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07-06-2010, 09:41 AM
Respectfully, if there was a third world version of Joe Johnson, his name would be Paul George. If you catch him in highlight glimpses, George will look virtually identical to Johnson with a polished all-around skill-set, good size and a strong perimeter jumper. But watching him in whole pieces across several games, George's realistic future is as a fourth offensive option with the potential to hit open jumpers and put the ball on the floor a little bit and absolutely not as a high usage scorer.

For George, that is a valuable niche to fall into.

George is still young, however, just turning 20 last month and he can smooth out all of those rough edges and evolve into the player he shows in glimpses.

His Fresno State teammates and the ineptitude of their halfcourt offense contributed to some of his struggles and that will likely be immediately remedied in the NBA. He also will be asked to carry a lighter load and put into situations that strictly play to his strengths.

Looking strictly at his shooting, George has smooth shot mechanics, but his shot tends to be a little flat and without sufficient touch. He is a substantially better shooter when unguarded, as he struggles to properly square up when he needs to rush his shot.

George has enough length and lift to get his shot over most defenders he will see and is capable of extending his range to the NBA three.

He puts a little too much left side of his body into his perimeter shot, leading to some of the occasionally ugly misses we see, but I do think he will be a valuable spot-up shooter once he learns how to set his feet and particularly if he is on a team with a playmaker who creates off the dribble.

He shot 90.9% from the line as a sophomore and 44.7% from distance as a freshman, so he clearly has natural talent as a shooter even if some of his mechanical flaws are preventing him from reaching his full potential currently.

With the dribble, like his perimeter shot, George has occasional flashes of brilliance. George has a strong open floor dribble and will beat his man with an outstanding crossover, but he doesn't have enough skill and a variety of moves to consistently beat his man. He has the capacity for inventive shotmaking out of this dribble.

George can get into the air really well when he has some space, but he doesn't have enough athleticism to really finish at the rim in traffic. I think some of that might be out of a general softness that hurts other areas of his game and might develop as he matures mentally and physically.

Fresno State had George go to work in the post occasionally and his footwork and some of that softness manifested in that area.

On the defensive end, George uses the same mixture of length and athleticism as he does offensively, though he is far less polished. He seems to be hesitant to play up on the perimeter, which allows opponents shoot over the top of him unimpeded. This comes from a reluctance to get beat off the dribble, something he is prone to allow happen. When closing out from the paint to the perimeter, George doesn't get out with much quickness and doesn't extend very well.

Because he has good height for a wing, almost 6'9" with shoes, he can conceivably guard three positions, which will give him tremendous versatility to stay on the floor.

His character and intangibles are both above average.


By: Christopher Reina

It would be amazing if he would be like Johnson. I would compare him more to TMac or Ariza.

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07-06-2010, 09:45 AM
Joe Johnson would be a great guy for Paul to emulate.

The Future
07-06-2010, 01:34 PM
I dont get your post.

TMAC in his prime is much better than Joe Johnson.

Johnson is a ghost in the playoffs while Tmac shows up. (even though he hasnt gotten past the 1st round)


07-06-2010, 02:10 PM
I dont get your post.

TMAC in his prime is much better than Joe Johnson.

Johnson is a ghost in the playoffs while Tmac shows up. (even though he hasnt gotten past the 1st round)


saying that a players resembles another player does not mean that they're going to have the same career as them. TMac would have had a better career if injuries didnt kill him.

When I say George reminds me of TMac I mean his size and skill level. They both are tall lankey, athletic guards that have a great jumper.

07-06-2010, 02:36 PM
I agree. Paul is too tall and not as quick as 6'6" Joe Johnson (and probably not as quick as the 6'9" but explosive T-Mac). But, his versatility at 6'9" to play and defend multiple positions his his niche with the Pacers. You can tell already that he has a ways to go in his development. He dribbles a little too much in Summer League and doesn't seem as explosive or quick as Lance Stephenson but he's very close and he should get more explosive as he works out in the off-season (a la Kobe Bryant who developed his body and explosiveness with the proper weight training) over the next few years.

07-06-2010, 03:27 PM
I like what we have so far in Stevenson (though Im only comparing it to one gave Ive seen of his), George, Granger and Hibbert.