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07-11-2004, 10:33 AM
This trade, that could've turned out several ways, has seen (at least I think) the major move made by the Pacers this off-season.
Barring emergency moves with Ron that is, but imo if that was to happen the chances were much bigger in a combination trade with Al (packaging for f.i. Pierce or Allen) then straight up, after the amount Ron is signed for is to low to get anywhere near equal value.
So we're sort of set in our ways, now what does the roster look at this moment:
(in brackets the years left on contract)

Jermain O'Neal (6)
Reggie Miller (1+po)
Ron Artest (4+po)
Jeff Foster (5)
Jamaal Tinsley (1+to)
Jonathan Bender (3)
Stephen Jackson (6)
Austin Croshere (1+2po)
Scot Polllard (2)
Fred Jones (1+to)
Jamison Brewer (to)
David Harrison (3+2to)
James Jones (to)

12 + 3 being the "standard" if all get "picekd up" we would have 2 more roster spots open, of which we can safely assume one will go to Rashard Wright (2nd rnd pick 2004) now how will the roster look by position:


This is assuming we pick up the options on Brewer and Jones. Likely but no certainty.
Foster can move to PF, but would cost (likely) scoring,Bender may be able to play some time at PF (likely to do so in order to get minutes, not much left behind Artest)
As I see it starting 5 will be


Jackson first of the bench for Miller, Bender for Foster, JO moving to C
I then see Fred come in for Tins, who's minutes will be up to around 30 this year.
Some time for either Harrison or Pollard when JO takes a breather and Cro for Artest, moving over to the 4 Bender to the 3

In a rotation like that (which is not that different from the one used last year, only name changes) our first priority would be someone at the 4 to fill up the 15th spot on the roster.
Now looking at the camp this week, who would be able to fill that role, or are there chances for a "cheapie pickup fa?
the list of camp players (thanks to Wil):

Tony Bland G USBL Rookie of the Year last season
(seeing the position he will have a very slim chance)
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje C Has played in 44 NBA games
(unless he improved drastically he has little chance)
Brian Brown G Played at Ohio State, then in Europe
(again G imo is sufficiently covers on this team)
Joe Bunn F Import Player of Year in Argentina
(This one has a real chance)
Hiram Fuller F Played four games for Atlanta last season
(Again, by position he has a chance, but imo Bunn has a better chance)
Jelani Gardner G Played at Pepperdine, then in France
(Talented but no chance)
Tyrone Grant F Played at St. John's, then Italy
(Slim chance., only based on position)
David Harrison C Pacers' first-round draft pick
(signed sealed and delivered)
Sani Ibrahim C Early draft entrant wasn't selected
(slim chance)
James Jones G Pacers' second-round pick in 2003
(Unless "beaten" badly by any of the G entries the team will pick up his option)
Art Long F 30-year-old has played in 98 NBA games
(the great unknown)
Luke Recker G Ex-Hoosier prep star played in Italy last season
(not likely)
Soumaila Samake C Has 47 games of NBA experience
(some chance)
Charles Smith G Has played 120 NBA games for four teams
(if he beats Brewer and or Jones badly)
Rashad Wright G Pacers' second-round draft pick
(if he shows what he did previous to the draft he will be signed)
Derrick Zimmerman G Golden State's second-round pick in 2003
(remote chance)

If the rumours are correct then quite a few Pacers players on the roster already will make it to the RM revue, this leaves less space for the newcomers,

Playing for the P's in the RMrevue will be:

Jonathan Bender,
Fred Jones,
James Jones,
Jamison Brewer,
David Harrison,
Rashard Wright

I suppose 4 of the above will make it to this roster, it will be interesting to see what position and which players they are gunning for, anyone care to make a guess?

And what or who do you think will fill the last 3 spots on the roster if you assume the picking up of the team optionson JJ and JB are not sure things.

07-11-2004, 01:04 PM
Well done, able.

I wouldn't be surprised if we leave the 15 spot open. We did that two years ago, which allowed us to sign Hardaway before the playoffs.