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06-12-2009, 03:23 PM
David Thorpe on some prospects:
(Compiled from his various chats by me, enjoy)

On DeJuan Blair:

David Thorpe: He's going to be a monster, I'd guess. On the right team he'd be a legit ROY candidate. And he just turned 20 last month.

ryan toledo ohio [via mobile]: if you were the gm of the chicago bulls what is the move that could be made to make them legit title contenders next season?

SportsNation David Thorpe: Trade up and grab DaJuan Blair. He's the answer to their prayers.

SportsNation David Thorpe: He's a bucket getter like Al Jefferson.

SportsNation David Thorpe: More like Boozer and Jefferson. Outrageously athletic.

David Thorpe: 4 or 5 teams drafting ahead of Chicago like him a lot too.

On Tyreke Evans:

Thorpe: He is more of a 1 than a 2.

On Earl Clark:

David Thorpe: I hope he plays the 4 only.

David Thorpe: He's a lot like Tyrus, Blatche-super talented but didn't really undertand how to play to his strengths. I'm hoping we'll change that.

David Thorpe: You make an excellent point-I think Clark can be a terrific defender.

David Thorpe: I don't like Clark at 3 early in his career.

On Stephen Curry:

David Thorpe: I love that kid. Shotmaker extraordinaire, great passer and feel.

David Thorpe: Most people would consider that a bit of a reach. But I'm not one of them. (On him being a top 5 pick)

David Thorpe: No. Better version of Mike Bibby.

SportsNation David Thorpe: Have you been watching the playoffs? What pg is guarding anyone? (On him being a bad defender)

David Thorpe: I think Curry is more special than Speights.

On DeMar DeRozan

David Thorpe: Derozen is interesting. I have not seen him enough. Can he shoot yet, or can he learn?

DeMar DeRozan has been difficult to pin down for workouts (oddly demanding to compete against James Harden, or else…)

On James Harden:

David Thorpe: I've never liked him or the system he played in, but I'm in the minority.

On Jrue Holiday:

Thorpe: Holiday is a can't miss guy. I don't know about his total upside yet, but he's be great in Sacto or anywhere else.

David Thorpe: I'm growing increasingly convinced that Jrue Holiday is incredibly special. As in top 5 talent in this draft.

Thorpe: Tall and strong guard, great work ethic and character, really knows how to play and defend. He was the National Player of the Year as a 17 year old senior.

On James Johnson:

David Thorpe: 2 prospects Pistons like have to be Clark and Johnson, both fit their schemes. I won't mention whom to avoid.

On Eric Maynor:

David Thorpe: I'm very impressed with him. He's a legit first round guy for sure.

On Hasheem Thabeet:

David Thorpe: I question his offensive future, and his toughness, and is committment.

On Nick Calathes:

David Thorpe: He's the closest thing to Steve Nash I've ever seen. Period. You have to see him to believe. Incredibly crafty but very fast with the ball.

David Thorpe: Dude broke the all-time assist record ofr one season TWICE in 2 years. With one pro-Speights-who was there for just one season.

On Danny Green

David Thorpe: I'm very high on him, but teams I've talked to think I'm crazy. I think he's the closest thing to Artest I've seen.

I value Thorpe's opinion more than any other guy out there. (Except our valuable Pacers Digest scouts ;))He is not always right but he is right more than he is wrong. I have more notes & insights by some other scouts as well. I'll share them as well some other time. Hope you enjoyed it.

06-12-2009, 03:52 PM
I like Thorpe and think he's a knowledgeable guy, however I sometimes feel he can be biased.

He is always hyping up the guys that work out at HIS academy prior to the draft (Blair & Holiday).

06-12-2009, 04:12 PM
I like Thorpe and think he's a knowledgeable guy, however I sometimes feel he can be biased.

He is always hyping up the guys that work out at HIS academy prior to the draft (Blair & Holiday).

I agree. I remember him hyping up Orien Greene while he was working out with him, and I believe this was after his Pacers stint

06-12-2009, 04:18 PM
Blair sure does not sound like he is going to be around at 13.

Calathes is the next great point?

06-12-2009, 06:29 PM
I think I'm going to enjoy this draft. The only person I'm really high on is Hill, and the only person I'm really down on is Thabeet, and both players are well out of our range. I would only really be disappointed if we took someone at a position other than 1 or 4.

06-12-2009, 08:05 PM
Not having seen Blair play a lot, I'm struggling to reconcile views like those of Blair with those of people on this board like T-Bird and Seth who have watched him a whole lot. My gut instinct is that he would fit on this team but we'll see. I certainly would not be displeased with him as our pick.

06-13-2009, 01:03 AM
I agree. I remember him hyping up Orien Greene while he was working out with him, and I believe this was after his Pacers stint

Yeah, I think he was talking about how he believed that Orien was good enough to be a starting NBA PG.

Thorpe knows a lot about teaching skills, but I'm not sure he really has a grasp on how skills translate into real basketball situations.

Dr. Awesome
06-13-2009, 01:28 AM
I've called Green as the steal of the draft for a while now, him being the closest thing to Artest he's seen though? I'm not quite sure about that, but then again, I can't think of a better comparison so maybe.

Green is a do it all kinda player, he will make a three one play, get a steal the next, then go down and dunk it, and follow it with a block. Do it all kinda players always make it in the NBA, whoever drafts Green will be a lucky team.

06-19-2009, 01:17 PM
Some more Thorpe for ya all.

On bias:

Q: Mr Thrope, as much as I enjoy your chats, would you please admit to having a bias towards the evaluation of people who have worked out with you at IMG? Some people believe you're 'fair and balanced' on it, but they all seem to have no flaws when you discuss them.

David Thorpe: I'm certainly biased as a teacher. I feel like loving my players best helps me to inspire them to reach new levels. But being objective is not hard, because credibility is on the line. For example, I suggested all season that Tyrus takes too many jumpers. Because he did.

On this draft:

Like most drafts, this one will have 15-20 solid players.

On DeJuan Blair:

Q: What do you see as the most likely destination and alternatively the "best fit" destination for Dajuan Blair?

David Thorpe: Nets, Bobcats, Pacers, Bulls.

Q: What is the bigger need for the Pacers? Front line player like D. Blair or one of the PG's that will still be available?

David Thorpe: Beast should be priority one.

On Stephen Curry:

Q: who's the best overall player in the nba draft?

David Thorpe: Upside wise? I'd lean to Rubio and Clark. I also think Curry is special. Griffin is going to be terrific, if he gets lots of pt. Curry is a stat stuffer. Blair is NBA ready.

Thorpe: He'll be a better passer than Monta Ellis. Plus I heard he hates mopeds.

On Austin Daye:

Thorpe: I don't like his mind too much. But he's got skills and is tougher than he looks.

On Jordan Hill:

Q: Jordan Hill is falling falling falling. If he falls to 8 should the Knicks take him?

David Thorpe: Is he skilled enough?

On Jrue Holiday:

Q: What do you think of Jrue Holiday being the pick for the Knicks at 8?

David Thorpe: I think that's where he'll end up if Curry goes 6 or 7.

I think he's a can't miss prospect. Derek Fisher at worst. That's pretty high praise.

On Ty Lawson:

Thorpe: Lawson can be a steal in the 20's.

On Eric Maynor:

Q: Eric Maynor - stud in the making, or future 8th man that eventually is out of the L by age 28?

David Thorpe: Rotation guy for quite awhile.

On Sam Young:

Q: What are your feelings about Sam Young from PITT?

David Thorpe: Affection. I think he's going to be a beast.

On Hasheem Thabeet

Dan (Hartford): Do you think Thabeet is going to be a bust?

David Thorpe: No, but not a stud either.

On Nick Calathes:

David Thorpe: I only had Nick in our gym for a few weeks, but he's top 10 in this draft in my book. Best passer, other than Rubio, and a tremendous feel. He was offered a huge deal by a power franchise for a reason, and not just because he has Greek lineage.

On Wayne Allington:

Thorpe: Ellington is a top 4 shooter in this draft.

On Jonny Flynn:

David Thorpe: I love him. He reminds me a lot of Bobby Jackson as a penetrator. But I do not see him as a top 10 type of talent in this draft. Others do.

On Brandon Jennings:

Q: Which potential lottery pick has the most bust potential?

David Thorpe: Jennings.

Most of the time, I find myself agreeing with the guy. He never goes with the hype. I like that. I don't think we need Blair though. I am also not as high on Calathes, he's good but not top 10.