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12-22-2009, 12:54 PM
O'B's two favorite players would be replaced by one player that he would not want to play, but would be forced to because the only alternative would be to start Watson and give Price 10 minutes off the bench because Hinrich would be slower and more deliberate than O'B would want from his pg, and Hinrich would lose his legs for three's down the stretch in games due to our pace.

O'B would resign immediately, citing philosophical differences regarding the direction of the franchise.

Make it so!

I actually think that JOB would love to have Hinrich as his starting PG. He would finally have a guy willing to go in the direction that the coach is asking for. As far as him not being quick enough or losing his legs goes, His legs may be an issue for a few weeks until he gets used to this sort of attack but he would get used to that, and until he does Watson & Price will just get a few more minutes than normal. His quickness on the other hand I have to disagree. I think people forget how well regardes Hinrich was when Skiles was still in Chicago. He was known as a VERY scrappy defender with great size at the position, is he a world class athlete with jump out of the gym athleticism, of course not, but he would still be the best starting PG we've had since the "Jackson Jiggle" could be seen in Indianapolis.

As far as the Cavs being willing to move Hickson in the deal, and whether or not the Cavs could get something of greater value for Z's expiring. The reason they move Hickson in this scenario, is because they get Tyrus Thomas back in the deal which basically give them a similar player with arguably more upside. As far as greater value for Z, they arent looking to actually let Z go, they want him back ( They arent going to rob the guy who has been with the organization this long of a possible championship ) The Cavs are in win now mode to try to appease Lebron, I think this deal helps them do just that. A lineup like this come playoff time makes them even better than they are now:

PG - Mo Williams, D. Gibson
SG - Anthony Parker, D. West
SF - Lebron, Moon, Green
PF - Troy Murphy, Tyrus Thomas, Powe
C - O'Neal, Anderson V. Z. Ilgauskas

12-22-2009, 01:08 PM
Another idea, and this one is much more far fetched, but apparently Golden State has said that Stephen Curry is available as well if a team is willing to take on Cory Maggette's contract. This would be a good deal for all involved if that were the case:

Indiana Gets:
1. Big Z
2. Stephen Curry

Cleveland Gets:
1. Troy Murphy
2. Corey Maggette
3. Luther Head

Golden State Gets
1. J.J. Hickson
2. Jamario Moon
3. Cavs 2010 1st Rounder

This seems like a stretch, and the only reason I bring it up is that GS is supposedly willing to part ways with a young prospect to get rid of Maggettes 4 year deal. I would rather have Curry than Randolph for several reasons. We likely get a pick around #10 next year if things continue along the path we are on which means another "Big" should be available there. Not to mentioned Hansbrough in IMO has been doing well enough to say PG is our more glaring weakness. Golden State save a LOT of $ with this deal while also securing Hickson as a nice prospect for the future. The Cavs look a lot scarier with Maggette running the wings alongside Lebron and Murphy playing inside out with the other Big, not to mention the fact that Murph becomes probably the best rebounder on the team. Again Golden State would be the nixer of such a deal but if reports are true and they are in $ saving mode then this sure seems to be logical for them.......then if we could only move Ford we would be golden.....maybe to another contender closer to the deadline for a mid 1st rounder and garbage.......