View Full Version : I find this funny yet irritating....

08-05-2004, 11:57 AM
It sfunny how Damp and Vince are stating their desire to play in NY. Both are labeled as soft and lazy and both would be ridiculed out of town by the NY media if they pull the crap there that they have pulled with GS and Toronto.

On the other hand i find it frustrating, more so with Damp as he talks about wanting to win, but he wants to go play for a team that will be at best the 5th best team in EC. At Best.

NY did get Crawford, who although is decent has a long way to go to becoming an all star if ever. And the have Starbury who has never been a leader and his teams have lost everywhere he has been even with talent around him.

Assuming NY got Damp and traded for Carter which wont happen their lineup would be :

I put ? because it wont be thomas if they have to make a trade. Anyways point being that lineup is good but not scary. ANd they woudl have no bench at all, so again i say maybe at best 5th in EC. Granted with new divisions they could get 4th seed, but big deal.

Lord Helmet
08-05-2004, 01:48 PM
If they trade for Carter they would probably have to give up Starbury wouldn't they?