View Full Version : The value of Jason Kidd

08-03-2004, 09:48 AM
So Jason Kidd goes to the Nets and ignites their offense. A very good point guard in Phenoix and Dallas blows up into an unquestioned superstar in NJ as the team orients their entire style of play around the thing he does better than anyone else in the league.

What happens next? He starts believing his court-vision extends into the offseason and free agent arena and one of the better GM's in the league starts taking an offseason back seat in Kidd's minivan and lets the point guard run the franchise as well as the offense.

Kidd tells them to sign Mourning who's agent is smart enough to demand guaranteed money. Hancuffing an already shaky cap team. He then fires the head coach and signs the unproven youngster who simply continues the old coach's gameplan.

Now the team Kidd built (the one with an unproven coach, one less superstar, and no cap room, not the sure fire East power Thorn created) waits for him to demand a trade and jump ship.

Of course, I realize the ownership change and their lower spending limit has a lot to do with it, but would anyone be able to hold 3 max contracts and pay millions to players out of the league and on other teams, while still improving a team whose 3 key players carried the team (in most people's opinion) as far as they could go two years ago?

I know I won't cry when Kidd retires into the Dallas Billionaire's Club with nothing more than a wedding ring.

Lord Helmet
08-04-2004, 12:11 AM
Kidd has good value but I as a Pacer fan do not want him on our team.Maybe the Kidd of 2 years ago I would want.But now Tins is getting playing time and has improved his game I think he is the PG for the Pacers and for the future.