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05-21-2009, 08:53 PM
1. LAC - Griffin

2. MEM - Rubio*
Highest value player. See #4.

3. OKC - Thabeet
Addresses need at C and strengthens post defense. Rare player type. Great compliment to Durant.

4. SAC - Hill*
Traded to MEM for Rubio. MEM needs a PF to go along with Marc Gasol, SAC needs a PG.

5. WAS - Evans
Future star/playmaker, could start if Arenas goes down; future backcourt of Evans and Young :drool:

6. MIN - Harden*
Highest value player. MIN has a huge need for a veteran PG that plays defense. Will use Harden to trade for one... Think to OKC w/ Cardinal for Earl Watson?

7. GS - Jennings*
Highest value player. Trade bait? This is the player I think NY really wants and is trying to smoke-screen GS into taking Curry with... True PG. Rumors has discussed return to GS for Baron. Jennings may be included.

8. NY - Curry
D'Antoni-type player.

9. TOR - Blair
Strength and defense. Could play alongside Bosh ala Big Ben. Brings defense with a team filled with Offense-geared players: Kapono, Bargnani...

10. MIL - Lawson
Insurance in case Sessions is gone.

11. NJ - Flynn
NJ has huge needs at backup PG. Harris can play some off-guard. Lebron is a huge fan of...

12. CHA - DeRozen
Raja is getting up there and this fills a huge need at SG in the future.

13. IND - Earl Clark?
Athletic, mobile, strong potential. Needs to develop range but can hit the jumper and play in the high post.

05-21-2009, 08:56 PM
I think go for we should pick Henderson. I dont think Henderson will last till #13 though

05-21-2009, 09:01 PM
If Holiday isn't chosen by our pick, we would be idiots to pass him up. He's a top 5 talent in this draft.

05-21-2009, 09:09 PM
If Holiday isn't chosen by our pick, we would be idiots to pass him up. He's a top 5 talent in this draft.

Holiday and Evans will probably be gone by the #13 pick. But if theyre around we should take them. Holiday especailly, but I think he'll go top 10 for sure

05-21-2009, 09:30 PM
This draft kinda reminds me of the 2007 draft with Oden and Durant two years ago. You have the top 2 guys with Griffin and Rubio. Oden and Durant were more of a toss up.

But everything else was pretty much a toss up after Horford at #3. Which could be Thabeet this year. Some pretty solid players have contributed out of that draft so far.

#5 Jeff Green
#9 Joakim Noah
#12 Thaddeus Young
#15 Rodney Stuckey
#23 Wilson Chandler
#24 Rudy Fernandez
#26 Aaron Brooks

And there's a few others that have been solid as well.

I think this may be another draft where you may not have the big/household names, but you have some solid players that can really help a team.

Since a lot of teams don't seem to want to take on a lot of cap, or guarenteed money, this may be a year to try to obtain or buy another late round pick

05-22-2009, 10:20 AM
If Holiday isn't chosen by our pick, we would be idiots to pass him up. He's a top 5 talent in this draft.

Agreed. Now that a few workouts have started, Holiday's being projected as high as #4 to Sacramento. I really don't think there's anyway he's going to make it to the Pacers. I don't see any scenario where both Lawson and Flynn are picked before Holiday, unless teams really fell in love with Aaron Brooks during the playoffs.

Also, I don't buy the idea of NJ drafting a PG and playing Devin Harris at the 2. That seems silly to me.