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Jose Slaughter
07-22-2004, 10:40 AM
The NBA Farm System

I don't know any fan that is against it. Why is it taking so long when it is so clear that it is needed?

Stern wants it & is headed in that direction. It might take him another 5 years however. :(

Why would the players union be opposed?

I know the playing time could only help the young NBA players, but what about the veterans?

Any thoughts?

07-22-2004, 02:58 PM
They are afraid that veteran players will be sent down to the farm teams to punish them for not doing what the coach asks.

You know as long as they are getting their full pay why should they care.

I think they should do the farm teams and have the minor league title game durring the all star break.

That way the players like Bender and James Jones who would be on the farm team would pt. Then they would still be able to return to the team in time to contribute for the second half of the season and possibly the playoffs.

Come on Stern give us a Fort Wayne Pacers with Brewer at point Freddie at the 2 James Jones at the 3 Bender at the 4 and Harrison as the center. I would attend every game!

Plus you could have your guys like Omar Cook and Adam Harrington on minor league contracts who would come off the bench. I think these guys would then have a much better time of getting into the NBA if they did it that way.

We could hire Kevin Oneal to coach the minor league team because he would know Ricks system. Lots of young coaches would get chances they are not getting now and the level of play in the NBA would improve because these young guys would be getting playing time rather than sitting on the end of our bench.

You could allow the teams to call up players that they might need in the case of injuries but no team plays all 15 players. Why not let the bottom 5 play in the minors on their NBA contracts for the first half of the season as a teaching experience.

Jose Slaughter
07-23-2004, 09:54 AM
You could also limit the players to less than 4 years in the league that way the league will stay young & the old vets that refuse to call it a career can still have a place to play.

Will Galen
07-23-2004, 11:11 AM
A couple years ago I came up with something I think would work. The following is what I remember.

I would increase the rosters of every NBA team from 15 to 20. (Which would be cheaper than having another league)

Then like in high school, I would have a 32 minute 'B' team game before the regular game. Halftime would be 8 minutes and all players not injured would be required to play at least 8 minutes per game. The game would start an hour and a half before the regular game and it's length, from start to finish, could not exceed an hour.

As for who would play in the 'B' game, everyone not on the 'A' team, plus two players off the 12 man 'A' team designated by the franchise and subject to the player's approval, if said player is not in his first contract. First contract players permission would not be needed.

Hard core fans would come early and of course spend more money thus offsetting increased player expenses.