View Full Version : speaking of livingston..

07-03-2010, 04:37 AM
it got me to thinking about johnathon bender. how good do you guys think bender could have been had he not been injured all the time.

i remember when he was on the court and JO was still playing here in our hayday JO seemed second fiddle to him on the court. not sure how to explain it, you could just tell JO knew he didnt have that kids kind of ability.

i always loved when Bender was activated and got into a game. that kid was like a 6'11 shooting gaurd and could hop out of the gym!!!!

how would a team matchup against the guy, he was deadly from 3, so you had to have a gaurd on him, and he could post you up b/c of his size, easily could play sg, sf, pf, or c; which is just unheard of these days that a guy can play that many positions.

the only guy that i think even closely resembles him today is kevin durant, not saying he would have been as good as durant, hell he might have been better but he reminds me of durant in so many ways.

one play always sticks out to me about bender.. he drove to the lane and i remember he was beyond the 3 point line, he took like two freaking steps.. one step and he was at the free throw line, and the next step and he was dunking on someone. 2 steps from the 3 point line and the guy dunked.. it was phenomenal.. dude was a human freaking pogo stick that could shoot lights out.

it would have been straight sick to see that kid reach his potential with JO, Harrington, Miller, and all the other assets we had back in the day. damn i wish we would have had him in the finals.

i bet his defensive ability would have been outstanding as well.

just wondering how good you guys think this kid could have become if not for injuries.