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06-11-2009, 02:43 AM
Now that the predraft combine has come, and the workouts are in motion, I decided to update my list of draft hopefuls. My last post was just looking mostly at those that could land at #13, but with a few rumors of us looking move up, I thought I would expand a little, but also try to keep it realistic.

Here's my hopefuls (in order)

Stephen Curry (Davidson)

I know there's been mixed emotions on this kid, and a lot are quick to mention his shortcomings and compare him to JJ Redick, but I think this kid is special.

Word on the street is that this kid CAN actually handle the rock, and that appears to be his biggest shortcoming. I think the kid has very good handles, and we all know the kid can shoot. Some worry about his defense which is understandable, but at 6'3 he's a decent size, and though he has a thin stature, he has quick hands that could make up for a few weaknesses.

I personally don't see Redick when I look at Curry. I think Curry has a better shot, can create his own shot off the dribble, and showed he could score and lead a mediocore team on a big stage that knew he was "the guy"

The think the kid has excellent potential, while also being the safest pick in the draft.

I say best case scenario is a more athletic Steve Nash, next case scenario is a Ben Gordon type player who can handle the ball, worse case scenario IMHO would be a Delonte West type of player, with a better shot and maybe not as good in defense

Stephen Curry is the #1 guy on my Pacers draft board heading into draft night

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Gerald Henderson (Duke)

A lot of mock drafts recently have slotted Henderson at our #13 spot and I couldn't be happier. I think this guy would bring athletism, hard work, and great character to the Pacers.

With Dunleavy sidelined, and a lot of pressure being on Brandon Rush this upcoming season, I think drafting Henderson would be an excellent move for the Pacers. He would be a great spark off the bench, and I think he could really challenge Rush and they would make each other better players.

The guy is a really good defender, can make a jump shot, and can jump out the building.

Works hard and I think he's improved during his years at Duke.

Just we appear to be short at the wing position, I think and hope Henderson is among the top at the Pacers draft board.

Gerald Henderson is my #2 guy on the Pacers board heading into the draft

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Earl Clark (Louisville)

I know the drop off after Blake Griffin at the PF spot is a big separation, and a lot of mocks and posters lead towards Jordan Hill and Dejuan Blair being the next in line, but I think Earl Clark is a better pick. Potential wise and skill wise.

I think he's that athletic big that we need. Some see him as a tweener, or more of a SF, but I think he can big an athletic big, who can play and guard the 4 spot.

Guy can defend, and rebound, and can even knock down the jay as well.

A lot are worried he's a follower, and drifts sometimes, but I don't think that'll be a problem on the Pacers. I don't see a player on the team now that can lead him in the wrong direction. I think our team is filled with hard workers, and he would have no reason not to follow suit, and i think that would make him a serious player for us

Earl Clark is #3 on my Pacers board on draft night.

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Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina)

I think Hansbrough showed that he's... well.... Tyler Hansbrough. He measured well at the combine. Proved he was athlete enough and had the size to be in the NBA.

Add his skill and heart to the picture, and you've gotten a guy climbing up the draft boards.

I know some are quick to point out McRoberts, and saying we already have a young athletic "white guy", but I don't see how Tyler Hansbrough is a bad decision. He was a more accomplished player in college, and quite frankly a better player. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of McRoberts and hopes he does well, but I think Hansbrough would bring a great spark off the bench behind Murphy, as well as McRoberts, and allow McRoberts a little more time to come into his own.

Hnasbrough can scrap, do the Foster like dirty work, as well and score and get to the free throw line. I think he'll be a solid player in the league, and a good selection for the Pacers

Tyler Hansbrough is my #4 guy on my Pacers board on draft night

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Honorable Mentions:

Chase Budinger (Arizona)
Terrence Williams (Louisville)
Tyreke Evans (Memphis)