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02-10-2010, 06:26 PM
What do people think about the NBA potential of the Purdue trio?

Will they come out this year? Where will they get drafted (whether this year or next)? What positions do they project to play in the league?

I'll wait to post my own thoughts until I see some others...

02-10-2010, 10:16 PM
Will they come out this year?

I think Johnson and Moore will both test the water and jump if they get a first round promise. I doubt if Hummel leaves early.

Where will they get drafted (whether this year or next)?

I think Johnson is late first to mid second round material. Moore is probably a second rounder unless he gets some team to fall in love with him. Hummel would be undrafted if he went this year.

What positions do they project to play in the league?

Johnson is the classic power forward prototype but needs more muscle which he could work on with an extra year in school. Moore combines good speed with decent size, not big enough for SG so PG for him. Hummel will be a straight gunner, Kopono type if he makes it at all.

02-20-2010, 12:33 AM
I went to the OSU-PU game, and thought I would wait until after to post my own opinion.

First, before getting to the PU guys, I have to say Evan Turner is a beast. He may not have NBA PG handles quite yet, but he is very close. Other than that, he is the total package on offense. I don't know if Wall maybe has much greater potential, but I would not be crying if we end up w/ Turner instead of Wall. He was successfully taking on Purdue's D (which is generally solid) 1 vs 5 with regularity.

Hummel vs OSU got in some foul trouble and didnt do much. I still think he may be the best pro prospect of the three. He's got the size, handles and shot to play 3 (maybe even 2) in the NBA. I think he would be an above average rebounder at his position as well. He may not be quick enough to get his own shot, is a concern I would have--he would have to run off screens quite a bit.

JJ I think does not have the handles or the shot to play three (SF) in the NBA. He is improving his range though; he seems to be nearly to the college 3 line, and he could take it out to the NBA three line with some work maybe. I don't know if he can get big enough to play against the stronger 4s in the league. He seems to be much thinner than Landry was at PU...

Moore seems to be a classic 1/2 tweener. If he develops the handles and passing ability to play point, he could be good in the league. I don't think he is big (ie tall) enough to play 2 (although if for example Eric Gordon can do it, who knows--they seem about the same height.) Those shots he gets off in the lane in college I think would get swatted with some regularity.

All that said, I dont watch other "top prospects" to know where these three would be drafted. I am most excited about Hummel's pro potential, but whether he is mid-late 1st round or early-mid 2nd round, I couldnt say.

Probably it is correct to say that they will leave (and they should) if they get a first rd guarantee. (Although how can teams really make those guarantees? If John Wall falls to you at 10 (to take an exaggerated example), do you have to keep your promise to some other guy?

03-01-2010, 05:06 PM
looks like all three plan to be back, although this could always change:

certainly, the MSU game did not give much confidence that the JJ and Moore would be drafted.

03-01-2010, 05:40 PM
Good for them, better for Boiler fans. It sucks that Kramer and Grant are graduating, but if Barlow and Hart don't slump, DJ steps his game up a little, and one of those freshman can contribute (hopefully Carroll), we can still be pretty awesome next year. Hate to lose a lock-down guy like Kramer, though. But at least we should have some depth.