View Full Version : Mr Optimist and Mr Pessimist share a few moments

03-29-2009, 08:15 PM
Mr. Pessimist: So, the Pacers didn't make the playoffs again, huh?

Mr. Optimist: They're not out of it yet! Never say never!

Mr. Pessimist: Yeah, but realistically they have no shot.

Mr. Optimist: That's not true. If they take care of business and some other teams that aren't as good as the Pacers fall apart down the stretch, there we'll be!

Mr. Pessimist: Even if they did get lucky and make the playoffs, they'd surely be one and done.

Mr. Optimist: One and done? The Pacers can beat anyone, any time! Did you not see them beat Boston? Or Miami? What about the Lakers? Nobody wants to play the Pacers in the playoffs. The playoffs are a whole new season.

Mr. Pessimist: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Everyone is 0-0 when the playoffs start. I've heard that before. I don't put much stock in it. You are who your record says you are.

Mr. Optimist: OK, Mr Denny Green. We see what that kinda thinking got him!

Mr. Pessimist: Huh?

Mr. Optimist: Nevermind!

Mr. Pessimist: I don't know what you're so excited about. No realistic shot at the playoffs and even if they did make it they're going to get swept.

Mr. Optimist: I disagree. We could easily win a game or two!

Mr. Pessimist: Last I checked, it took 4 wins to advance. Why not just accept the inevitable and just play your rookies and get in the lottery and forget about the playoffs until you have a team capable of being competitive?

Mr. Optimist: Because... it's all about experience. We get the experience of winning in the PLAYOFFS! Don't you get it?

Mr. Pessimist: You also get the experience of LOSING in the playoffs. I don't know why we're wasting our time talking about the playoffs. The closest the Pacers can get to the playoffs is watching on TV.

Mr. Optimist: Well Mr. Smarty Pants, let's just say that we don't make the playoffs. Not that I believe it but I'm just saying it for your benefit. We still get a good draft pick so that's a pretty good consolation prize!

Mr. Pessimist: Yeah, we get less chances at getting a top pick and we get our mediocre pick in a weak draft. Nothing like a misguided playoff push for a team trying to take advantage of other teams smart enough to shut it down and think about their own futures!

Mr. Optimist: Mediocre draft??? Sure the top of the draft is really pretty good but the rest of the draft is a bunch of really good players that are equal. We can't go wrong no matter if we go for the best player available or pick for need. Not that we need much.

Mr. Pessimist: Don't need much???

Mr. Optimist: We're pretty well stocked.

Mr. Pessimist: Yeah, so well stocked that the Pacers are paying a PG to stay away.

Mr. Optimist: Yeah. Exactly. I told you we were stocked!

Mr. Pessimist: I think you missed my point.

Mr. Optimist: I don't miss a thing!

Mr. Pessimist: Uh huh... Don't the Pacers lose some players to free agency this summer?

Mr. Optimist: Unless we want to re-sign them.

Mr. Pessimist: I thought the Simons were broke?

Mr. Optimist: Well, the city is working on that. We all just need to help out.

Mr. Pessimist: Maybe they can put some cans next to cash registers around town asking for donations?

Mr. Optimist: You're being silly. The city will just get them the money.

Mr. Pessimist: Tax money!

Mr. Optimist: They're not asking for tax money... they're just asking the city to help them out.

Mr. Pessimist: Where do you think the city gets its money?

Mr. Optimist: I don't want to talk about this!

Mr. Pessimist: So you know it's tax money?

Mr. Optimist: La La La La La....

Mr. Pessimist: Well, Maybe they can get Obama to bail them out.

Mr. Optimist: I think Obama in the backcourt is a good idea. He's awesome going to his left!

Mr. Pessimist: That's not what I meant. ... Hey.... wait-a-minute! Was that a joke? I was being sarcastic.

Mr. Optimist: You're good at that!

Mr. Pessimist: So how's that knee Dunleavy tweaked coming along? Will he be back soon?

Mr. Optimist: Are you still being sarcastic?

Mr. Pessimist: Could be!

Mr. Optimist: Don't call me trying to get a ticket to the playoffs this season when they're all gone and I have mine all paid for.

Mr. Pessimist: No problem!

Mr. Optimist: At least we agree on THAT!

Mr. Pessimist: Yes we do...

Justin Tyme
03-29-2009, 08:25 PM
That's funny!

03-29-2009, 10:22 PM
Some pretty funny lines in there.

I think you always go for the playoffs and there's always that chance that YOUR team could be the next Cinderella story. That's what sports is all about.

duke dynamite
03-29-2009, 11:58 PM
Yout hit the nail on the head, there.

03-30-2009, 07:18 AM
Just another day inside the mind of the one and only, Bball. Good post.