View Full Version : Take Calderon to get Bosh?

05-07-2010, 12:57 AM
Not sure if this is even possible, but would you take Calderon, if it meant getting Bosh?

I don't know if Toronto would do this, but instead of losing Bosh for nothing they can get rid of a lengthy contract while acquiring expiring deals that can contribute and a 2nd lottery pick to go w/ #13

Pacers trade: Murphy, Ford, Foster, and #10
Pacers receive: Bosh and Calderon

Pacers get a PG who has been fragile at times, but is still a solid PG. Plus a franchise PF to play next to Hibbert and Granger. While still having a nice expiring in Dunleavy, and small one in Solo.

PG: Calderon, Price, 2nd round pick
SG: Rush, D.Jones
SF: Granger, Dunleavy
PF: Bosh, Hansbrough McRoberts
C: Hibbert, McRoberts, Solo (Perhaps another 2nd rounder?)

Toronto gets out from Calderon's deal while getting a solid backup they liked in the past with an expiring contract. They get a fill in PF that spreads the floor with Bargs to play Euro style who an expiring as well as a vet Center is Foster who's expiring as well. That's like 26 million in expiring contracts for the deadline and 2011 as well as pick #10 and #13 in this year's draft.

PG: Jack, Ford, Banks
SG: Derozan, #13?, Belinelli
SF: Turkuglu, Weems
PF: Murphy, Evans, #10
C: Bargs, Foster

Still a couple roster spots to make moves. They can go with either wing spot at #10 or #13 and still get a solid PF at the other spot as well

05-07-2010, 09:28 AM
I definitley would. Calderson is pretty good offensively, but is a joke on defense. But what Bosh brings to the table will just make up for everything. But I dont see Raps taking Murphy back. Murphy are Brags have a similar game. If both of them were to start, they would have no interior offense whatsoever.

I think who ever wants Bosh, is going to have to take Hedo or Calderon along. Hedo probably has the worst contract in the NBA. I dont know what Colangelo was thinking

05-09-2010, 12:41 PM
Pacers need a pg who can both defend and create. Obviously Calderon's not the answer.

As for Bosh, he won't come here. Even if he does, he's a poor defender as well. And he's ball hog. I don't want to see this team end up like Raptors, so no thanks.

05-09-2010, 12:49 PM
Any S&T of Bosh would require his approval, and I'm not sure at all that he'd approve of coming to Indiana. Especially with all the other teams he could go to. He literally has his pick of any team in the entire league he wants to go to (even teams over the cap), and whichever team that ends up being, I'm sure they'll be more than willing to work out a similar deal where they take one of Toronto's bad contracts.

You have to put yourself in Bosh's shoes. He's probably waited years for the opportunity to be a free agent, and out of the 30 cities he could go play in, you think he'd choose Indianapolis?

05-09-2010, 03:12 PM
I think he'll end up in Miami, Houston or Chicago, but I believe he would have to think about Indy. Reggie Miller made a good living in Indy, as did Jermaine O'neal. Peyton Manning is doing just fine in Indy as well.

Bosh would bring his PG with him in Calderon, and get to play with an All-Star wing in Granger. Up and coming center in Hibbert. And the Pacers are a young team with Rush, Hansbrough, McRoberts, Price and maybe another couple pieces here or there.

I think the Pacers are instant playoffs contenders with Bosh and Calderon. He's also helping the Raptors gain immediately flexibility with the #10 pick, and expiring contracts that can be used at the trade deadline or cap space the next summer

I base this on the fact that I think he would want to do a sign and trade to help the Raptors out a bit.

It's all just wishful thinking

05-10-2010, 07:59 AM
This is one of those no brainer deals. If the Pacers passed up a trade that got rid of Murphy, and ended up with both a point guard AND a power forward that's better than any currently on our roster, they had better hope I never find out about it. Of course, this is one of those things though where Toronto would never pull the trigger on this without getting back a young prospect, either Rush, or most likely they'd ask for Hibbert.