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07-01-2010, 06:54 PM
Because I think it's a good idea and also as a "thank you" to my great former ticket rep. Chris Evans, who made me aware of it, I want to highlight the newest way the Pacers offer season tickets: Pick'em Packs.

The details are on pacers.com using the link below, but the nutshell is this:

You buy 22 tickets (half-season), but the twist is that you can choose which games they apply to (as opposed to pre-configured packages), and furthermore, you can spend multiple tickets on the same game to take a group.

I like that they're getting more creative and flexible, and I hope an option like this becomes a permanent one.



07-01-2010, 08:17 PM
I'm sure they will keep this as long as attendance is low. That way, the games that people want to see will be far better attended, while those with teams who are more like our own will resemble ghost towns. The difference is that the Pacers or CIB and any vendors who they give anticipated attendance figures to would be much more able to forecast staffing requirements for games.

I had conversations with a couple of different ticket reps (one before the attendance meltdown, and one after) regarding the possibility of flex ticketing (before the Fever tried it), but my suggestion involved more of an account that you would spend on tickets on any level, with the understanding that you must spend all of the money in the account by the end of the season, and that the purpose of the account would be specifically for ticket purchasing. If somebody wanted to blow a lot of money on couple of tickets down low, they could do that, or if they have a group of 20 people that wanted to go to a game together in cheap seats, they could choose that instead, with no limitation to a specific section as they have with this promotion.

I had been told before that NBA gate sharing would make flex ticketing a difficult thing to track and that it would never happen. Just goes to show that times have really changed.

07-01-2010, 10:18 PM
One thing I've always wanted is to have a single, credit-card sized plastic "ticket" for season ticket holders to carry all year long that would double as their ticket to any given game and also as their discount card at the gift shop. That would be phenomenal to me. I thought I heard some teams already do something like that?