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07-10-2004, 02:39 PM
So we're heading for July 14, the ever important date for FA's and trades, ok we're not paying attention to the 12th, but nonetheless, we are discussing more trade options then humanly possible, get into a tatter when we don't agree and all think we know more then others, gladly foregoing basic logic, non spoken words and non given attention, and not least history.

Ok the 12th first: I'm looking forward to read about what our picks look like, anyone who can obtain that information, please post, if you can tape it, contact me and we'll put it online :D

so now the 14th: Let the games commence!

Ok, so we missed TMac, no strange feat at those rates :)

Several of our "desired" players have in the meanwhile done what comes natural, agreed to large sums with those teams that can spend it this year, mainly because they suck in general and had gazillions of caproom.
Some teams have agreed to sign their own free agents, not much weirdness there, except for some prices and the to be unspoken disaster which was trusting people on their word.

Now in all this, the Pacers have been mentioned but a few times, funnily enough this time around we are mentioned in the BIGGIES fo the season, TMac, Shaq and even in the Kobe case we were whispered, oh yeah and a titibit about Ray Allen.

Then there was silence.

Non of us cried about Shaq, but TMac did cause some tears.

Now what are the "silent" trades? the ones that are not spoken about in the wild, but that most people on the inside (and some of the press) expect to happen, the "can" happen trades?
No one really believe Ainge when he says he will not trade Pierce, after al lhe has shown not to tell it all when asked and Pierce is the only usable asset the Celtics have to upgrade in general.
Anyone hear anythying about Ray Allen? surely a player like that commands interest on several (contending) teams, do they come much better at what he does?
Anyone hear anything about Damp getting paid the lotto jackpot and on his way out to ?
Anyone hear anythin about the trade GS was gonna make? Anyone hear anything else but silly prices being paid by teams that in previous years could not attract a free agent for normal rates, or teams interested in getting Kobe?

uhh wait, did anyone hear anything in the press, or on tele about the Pacers?
Weren't we supposed to be big time players this year looking for an upgrade at the C and SG?
Where were we in the Blount circus? or in fact, did we express any interest in Cardinal?

What I'm saying is that in retrospect of Pacers trade history, (they always come from the "unkown" outfield) and of what this team has done the past year, the BIG words by coaching staff and management that we "are" going to upgrade, the press is silent about what we are doing, we have little or no "influx" of solid information.
All we do is speculate on whether we would trade our talented starting PG and a starting caliber SF/PF for Terry and Jackson.
Or worse, sign Jackson to the MLE (who else but the P's are mentioned in that nonsense for that rate?)

There is something brewing, that's sure, but what it is we have no idea, I am sure however that it is not what we are talking about, but more realisticly we are probably involved or leading talks with the Celtics, Toronto, Seattle and Golden State. Don't exclude talks with Denver, Dallas, Cleveland in the meanwhile but my guess is that they take the back seat at the moment.

If we believe the prices to be paid then make a realistic value assesment of players we can trade, like Al, and perhaps even Ron.
Yes we will most likely be able to dump a contract or two as well, but what I don't expect is to see Al back or for Tins to be traded away unless it is a "real" improvement.

I don't speculate in this thread, no sense, since I know less then most of you, I have no time to visit all sites and have no tv shows that tell me anything, so less then anything comes this way.

I hope and am sure that we will be improved after the season, our picks weren't that bad, so there's less urgency, what we have to trade has value beyond what is currently being agreed to sign.
The silence on the trades that are most interesting on the market (Pierce, Damp [ok FA, but still S&T option] Allen, J-Rich) to the Pacers makes me look at exactly those trades.

They would be worth our while, anything else is not, and I'm saying that paying more then 2.6 mil for jackson over 4 or 5 years is lunacy, he is not THAT good. do you see anyone in line to sign him?
Terry? the last thing Atl has to trade, no thanks, he is no improvement over Tinsley.

One thing I learned following the Pacers, expect the unexpected, and usually we are on the upper end of the trade resulst, either direct or over the course of a few years.

I'm trying to be patient, but failing poorly :D

07-10-2004, 03:04 PM
Ask around and you'll find the perception that the Pacers have one of the most talented lineups in the league.
We don't NEED to do anything. Just refine what we have, keep working hard, and keep improving.