View Full Version : Collison (not a trade thread)

07-03-2010, 12:29 AM
I know there are a ton of Collison trade threads, but this one i just wanted to ask pacer fans who have watched this guy play about the kind of player he is.

i would really like to see the pacers acquire the guy for obvious reasons, but i base it more on numbers than actually having seen him play. i really only watch the pacers, dont pay much attn to other teams.

i was hoping someone who maybe has nba league pass or something can tell me why he is considered to be one of the best pg's we can acquire. for example.

is he a good three point shooter, can he take it to the rim, mid-range game; is he able to find open teammates (is he shoot first or pass first type of pg); does he play good defense, is he too small. ie. whats your scouting report on the guy.

even better would be if you watched the guy play in college as well.

anyways, do any pacer fans have firsthand knowledge of watching this guy play and if so let me know some of his attributes that i asked above. also.. what type of pg does he remind you of or could he be compared too.

ive heard some ppl suggest he reminds them of TJ because he has kinda the same build and quickness, only he is way better.

not wanting this to be a trade propasal thread, just would like to know from anyone who has seen him play could he really be the answer at point gaurd and if so why.