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06-07-2010, 12:31 AM

PG Tony Parker=13.5 million in 2010-2011, expiring contract!!!

Spurs 1st round pick (20th overall)=1.13 million in 2010-2011, 1.22 million in 2011-2012



PF Troy Murphy=11.95 million in 2010-2011, expiring contract!!

Pacers 2010 1st round Pick (10th overall)=1.87 million in 2010-2011, 2.05 million in 2011-2012

Pacers 2010 2nd round Pick (40th overall)=650K in 2010-2011


*This might be a stretch, if I were the Spurs I might demand Rush or Hibbert to complete the deal, although getting something rather than nothing after 2011 might be a good deal, especially if draft picks and expiring contracts are involved.

*I would then take the 20th pick and see if one of my guys with a lottery grade falls down to me OR trade down a few extra spots and select Alabama PG Mikhail Torrance; a point guard with great size and the skills to be effective at the next level. This would give the Pacers quality depth a point guard to go along with AJ Price (who is going to miss time due to injury) while I wait for TJ Ford's contract to expire, because no one would consider trading for him. However, Charlotte could be a possibility depending on the Felton situation and their desperate need for frontcourt depth.

**Hopefully this deal would give the Pacers a player who is either at or above Danny Granger's level as Bird mentioned they really need to make that next step as a team as well as another asset in Torrance who has some tools to be a rotation player and another "asset" as Bird likes to say to add to our stable of young players

***DON'T LAUGH AT THE 57TH PICK-I believe there are quality players everywhere in this draft and there could be a player or two at the bottom of the 2nd round who could make a team and play a role sometime in the future.

****If you would like to comment or learn more about some of my thoughts about the upcoming NBA draft, let me know