more money and the receiving team trying to give up as little as possible.

For my money, considering the Warrior needs, Bender + Pollard or Bender + Croshere works for Dampier + Robinson. Although I wouldn't like to see both Bender and Croshere off the roster. So, I continue to favor a Bender+Pollard+ even Jones (if necessary) trade.