View Full Version : Revisit Charlotte Trade

05-20-2010, 04:50 PM
Indiana Gets:
1 - Gerald Henderson
2 - Alexis Ajinca
3 - Diop

Charlotte Gets:
1 - TJ Ford
2 - Solo Jones
3 - 57th Pick if we get it from DAL or future 2nd rounder

We really dont need Augustine if we draft a PG like I hope we do this draft and without his inclusion I think its easier to get Charlotte to agree without having to include Brandon Rush. Henderson is the centerpiece of the deal, as he is ALOT better than Larry Brown gave him the opportunity to be last season (something Brown is notorious for) He would give us another swingman for the future.

Ajinca is very raw, but also very young and has plenty of potential, low risk, high reward and if we dont want him hes cheap enough to cut loose as well, he just makes the $ match up.

Diop is the low point of the trade for us, he has 2 seasons left on his deal at around 6mil per season.....this sucks because it extends past Troy and Mike's expiring deals, but it isnt an astronimicaly high salary and he isnt a bad defensive big to bring off the bench to guard the Dwight Howards of the Eastern Conference. In the end I think its worth it to bring a prospect like Henderson over to the Pacers without giving up much of anything.

The Bobcats biggest reason for doing this is that they get out from under Diop's deal to give them more cap room to play with.

They also get TJ Ford as insurance in case they arent able to bring Felton back and Ford only has 1 season on the contract if he doesnt work out. TJ may not have had the best of luck here in IND but he has shown he can be an effective starter. Larry Brown doesnt rely so much on outside shooting so I think Ford could flourish there....and Brown has had luck with diminutive scoring PGs in the past.....Solo Jones is something of a throw in to make $ and rosters workout but he still something of a prospect and will add some size for Charlotte.