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12-29-2009, 12:47 AM
I very rarely put up my trades, but this is something I wanted to share. It's doubtful that it would happen.

IND gets:
F Lamar Odom
G Jarrett Jack

LAL gets:
F Troy Murphy (only if we get Odom, IMO)
G T.J. Ford
F Reggie Evans

TOR gets:
G Jordan Farmar
G Sasha Vujacic
F Adam Morrison

Speaking as the Pacers' GM, this would give us a player similar to Troy, but Odom's game is better inside the post rather than behind the arc usually. He would start at PF and Tyler would back him up. As for Jack, this is where I doubt things would happen. He's a player that fit in last season and with the defense added, he would be a fit to the rebuilding puzzle at PG. We also get rid of Ford so now we have a true PG for the team. Earl would back him up.

For the Lakers, it's tough to determine if they would make any trade like this, but they're still get some good backups in return in Troy and T.J. rather than just 1 reliable backup in Odom, they get 2 and also a defensive Reggie Evans from Toronto who can play center with Troy backing up Gasol at PF and T.J. backing up Fisher at PG.

For the Raptors, they are giving up much, but are getting some good reserves in return for Jack and Evans. Farmar would take the place of Jack and Vujacic can start or backup either DeRozan or Belinelli. Morrison can spot some minutes backing up Turkoglu at SF and battling Wright for time. They are getting 2 expiring contracts in Farmar and Morrison.

Again, this is something I wouldn't count on happening, but it's something that can possibly help us and probably LA and Toronto too.

12-29-2009, 01:47 AM
LA doesn't necessarily like Lamars' inconsistency, and Troy would do good things for them. TJ is just pupu platter to the deal.

I could only see this happening for TOR if they have another lost season and J Squared continues to struggle.

This would be very ideal for next year when we have exp. contracts.

12-29-2009, 12:35 PM
I don't see any reason TOR would want to be included in this deal.

I could see LAL trading for TJ Ford to upgrade their backup PG position though. Only problem I see is that TJ doesn't shoot from deep well enough to work in the triangle offense. Troy would be a nice addition to a team like LA who can throw another legitimate big man out there and he can spread the floor for Bynum or Gasol. I don't mind Odom but I don't think he would be happy in Indy and would be a waste of our resources to bring him here.

12-29-2009, 01:50 PM
There's a few problems with this deal. First and foremost, Ford and Murphy don't have the value to bring in Jack and Odom. In order to get this kind of a trade done with those pieces, we'd have to throw in some generous considerations... something along the lines of an unprotected 1st rounder.

Also, LA probably has no interest in trading Odom period, given the fact that he was a part of their championship core last season. He's very good insurance if either Gasol or Bynum go down and can fit right into their starting lineup. For that system, he's a much, much better fit than Troy and will impact the game on both ends more so than him as well.

From Toronto's perspective, if they trade any point guard, it'll be Calderon. Jack IS their best PG right now and has probably taken over the starting position for the time being. I can actually see Toronto and the Lakers discussing a Calderon deal where Toronto sends him over there for some of LA's bench players in what'd amount to a salary dump for Toronto. At any rate, I don't see the Raptors trading Jack, whose signing probably also served to appease Bosh into remaining with the team.