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Pig Nash
06-28-2004, 01:55 PM
Pig Nash stood up from his desk. Frantically he searched for his notepad. He had to write this down. Werewolves? This couldn't be. But it would make a great adventure ride. More involved than any roller coaster. It was like "Survivor" on speed.

Pig Nash works as a ride designer at Animal Adventures, a theme park. He's been there for seven years and only came up with one ride. And nobody likes to talk about that. He drove seventy in a forty lane, he was so excited.

"Hey Nash!" Sarah greeted him he got to the design room. "Got any ideas, today?" She smirked.

"As a matter of fact I do. It's called the wolf game and if you want to know the rules. Read this thread (http://www.pacersdigest.com/cgi-bin/bbBoard.cgi?a=viewthread;fid=8;gtid=38706) and this thread (http://www.pacersdigest.com/cgi-bin/bbBoard.cgi?a=viewthread;fid=2;gtid=49181)"

There will be four wolves, a seer, and a Guardian Angel. obnoxiousmodesty is the mayor. PM's have been sent to the players with special roles.

Good luck!


14.) recap - Wolf


7.) Able - Angel
10.) indytoad - Wolf
11.) JO'neal7 - Human
6.) BayouPacer - Wolf
1.) Hicks - Human
17.) nashbro - Seeker
5.) Gyron - human
2.) Snickers - human
4.) btowncolt - Wolf
3.) pollardfreek - human
9.) Aw Heck - human
15.) Mourning - human
16.) MarionDeputy - wolf
18.) Hoop - human
8.) obnoxiousmodesty - human
12.) dipperdunk - human
21. ) Pig Nash (mayor) - human
13.) naturallystoned - human

06-28-2004, 02:08 PM
This time the norms shall prevail! :arrgh:

06-28-2004, 03:29 PM
So how do we start this off, who votes first? Wolves or peeps?

Oh and Hicks, that scary smily makes me think you are a wolf just trying to fake us non-canines. :shudder:

/em tosses Hicks a scooby snack in an effort to fend off his thirst for blood.......

Pig Nash
06-28-2004, 03:30 PM
the wolves pm me tonight. thats all there is right now.

06-28-2004, 04:23 PM
Sneeky gits!!!:mad::mad::mad:

I say we all kill ourselves, so were sure the wolves wont win either:applaud:


Or does this remark get me hung first again, ya freakin foregna- phobiacs :arrgh::applaud::applaud::applaud:;)



06-28-2004, 04:30 PM
well if you keep using that godawfull orange then I for one would support such a vote!

06-28-2004, 04:37 PM

06-28-2004, 04:40 PM
I vote naturallystoned to BURN

06-28-2004, 04:45 PM
Notice how Hicks didn't deny my accusation?

.....I smell a wolf.....:death:

Although, the orange is more annoying, so I might be willing to take the risk and have mourning taken out first:devil:

06-28-2004, 04:46 PM
*Bribes Gyron by reminding him how fast he got him back on track w/ Insider* :devil:

06-28-2004, 04:55 PM
well if you keep using that godawfull orange then I for one would support such a vote!

Its my patriotic duty to spread the orange over the globe until we win the European title on sunday!!! Im willing to hang for it, it makes me a martyr, so I will get me atleast 70 virgins in heaven!!!:bowdown:

Oh waite ... that was some other stuff people take believe in...;)



06-28-2004, 05:47 PM
Who's running this damned town anyway? Down with the mayor! ....oh, wait. :blush:

06-29-2004, 03:51 PM
ohh, bribes! I like bribes..../throws Hicks another scooby snack!

06-30-2004, 06:08 PM
To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf

06-30-2004, 10:18 PM
How about if I just rig the wolf with C4? :confused:

06-30-2004, 10:40 PM
Ohh ohh! idea idea!! Let's just accept our fate now, but take the wolves with us! We'll all meet in town square, then blow ourselves up collectively! Yay!

06-30-2004, 11:25 PM
How did I become the mayor of such a bunch of loonies!? I hate politics. :unimpressed:

06-30-2004, 11:31 PM
Burn him! Burn the witch!

07-01-2004, 11:40 AM
To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf

Hey that quote is from Training Day :laugh:, great movie.

07-01-2004, 12:04 PM
Apparently the wolves are afraid of the humans this time because they have yet to eat anyone!!

Humans rule!!!!

/em makes a circle of scooby snacks surronding him in hopes of giving some kind of warning of approaching wolves.

07-01-2004, 04:28 PM
"Hey that quote is from Training Day , great movie."

I thought it rather sucked, personally.

Pig Nash
07-02-2004, 12:37 PM
Not Just a Carnival Ride

Dawn came on the first day. And it was not good.

The players arose from their bunks. Their houses were very minimal. Can't get distracted from the game. Even though there was no money involved, there was still much at stake. The players craved the status the game decided. The winning side held all the power in Friedmont where they all lived.

The wolf game had been going on for centuries in Friedmont. They had never used the chips that Animal Adventures implanted in the special players brains. They had always just used Orange bands around the upper thigh to indicate a wolf. Black for seers. White for angels. Each player also had a band around your wrist that was green while you were alive and red when you were "dead." The "dead" players had a special living dome next to the game dome.

There was a stink in the air. But it couldn't be. Their was no real killing in the wolf game. But their was death in the air.

"Something is terribly wrong at able's house," Hicks reported. "This is not a game any more. The angel is actually dead."

obnoxiousmodesty rallied the players in the game dome square.
"These chips must be more invasive then we thought. We have people that actually think they are wolves. We must lynch these wolves. Therefore we have to actually kill one player every night. Vote wisely!"

Time to vote!

07-02-2004, 01:57 PM
I vote Snickers. He's already a vampire chicken, can a wolf be far behind?

07-02-2004, 02:11 PM
Ohh, vampire chicken, that sounds like it would be good and spicy barbaque dish.

I'll vote with snickers, but I've got my eye on you Hicks. I'm keeping my scooby snacks ready.

07-02-2004, 06:28 PM
Changed from Orange to black now that we are out of the tournament, so that should get me some goodwill:confused:;).

Snickers? Hmmm ... have to think about that.



07-02-2004, 06:30 PM
I'll vote for Indytoad. :death:

Aw Heck
07-02-2004, 06:48 PM
I vote Indytoad as well. Just to even things up 2-2.


:D :maniac:

07-02-2004, 06:54 PM
We've already lost our guardian angel...the werewolf intelligence network is far greater than we could ever have imagined. :o

This voting is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Perhaps we'll get lucky.

I vote for pollardfreek.

07-04-2004, 07:03 PM
We still playing?

Need to uneven it. Down with Snickers!

Order by rush delivery

07-04-2004, 09:27 PM

I vote for indytoad, because he's a big meanie.

07-05-2004, 12:58 AM
Indytoad or Snickers?
Indytoad or Snickers?

I like snickers, but I eat frog legs too.

I will go with the the legs, meat>>candy!!!

Keep the meat, drop the SNICKERS!!!

My vote is snickers

07-05-2004, 01:03 AM
I vote Indytoad too.



07-07-2004, 10:17 AM
So when's the town mayor gonna make the decision on who should be hung? We want wolf blood NOW!

There should be no waiting! I'm tired of all the damn howling at night. Its keeping me awake!

07-07-2004, 10:31 AM
Snickers - 4 votes
indytoad - 4 votes
pollardfreek - 1 vote

Surely obnoxiousmodesty's intellect, flawless logic and stunning good looks will help him make a wise decision. Which means not picking me. :angel:

If I remember correctly, the mayor can pick anyone who received votes. So it's really up to him.

07-07-2004, 11:02 AM
You are just mad because I voted for you last time.......AND WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh:

07-07-2004, 12:05 PM
Now, if I was a wolf, how would I be able to keep all these scooby snacks around? I would want to eat them wouldn't I?

I think our former mayor is still the most obvious suspect right now........but I have an agreement not to vote for him this round.....but we better keep an eye on him...... I think he's a closet ---->:timberwolves:

07-07-2004, 05:07 PM
I was waiting on all of you to get antsy and go around killing each other so I could live in some peace. Yeesh, for a bunch of suicidal people, you sure are worried about dying.

Let's go ahead and lynch someone, if it'll make you feel better. I do know who I want to vote for next time, but for now we'll go with the mob's decision. Get out your pitchforks and various other instruments of torture. String up indytoad.

07-08-2004, 08:23 AM
Ok who volunteers to kiss the toad to find out if he turns into a wolf or a prince?

"Not it!"

07-08-2004, 03:57 PM
Yeah, why is this one dragging?

I guess Pig Nash hasn't been seen for a while (at least I haven't...)

Did he say anything about being gone to anyone? Has anyone seen him anywhere?

07-08-2004, 04:01 PM
I checked; he hasn't made any posts since July 3....

I hope he's OK :(

07-08-2004, 08:05 PM
well he hasn't posted in a lead role on a TAG game on homestar either, and i haven't seen him on msn in ages ( ok since the 3d) he also does not answer email, if anyone knows anything, please inform

Pig Nash
07-11-2004, 01:47 AM
The Bit..err Game is Back (in Black)

Obnoxiousmodesty held up the noose.

"This is unethical!" cried indytoad, "We never used to actuall kill people!"

"We do now," chimed in Snickers.

The platform fell. Moments later the human body turned into a wolf.

Good job guys. Sorry bout the short story guys. But i'm tired and need to get the game movin.
you didn't see that btowncolt.

07-11-2004, 09:31 AM
I knew it! He was a wolf! Which means the humans got a wolf for the first time ever! :dance:

Welcome back, Piggy.

07-12-2004, 06:30 AM
Yeah! NEXT one!!! :dance::pepper::dance::pepper:

07-13-2004, 12:33 AM
You know, even though we picked off one wolf, they're plotting as we speak on which human to kill. We haven't won until they're all dead.

Victory is life.

07-13-2004, 08:10 AM
Right now, I'm rethinkng that strategy of having a bunch of scooby snacks around.....what happens when I run out and they decide they want something a little more satisfying.........hmmmm...now where did I put those silver bulets.....

07-14-2004, 08:36 AM
double post...

07-14-2004, 08:37 AM
here wolfie wolfie........

I guess its not good to taunt the wolves huh?

07-14-2004, 10:22 AM
Just bored. Game is so slow this time.....:angel:

07-14-2004, 04:43 PM
It seems as though the wolves have quit. If they would be so kind as to post and let us know if they are still playing........... :angel:


07-16-2004, 01:50 PM
:unimpressed: refresh

07-16-2004, 02:30 PM
Apparently since we killed one they are all afraid to come out at night.........

07-16-2004, 06:00 PM
Wake me when it's over.


07-16-2004, 06:56 PM
seems all the wolves ran of to either hybernate or are to busy chasing the wolvey fems, to pay attention to their job of eating humanoids.

May it be announced that management of the establishment will decdide for them if they do not have the guts, management will use the "short" stick method.

07-17-2004, 04:42 AM
The town folk are about to ignore the wolves and lynch pig nash and eat some bacon. :devil:

Pig Nash
07-17-2004, 01:35 PM
Story guest written by able

It was a slow and dark monring over the park, the gates remained closed, no one could get out and no one would come in, waking up was like carrying a chain ball for the people who so happily had volunteered to play the game, some even paid good money, just to find out that it was more real then they had ever imagined.

gyron and displacedknick had no such worries, they were up bright and early and tried to tempt faith by laying out a trail of food to entice the wolfs, how much do they know anyway....

obnoxiousmodesty the mayor, was shaking his head for so much stupidity, he knew something was wrong after all he should know these things.

One by one the people gathered in the big breakfast hall where strangely enough just a few were hungry enough to eat.

Anxiously people were watching the empty seats, would they be filled soon?

Mourning was swapping flies away from his place at the bar, looking disgusted at the size of the flies, who obviously had a good breakfast to, Gyron walked around telling the world and whoever wanted to hear it they were invincible, they had scared the wolves off for good.

Just when Mourning wanted to go see obnoxiousmodesty about the flies and the appalling state of hygiene in the kitchen, which was obvious from the flies hovering around him, something caught his attention in the corner of his eye......

Something dark was crawling from under the kitchen doors into the open part of the kitchen, and Mourning went behind the counter, carefully, prepared to run on first sign of trouble, looking firmly in his shoveling forwards, he kept one eye on places where he could jump over the counter if need be, after all being a hero is one thing, sticking your finger in a dike to stop water would be ok with him, but risking your life in a holidaycamp?? That was taking things one or two steps to far...

When he got nearer, his surrounding grew darker and it became harder to see what it was, then it happened.......................

A sudden burst of light had Mourning jumping over the counter, straight back to where he was seated earlier, in his dive taking with him 5 gallons of orange juice and the cooler it was in, when he hit the tiled floor next to his stool he found he was quicker then the cooler which happened to be only a few split seconds behind him and now firmly hit him in the head, bursting open as two hard surfaces collided.......

In the meanwhile obnoxiousmodesty (who was the one that turned on the light to see what Mourning was doing in the first place) saw what attracted Mourning to the kitchen.
Being the mayor also meant he had some of his wits still about and he figured it more or less all out, the flies, the dark stuff, it all meant nothing good.... He opened the kitchen door and saw a big puddle of blood originating from a tub of Ben & Jerry's, the remnants of a jersey of which acutally only the number 1 was left visible, made his worst suspicions grow into reality...

JoNeal7 obviously had wanted some icecream somewhere when he woke up and instead of enjoying this in peace, the wolves had enjoyed JoNeal7 in one piece, the number 1 covered what looked like some part of a bone, but it was all that was left... even the Ben & Jerry tub was empty....

obnoxiousmodesty turned to the hall again and told the gathered people and dripping mourning what happened, ending on a positive note: " we killed one of them on our first go, it is time to vote again, make sure we get another one and revenge the dead of such a young fan's life, he came here for the ride of his life, instead the wolves took his life for a ride.....

Vote now!"

07-17-2004, 01:57 PM
I vote displacedknick! He was up earlier than the rest (what's that about) and he aligns with the devil (Knicks)! He must hang!@

07-17-2004, 02:05 PM
Great story! Especially the bit with Mourning. Orange juice and a hard head. :laugh:

BayouPacer gets my vote.

07-17-2004, 05:09 PM

He had the choice between indytoad or Snickers, and chose against the apparent human. Was it an innocent mistake or a move to help his fellow lycanthrope? In time, we shall see...

07-17-2004, 05:57 PM
HAHAHA, Great story Able!!!

Well I guess we didn't scare them off after all.

I guess I'll go with the mob and vote Bayou Pacer too.

/em crosses fingers hoping the Mob rule is right.


07-17-2004, 10:02 PM

07-18-2004, 02:16 AM
BayouPacer :death:

07-18-2004, 05:31 AM
Great story! Especially the bit with Mourning. Orange juice and a hard head. :laugh:

BayouPacer gets my vote.



BayouPacer gets my vote too.



Aw Heck
07-18-2004, 07:44 AM
Let's face it. BayouPacer will die.


07-18-2004, 10:08 AM
Let's face it. BayouPacer will die.



07-18-2004, 10:48 AM
/me cries!!!! I feel like Kobe will right before his verdict.

07-18-2004, 01:18 PM
BP has, by my count, 9 votes against him. Let's end it. Voting over; killing begin. (I hope we're right.)


07-18-2004, 03:25 PM
I hope you know what you guys are doing too!

Pig Nash
07-19-2004, 01:20 PM
Able will be running the game until the 25th. I'll be gone.

07-19-2004, 04:31 PM
Scooby plays his part

It's time! It’s time! Shouted btwoncolt, when he came running towards the great hall, which was starting to fill again slowly with the remaining people.
Some had bothered to remove the mess the wolves left the previous night and most were somewhat comprehensive about the upcoming selection of who was to hang, after all, obnoxiousmodesty was known for erratic behaviour and despite the fact that a large majority had chosen bayoupacer to be the main attraction that evening, no one was really sure it wasn't them.

Gyron was as cocky as the prize bull in a barnyard, with all the money hicks had used on him to bribe his votes and get some Scooby snacks he'd been able to use the last bit of power in his cell phone to order more Scooby snacks.
Of course he had thought little about how the snacks were to be getting to him, considering the park was closed off to new comers and all others, however he had not hesitated more then a nanosecond between calling the outside authorities or the Scooby snack factory.

He was just a little upset about the delivery cost, but hey guaranteed delivery, so until then he could re-count his money endlessly and was therefore enjoying himself either way, he simply lacked the intelligence to be afraid of real dangers as hanging and being eaten.

One of the last to arrive was Mourning, cast in an orange glow (seemed the preservatives in the orange juice were harder to clean off then he had hoped) he was accompanied by Snickers who was heavily involved with his imaginative friends, the voices in his head kept him pretty much at bay and he followed Mourning everywhere since Mourning returned to the cottage they were staying in that morning all covered in orange juice.

Hicks was grumbling as usual since he was nearly out of money and feared a vote when this happened, how to keep that horrible gyron out of his hair then and what's more, how to prevent him from voting for him....... He had to find another way, maybe if he tied Gyron to the rollercoaster that evening the wolves would find him first and not bother to go look for other offerings.... He silently pondered on this plan when obnoxiousmodesty got up on one of the tables and started to address the crowd that now was assembled.

"People" shouted obnoxiousmodesty, "we have voted and I have counted the votes, my thanks go to btowncolt for helping me count, he made sure I would not make a mistake; especially the knife against my throat helped me not miscounting the votes for him"

"We have found that bayoupacer has to be a wolf, therefore we will hang him from the rollercoaster tonight!"

A loud cheer went up from those that had voted for bayoupacer and those that were happy it was not them.
In the eruption of cheers bayoupacer slipped out of the hall secretly and in the frontcourt was quickly looking around to see what his options were.
The last thing he would allow them was to hang him, it was a way to go he had never fathomed would be his destiny and he liked his neck the way it was, there was no need for a nasty rope to cover his nice gold necklace.... Certainly rope was not "bling".

Silently he had moved to the middle of the forecourt and was shocked to hear an airplane approaching the game area, perhaps that was a way out, if he could only alert them to their precarious position......

He pulled of his Pacer-shirt, proudly worn while he was on holiday, despite the fact that Reggie did not produce great numbers anymore, he would support him to the end. Did he ever know.......?

The people inside heard the airplane to and were getting to the windows to see what was happening, none realized that bayoupacer was out there until they saw him and no one was hero enough to go outside in the simmering light.

Then the play came into view, it was a small plane with the weirdest colour, and when it came closer they realized that it was painted with the image of Scooby-Doo.....

Gyron ran out having more then a little idea that this might be his delivery, which was just in time considering the falling night, but when he came out and saw Bayoupacer he hesitated.
This hesitation most likely saved his life as at that precise moment the backdoor on the plane opened up and 4 gigantic bags were thrown from the plane.
Bayoupacer looked on in amazement while he waved his shirt for attention, and saw the bags racing towards him with an awful speed.
While he was still thinking that those must have been the biggest bags he ever saw and realized that the bags were also bearing the Scooby-Doo image his mind clicked and when less then a second later the was able to read the "Scooby-Doo-SNACKS” imprint on the bag he also realized he was in the direct way of descend for the bags.
Since he was between the ground and the bags the result was messy, one bag hit him full in the head and burst open and while he was showered in Scooby snacks, the second, third and fourth bag hit his body as he was buried under the snacks.

Gyron took no risks, the closed bags were dragged off into the great hall with help from Hicks in exchange for another no vote promise and when he started scooping up the loose snacks that surrounded the lifeless body of Bayoupacer, he realized a hanging was not in the cards for that evening, Scooby himself had taken care of their justice and with a smile on his face, his confidence even stronger then it already was (was that possible?) he strolled back to his cottage as one of the last in the now quickly falling night.
Few noticed the change in Bayoupacer's body, still partly hidden by the snacks it changed into a furry heap that likely once would have resembled an imposing Wolf.....

Night has arrived, wolves, pm me with your choice

07-19-2004, 05:27 PM
Great post Able, and thanks you punks for killing an innocent wolf. I swear, I didn't even enjoy eating Able.

Something makes me think Able relly enjoyed this story.

07-19-2004, 06:40 PM
2 for 2, baby! :dance:

Able, you're pretty good at this story writing business. But I should have more of a role than walking around talking to myself. :cry:

07-19-2004, 06:50 PM
:laugh: WOOHOO!!! We got another wolf!:dance::dance::laugh:

I apparently have quite business going with Scooby Snacks......I guess when the humans run out of food, we are going to be eating scooby snacks for breakfast lunch and dinner......assuming we survive the wolves......

hmm....I wonder if I bury myself deep enough in the huge bags of snacks, maybe I can hide this one out until all the wolves have been found and appropriately disposed of......

p.s. GREAT story Able....I can't wait for the next chapter.....that is assuming I'm not eaten in it.....:shudder:

07-19-2004, 10:48 PM
Rrrrrrr Scooby-Dooby Dooooooo!!

07-19-2004, 11:51 PM
Damn. That just made things a little bit easier. Great job able.

07-20-2004, 05:53 AM
Considering that only 2 wolves are left I would like to have the wolves vote today, in other words to "speed" the game up they have 24 hours to make their victim known.

thank you for your co-operation.

07-20-2004, 09:10 PM
Playing, Play.........DOH!

Slowly the day arrived in the troubled park; the game-area closed of to the outside world had attracted some attention outside the park after the strange airplane dropped something in the game-section close to nightfall but not enough to warrant any investigation.

Gyron was up and about, brushing his teeth and getting ready to check on his Scooby snacks, after all he didn’t trust that Hicks character one bit. It was “nice” of him to help with getting the snacks under cover, but not all had fitted in the cottage and only the wolves were seemingly kept at bay by the snacks, Hicks was a totally different matter. Hicks’ fear for being voted to hang was so big that Gyron would not put it past him to steal the snacks and buy his way into safety with them…….

Obnoxiousmodesty was up to, he had some major (or should we say Mayor) worries about this whole thing, after all the game had been played long and never been known to cost lives, he would never have signed up to be a part of it, let alone mayor, if the chances were they would all be killed, more importantly; HE could get hurt!

And as if THAT wasn’t enough, he also had to have the craziest bunch of players ever gathered. There was this weird foreigner who talked all orange for a while and when that finally stopped he dunked himself in orange juice only to have his skin take on an orange colour, thereby running the risk that those who were less fortunate with their eyesight might mistake him for the ball they kept throwing at the hoop on the side of the doom, God only knows he was round enough for it!

There also was Snickers, none to stable when he came in, but the killing seemed to have aggravated his mental disorder to a state where he was outright dangerous, so dangerous that obnoxiousmodesty most certainly did not want to take any risk by approaching him. He remembered only to well how he had been playing with a bucket full of C4, like it was play-doh. And this rich kid that was here to get some “balls” was not only trying to buy his way out of trouble and out of the voting all the time, adding insult to injury he had become “friends” with this Snickers character and had been eyeing the C4 with nothing but a perverted look upon his face, in general obnoxiousmodesty felt it had little good promise that he was running out of cash to pay for his protection from yet another idiot, one who ordered Scooby Snacks to be dropped in the middle of the game area.

“Luckily” the “rest” of the gang had not yet shown signs of total insanity, but unfortunately none had shown signs of the chips as distributed by the park-management upon arrival.

When obnoxiousmodesty heard a sound he looked out of the window, only to see Gyron moving towards the breakfast hall to check up on his remaining snacks.

Obnoxiousmodesty decided it was time to get out himself, perhaps it had all been a bad dream………..

He had not left his cottage or he bumped into Hoop who seemed to be in a hurry, but who made time to have a short chat with obnoxiousmodesty.

Suddenly they heard screaming, at least that is what obnoxiousmodesty made it to be, Hoop on the other hand thought it was laughter, but whatever it was, it came from the breakfast hall and dragged all the other players out to the open.

MarionDeputy and dipperdunk were the first to join Obnoxiousmodesty and Hoop and were looking at the mayor with big eyes wondering what on earth that sound was.

The mayor knew at once that this was his time again, he had to be the authority, he would have the sordid task of investigating what was going on, but at that precise moment he remember that MarionDeputy was a police officer in real life, so being the mayor he was, he told MarionDeputy and dipperdunk to go and check the ruckus.

They slowly walked towards the breakfast hall only to see Gyron standing on the side of the building laughing and crying at the same time, were those tears from sadness or laughter they wondered, but thankfully it meant they did not have to enter the building and find something scary because if anything was clear, it was that the loud noise was made by Gyron, now only to find out what on earth it was,

When Gyron was not answering to questions and only pointing to his snacks MarionDeputy took matters in his own hand, he was going to show that dimwit Gyron how things were done in HIS precinct!
Boldly he asked the idiot’s name and the reason for the disturbance, but Gyron was in no state to answer questions and not even the thread of being arrested by MarionDeputy was enough to pull him out of it.

Dipperdunk in the meanwhile heard another noise, more a low moaning coming from the pile of Scooby Snacks and wondered what that could be, he tried to get the attention of the deputy but to no avail, the deputy was busy handcuffing Gyron and reading him his Miranda rights.
Dipperdunk HAD to go see for himself what the sound was and moved over to the pile of snacks..

When he got nearer the moaning became more audible, but had little human to it, a high pitched whining was interrupting the growling moaning and dipperdunk felt less and less at ease.

When he was close enough to see some details he noticed a foot, uh? Did he see that right, was that a foot? Sticking out of the snack pile.
Had the snacks claimed another victim? If so then this poor ******* stood more chance then Bayoupacer did last night, this one was showing signs of life!

Quickly dipperdunk started digging away at the mountain of snacks, to reveal the foot in all its glory, there was the foot, there was the ankle and there was a thighbone and there was an arm…..
A thighbone???????

Dipperdunk now noticed for the first time that he foot and ankle he found were attached to each other, but nothing else, the amount of blood on the floor was enormous and the sight of a well stripped thighbone was a shocker to say the least.

He did not register any of this completely but started digging higher to see what made this awful noise.

He shouted and gestured for the other to join him and in doing so rescued Gyron from being dragged of to the local dog pen. The mayor saw what happened, pointed MarionDeputy to dipperdunk and slipped the cuffs off of Gyron.

Gyron had noticed little of what happened and was still laughing and crying at the same time, something had snapped.

Snickers had joined the hunt for body parts and kept on talking about his C4, but no one paid attention thinking he was talking to the voices in his head when suddenly a head appeared among the snacks, it was HICKS and he was ALIVE! Well it seemed that way, because his mouth was what where the sounds came from, but with an arm missing and a leg cleaned down to the bone, one ear gone and blood all over him it was hard to be sure. His remaining arm held tightly to what looked like a plastic figurine of a wolf with an inscription on the base it was made upon.
Dipperdunk was sure this was a message from Hicks, for them, this must reveal at least the name of one other wolf he thought, so he started prying it loose from Hicks’ hand, when he had the fingers open he pulled the wolf statue out form the rubble, not noticing the string that was attached and still in Hicks’ hand.
When he almost had it out of the pile, he noticed resistance, he pulled a little harder, but only to encounter more pressure, one BIG pull and the pressure was so much that the statue flew back into the pile straight back into Hick’s hand.

This was (we later concluded) what saved dipperdunks’ life, when it shot back, the pile on top of Hicks caved in only to be followed by an enormous explosion , which in turn had the snacks raining over the entire park, not only the game area…..
Mixed with the snacks were infinitely small particles of what once was Hicks and a fine red maze settled over the park.

Once all reconstructions were done it became clear what had happened that night.
Hicks obviously preparing for his dark plans with Gyron (tie him to the rollercoaster so the wolves would eat him) had thought it was a good idea to protect himself from the wolves in the meanwhile by filling his pockets with Scooby snacks, only to be caught out after dark by the remaining wolves, thinking only the snacks could save him he had fled in the pile of snacks, where he also happened to stumble over the C4 carelessly left behind by Snickers. Not recognising it for what it was, he thought lady luck was on his hand and dealt him with play-doh to leave a message for the others, he was sure he recognized one of the wolves!
He used the elastic from his waistband in his pants to tie the remaining part of the play-doh to his statue so people would realize that it was not something he found or just an incident and the rest so to speak is history.

No signs came from above and obnoxiousmodesty shook his head as he knew for sure he had to deal with more problems in the days to come, at least two more people lost whatever they had for a brain and someone would have to patch up dipperdunk and put a dressing on where once his hand was. Least but not yet mentioned, he had another vote to conduct……………….

You have 24 hours max.

07-20-2004, 10:52 PM
I'm the village maniac. Cool. :devil:

This one time, I put C4 in the feed at the zoo. Oh man, that was so awesome.... lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

HAHAHahahhahahaHAhaHAhaaHhAHA! :carrot::cucumber:

I'm still thinking about who I'm gonna vote for this time.

*builds a castle out of C4*

Ehh, I'll go with Hoop this time. Hoop will be hanged!

07-21-2004, 12:11 AM


Aw Heck
07-21-2004, 02:02 AM
I'd like my Hoop cooked rare, with some mushrooms on the side, please.


07-21-2004, 03:26 AM
I see the mob mentality is alive and well. Good work mob, and remember who to vote for in the next mayoral election. My possible wolf list is down to five (maybe six), and I'll have to think on it some more before I vote.


07-21-2004, 10:21 AM
Mob mob mob mob mob mobbiddy mob mob mob mob mobbo mobbymob mob mobmob mob mob mob

Yay mob! Yay boom-booms!

07-21-2004, 10:48 AM

07-21-2004, 12:28 PM
giggle, giggle, snort, snort, cry..cry...sob.......I vote hoops.....my precious scooby snacks are every where! Now there is no protection for me......:shudder:

giggle, giggle, snort, snort, cry..cry...sob.......

:laugh::laugh::shudder::disappointed::laugh::sad:: sad::cry::cry::lol2::cry:

Another great chapter from the story master!


07-21-2004, 01:51 PM
"And as if THAT wasn’t enough, he also had to have the craziest bunch of players ever gathered. There was this weird foreigner who talked all orange for a while and when that finally stopped he dunked himself in orange juice only to have his skin take on an orange colour, thereby running the risk that those who were less fortunate with their eyesight might mistake him for the ball they kept throwing at the hoop on the side of the doom, God only knows he was round enough for it!"


I vote Hoop too!



07-21-2004, 02:01 PM
<announcement> DING DONG

May I remind the players that I need to receive a PM from the mayor and that he decides who dies, it does not HAVE to be the majority decision.


07-21-2004, 05:22 PM
Great story. :laugh:

I'm going to go against the mob and vote for MarionDeputy. :devil:

07-22-2004, 12:17 AM
Okay, okay. I'll once again go with the mob's decision. (What the hell, hasn't steered us wrong yet.)

Down with Hoop.

07-22-2004, 01:04 AM
I'd like my Hoop cooked rare, with some mushrooms on the side, please.


I think you guys could be making a big mistake. :idea: AwHeck wants to eat me, I think he told on himself and he is a WOLF ! :maniac:

Aw Heck
07-22-2004, 01:54 AM
I'd like my Hoop cooked rare, with some mushrooms on the side, please.


I think you guys could be making a big mistake. :idea: AwHeck wants to eat me, I think he told on himself and he is a WOLF ! :maniac:

That was just an attempt at humor. If I'm a wolf... why did I vote successfully against my fellow wolves the last two times?

07-22-2004, 10:20 AM
Let's see 3 for 3!


07-23-2004, 02:14 AM
The ballot is way too confusing, so I refuse to vote... :cool:

07-24-2004, 06:08 AM
Whirlwind Twisters Twisted

The Gamemaster sat at this table with his hands in his hair.
How could this game have escaped their attention, how come they had not foreseen that something might go wrong after all these years, nutcases anywhere in society, so why not in the park’s staff?

It was clear that more then just a few participants were crazy, some even believed they were really dead, well perhaps they were right, certainly the ones that were “executed” by majority or was that mayority, vote. Now however it was time to change things around.
Not only had someone sabotaged the game in that the killing was real, there was evidence about that they had done more then not simply play by the old established rules……

The last explosion however had “leaked” into the open part of the park, esteemed dignitaries visiting the park had not been overly enthusiastic about the particles of humanoid mixed with Scooby snacks that landed on their “terrine de poison” and in their glasses of Margeaux Chardonnay that accompanied that.
It had raised many a nasty and shaky question about this closed part of the park, none of which could be answered in honesty, so spinning became the name of the game.
Then “he” got a call: solve it, one way or the other, carte blanche, but solve it or be out of a job” and there he was…… thinking, scheming and plotting against it all.

The day in the park had been long, longer then expected, longer then anticipated, gruelling hot, with no place to go and nothing to do but think, which was exactly what Obnoxiousmodesty was doing when he was sitting outside of his cottage that afternoon. He had paid little or no attention to the voting and had missed the entire ruckus about time limits, in fact he didn’t care. If they wanted him they could wait for him.
It was at that precise moment that the last wave of horror connected to the explosion silently hit the game-grounds……The place where Hicks exploded had been the “hiding” place for the chips that were issued when the game started, but were never used, however nobody had noticed that the chips were missing from their little box on the wall, in fact the entire box and a large part of the wall were missing to, that’s what C4 can do for you, just ask Snickers…

Together with the Hicks particles the chips had become air born, but being heavier they had not reached the outside of the game area, instead they had lodged in the lunch for that afternoon and miraculously one chip had ended up in each lunchbox and had been consumed by everyone that same afternoon.

Now, unbeknown to the players, they all of a sudden had the parts that were programmed so long ago, and over the remainder of the day they forgot their original assignments and the chip’s controls took over……..

That was the main reason for Obnoxiousmodesty was so slow in calling the vote, this was not his destination, someone else was to be mayor, someone else played that part, he was … What was he?

One thing though the chip builders had not counted on and that was the fact that with the chips, parts of Hicks were administered as well which allowed for some very weird results…….

You have all been PM’d with new assignments and roles, There are 3 Wolves still at large, 10 humans, one of them is mayor, there is also one seeker, the dead will not rise, except for one, who is now a part of everyone and can be either human or wolf and as such will vote in the place of someone but it will not be revealed who.

That being said, the game continued……………………………………

And it was then that the bells rang, never heard before, they were all of a sudden drawn to the dome, where their (new) mayor awaited them to cast their vote……
Somehow no one was surprised to see Snickers take the rostrum and address the gaterhed remainder of the players.

The hunt was still on, despite the changes.

Some small changes to the rules also:

Wolves PM me personally with their choice, no wolf knows who the other is, only I know all the players’ parts.
When they all propose a different person, I will answer them with their choices and they will choose one of them.

Humans still vote in public, the mayor can still overrule them, unless 80% wants a new mayor.

The seeker’s role is still the same; he can answer the nature of one player per voting round.

Let the voting commence.

07-24-2004, 09:31 AM
DOWN WITH THE FORMER MAYOR! I believe he is now a wolf!!!!!

07-24-2004, 11:04 AM
NO! Lets ask the seeker about the nature of our former mayor first!

07-24-2004, 12:01 PM
the seeker can ask me what the role is of one specific player he can nto tell anyone of hois role, he can however try to convince people,

07-24-2004, 03:54 PM
We can lynch ObNox. Since he always went with the mob, let HIM feel some mob justice!

It just goes to show, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. :angel:

Nice change-up able.

07-24-2004, 04:06 PM
Let the crazy guy with the C4 be the mayor, huh?

Good thinking. :devil:

Now, vote! None of us have any idea what role the rest have, so it can't be easy to pick out a wolf.... I may go with the majority on this vote, since I don't have any better idea than the rest of you.

07-25-2004, 09:49 PM
I would like a PM from the mayor concerning the vote.

07-25-2004, 11:59 PM
I would like a PM from the mayor concerning the vote.


07-26-2004, 10:36 AM
Splish Splash Splatter
another one bites the dust

It was a subdued atmosphere in the camp, the overnight changes had influenced the mood somewhat, few if any remembered themselves or others in their “previous” life, but somehow the atmosphere was less loose.

Votes had been made throughout the day, people still getting used to their new personae and now once again totally clueless about other people’s part.

Snickers still had this weird urges for playing with C4, but had no idea how he got them and wondered what brought it about, Mourning was still orange coloured, the chips had not changed anyone’s colour so his was still the same to, but as all others he was clueless as to how he got to be this way, which on a side note, was not the only thing he was clueless about.

Hoop was shooting some hoops at the side of the building, enjoying the weather and wondering what was next, with in the shadow obnoxiousmodesty looking on, somewhat nervous, after all there were quite a few people that had voted for him and made such public knowledge by shouting that he had done a bad job, but what job would that be he wondered????

Snickers came out to the middle of the court, looking at the rostrum, carrying a small parcel in his hand, and decided not to climb the rostrum, somehow he felt that it would make him an easy target and what’s more, single him out to much, after all people tended not to look to favourable to mayors in this game, and he would have preferred a lot of roles but this was not his life ambition.

He coughed a few times but that drew little attention, so instead he howled loudly, which DID get some attention, in seconds all participants were on the frontcourt and looking somewhat shocked at Snickers.

“Thank you for your attention” Snickers said “I have counted your votes and come to the conclusion that you are just as clueless as I am, and therefore I am voting for my own idea, even though I know that won’t go down well, but then again, no matter what I do, you will find a way to say I did wrong anyway, so why am I even bothering”.

His voice started out loud and clear but near the end was nothing more then a grumble. So many only heard half of it, but then, where they really interested as long as it wasn’t them?

Suddenly Onoxiousmodesty made a run for the parcel that was now to the side of Snickers on the floor, he picked it up, rushed off to the back where he found Nashbro and like a Colts player threw the parcel the shirt distance where an amazed Nashbro knew nothing better to do then pick it up and look ahead silently in utter amazement, What was going on here?

Snickers started to shout “NO------------------KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM” and the particles of Nashbro rained down on the frontcourt……..

When the silent had returned and the splish-splash of landing parts had died out Snickers continued as if nothing happened; “I have decided that Nashbro is to die, the parcel was his farewell present”.

“I still have no idea what made me use the C4, but I must say, it exceeded my expectations as to its usefulness” he continued.

The crowd was also silent in amazement, the only sound that could be heard was the hollow laughter of Obnoxiousmodesty who thought he escaped dead once again and was starting to think this game wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be.

In the falling light however all of a sudden a shape took form above the frontcourt and within seconds a giant eye was revealed, and after winking a few times, a tear formed in the corner of the eye and when it fell on the frontcourt the eye disappeared, leaving behind the participants wet as if a sudden rain had swept the park.

The mood, lightened a few seconds ago over the fact that it wasn’t them that were killed once again changed in to a sullen mood, one of despair that they had killed what little chance they had of “knowing” who was a wolf.

With that festive thought they withdrew to their cottages, ready for another night of fright, a night in which the wolves ruled, what would be in stock and what was that threatening ghostly presence they all felt?

Wolves; start voting! (pm me)

07-26-2004, 10:47 AM
.... the logic behind that was to pick the player who's the least involved in the game, and hopefully would be the least upset to be out of the game.... didn't know nashbro was the seer. :(

07-26-2004, 10:51 AM
So......that means Nashbro was the seer, doesn't it? Dammit Snickers, stop forming your own thoughts!

It.... it was late, and I was rushed, and I didn't know who to vote for and obnox was the mayor before and I didn't think he was a wolf and I'm sorry!! :cry:

.... *******. :flirt:

07-26-2004, 12:04 PM
hmmm.. a howl to get our attention huh?

And you have our seer killed?

How many of you think we can vote the mayor out of office....... PERMANANTLY!

We'll see how the night goes......this should be interesting.

07-26-2004, 02:20 PM
"Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back." - Maximus :p

07-26-2004, 02:28 PM
Question, can the wolves eat the mayor? I don't know why I'm asking, but I'm not sure if that was ever clarified in the rules.....And what happens if they do, does someone else get chosen?

I'm definitely not a wolf, but just curious how that would play out if it happened.

07-26-2004, 03:36 PM
A Wiz, A wish and a Woosh

The long day was followed by a short night, the wolves restless and hungry did not waste time, eagerly they came out, sniffed their way around the cottages and while looking for an opening into one of them snapped at each other, threatening to eat their own kind if need be, anything to still the hunger.

While sniffing around two wolves met at the door of the mayor, loud snoring came to their ears and interest was peaked, and if it wasn't for the farty smell of C4 in the air, they might have pursued their idea.

As night broke and the sun threatened to bring another day of play the wolves disappeared and the players once again woke up from their restless night.

Soon the sound of water coming from showers was heard, on top of that the loud brushing of Mourning trying to shed his colours, and the shaking of some unknown to lose their collars was rattling through the camp.

Snickers was first to open his door and besides the foul stench that flared up in his nostril he immediately noticed the wet spot on his door style, obviously the wolves had left him a reminder of their presence, a mark of their territory, on his doorstep no less......

He was already pondering who he would vote for in today's vote, and whether or not to follow the mocking mob in their vote when he heard a “thump” “thump” “thump” “woosh” around the corner of the great hall.
Hmmm someone was playing or practicing basketball, and in one instance he knew it would not be hoop or btowncolt, because in that case the “woosh” would be replaced by “klonk”.

When he came around the corner he was not really surprised to see it was naturallystoned, the guy was so relaxed from his natural state that his shot was almost perfect, had it not been for the four kilo's found in his duffelbag when entering training camp he would have made a great NBA addition, now he was the number one player in the local pen and only left out to play this game of natural selection.
Snickers turned in disgust, so much talent, where he had so little, and what had the dude done with it? Shaking his head he moved on back to the entrance of the hall where he was met by the players who came in for breakfast.

When all seemed in he did a headcount and his worst thoughts were a reality, he was short one.......

He did not need a roll call to realize that Gyron was not present, so he immediately went to the cottage that was Gyron's for the game, only to find the cottage a mess with no sign of Gyron, unless the large dropping in the middle of the room was his, but upon further examination it became clear that the wolves had left a token reminder here as well.

MarionDeputy came in shortly behind Snickers, and when he saw the droppings in the middle of the room he could hardly suppress a smile, he always thought Gyron was a little S**thead anyway, so it seemed the wolves agreed with him.

Little or no other evidence of Gyron ever existing remained, except for a shadow crawling over the wall in the back.....

Pollardfreek and Hoop were already playing ball again, well playing ball was a big word, Pollardfreek was no better then Stone Hands himself and did not even have the size to boost nor the hairdo, in fact if it was anywhere that the comparison went really lame it was in the hair department, Pollardfreek being obviously challenged in that department.
Hoop was no better, having gotten his nickname (not that he ever told anyone this) because in school his mates asked him to sit in the window with his arms in a hoop so they could play basketball in a school mainly occupied with girls playing voleyball, just because for him every possesion was a turnover, in fact he had broken the school record (held by the now infamous Jamie Brew) of most turnovers per game and was singlehandedly responsible for r-vamping that stat in one that did not speak of a turnover – assists ratio but a turnover per possession, his was 2.6 turnovers per possession. A fairly unique stat that most likely would never be bettered and what's more, he done that in two games only!

Aw Heck was sitting in a corner, quiet, trying to stop the strange feelings he was experiencing, shaking all over he was clearly showing cold turkey sings, but of what?

Obnoxiousmodesty awoke with a strange feeling and had neither gotten rid of it and though he knew that last night's vote was now immaterial and unimpoart to boost, he still wanted to know if Snickers got his vote, Snickers confirmed he had, but his vote for btowncolt had not mattered Snickers said.
Pondering this Obnoxiousmodesty walked of, he was sure he had voted for someone else, 100% how could Snickers say it was different, he kept a copy of his vote somewhere, he would go look for it straight away.

While a simple breakfast was taken in, Snickers proclaimed that another vote was up, he would expect their votes soon, so he could make his decision known and remember he ended, not all is what it seems on first glance, use your vote wisely this time.

07-26-2004, 04:34 PM
I told you it wasn't me.........:cry:

I was just a lunatic needing to know some answers:bananadead:

My precious scooby snacks would've saved me....:cry:

07-26-2004, 09:24 PM

07-26-2004, 11:39 PM
I'll probably go with the majority on this one. Unless nobody votes.

07-27-2004, 12:00 AM
Time to stir the pot a little more.

I vote for btown.

07-27-2004, 12:43 AM
Time to stir the pot a little more.

I vote for btown.

I'll help you stir it, I vote for btown too. :devil:

07-27-2004, 12:28 PM
You're just mad I voted for you last time. Looks like you and Hoop teamed up pretty quickly.......rather suspicious.......

I just like his avatar, catwomen rule. :p

07-27-2004, 01:26 PM
You're just mad I voted for you last time. Looks like you and Hoop teamed up pretty quickly.......rather suspicious.......

I just like his avatar, catwomen rule. :p

Ack! Please don't affiliate me with that HORRIFIC Catwoman movie. I can't believe anyone spent money on that.

07-27-2004, 01:38 PM
What movie exactly is your avatar from obnoxious?

07-27-2004, 08:36 PM
What movie exactly is your avatar from obnoxious?
Ghost World (http://www.us.imdb.com/title/tt0162346/)

Pig Nash
07-27-2004, 08:56 PM
When'd they make that?

07-27-2004, 09:50 PM
You're just mad I voted for you last time. Looks like you and Hoop teamed up pretty quickly.......rather suspicious.......

I just like his avatar, catwomen rule. :p

Ack! Please don't affiliate me with that HORRIFIC Catwoman movie. I can't believe anyone spent money on that.

I liked Catwoman, Halle Bery is so freaking hot !

07-28-2004, 02:00 AM
When'd they make that?


07-28-2004, 09:45 AM
Cobwebs cause chaos

(Cobwebs cause chaos)

Time ticked away and the sun was already sinking behind the horizon when the players gathered once more in the hall that was their gathering place.
So many crazy things had taken place over the last few days that most of them were numb, specially since the chips now in place had done a good job making them forget who they were in reality, though could not take away the uneasy feelings that were there and remained there inside, deeeeep inside.

Amidst all the worry over their own destiny they missed out on the fact that the mayor (Snickers) was not in the hall, and those who did notice did not really worry since they had not heard any loud bangs to announce his departure…..

While a dark shadow moved over the wall, the electric lights now switched on throwing a ghostly atmosphere over the hall, people did start to notice the missing Snickers, after all food would only be served after the vote announcement, if none came, then what would they eat?

Hoop was sitting in a corner looking upset, which he probably was seeing as he not made ONE shot all day despite taking at least 500, and even his jumping on a bandwagon now seemed not to have worked completely as he had hoped, not only had few followed his example (always a bad sign considering empty bandwagons were like looney-wheels) but also the mayor did not show up, another bad sign, he was somewhat nervous and silently wishing he was back at school sitting in the window-sill holding his arms out, except for the dunks, it wasn’t that bad and at least he was part of the group, here they only laughed if he missed another shot. Didn’t anybody see then that his “form” was neigh on perfect?

Pollardfreek was in a similar position, having occupied most of the remaining time on the board, he had succeeded in dunking once, but that was it, despite 250 lay-ups none (despite his stringent use of the backboard) had fallen and he had done that about 50 times, hurting a few bodyparts along the way.

They both looked with an evil eye towards naturallystoned who, in the 10 minutes left on the court, had scored 100% on the variety of shots he had taken, 3pts, 15ft, floaters, dunks, lay-ups, it all came together for him.

Perhaps they could “organize” some “evidence” against him to at least not have to look at his ugly butt the rest of the time they were granted here………

Btowncolt and Aw Heck had become somewhat friendly and were sharing a beer, how on earth it had gotten into the camp was unclear but they had it and were clearly enjoying it, Btowncolt was already acting silly after 3 sips, sending out letters of resignation to everyone he ever worked for, forgetting that he could of course resign from his job at the park, but that it would make no difference to his predicament, he would not be let out before the end of the game, all it came down to was that his family would not get any compensation should he be eaten and what’s worse, no medical for him!

Still no Snickers……………………..
A shadow moved by the door, the door closing drew the attention of the lot, but none saw anything behind the flood of the light in the middle.
Was it the mayor? When nothing happened the chatter started again, this time the topic was common, what was with the shadows and where on earth was Snickers. But what was more important, who would be voted upon today? As only Snickers knew the votes, it would be hard to do a count, and not one of them was volunteering, volunteering others was one thing, but your self? That was not something to consider in sane conditions. (of course who was still sane was another question that comes to mind)
Suddenly a spot light appeared from nowhere and hit the wall at the end of the hall a shadow moved out of the way of the light and when the spot moved in opposite direction it fell on a figurine standing there with a large suitcase…….who was that and how the heck did he get there?

All the players moved closer together, afraid what it might be, scared out of their wits for anything by nature they thought their strength would lie in the numbers (that’s of course the reason they were killing each others like flies).

The figure bend over the suitcase, opened it and grabbed something out of it then turned around holding it up in his hand………it was a head!

Upon slightly closer examination (they leaned forward about 2 inches) they saw it was the head of their not so beloved mayor, so that’s where he was…….the easy way out…. As usual.

When they heard the stranger speak they all of a sudden realized it was someone they knew, someone they knew well even……

“Friends” the voice said, “this” (holding up the head of Snickers) is what I found just outside the game-area, while strolling around…. It seems our good friend Snickers here tried to escape the game, leaving you all here to fend for yourself”.
“Alas, that can not be done, there are more wolves outside then there are inside and the powers that be do not allow for these kind of things, camera’s, electric fences, sharp-shooters, robot-machineguns (bought cheaply from the German government after the fall of the wall) and several packs of real wolves are keeping a close guard on the perimeter.”

When I found it, they found me as well, and decided that it was only right to replace Snickers straight away as to prevent you lot starting an up-rise or trying a mass escape.

It is therefore that I am send in as the new mayor, a ghastly task and I must admit I had preferred to just throw the head back, let the wolves finish it off and look on to see what would happen here, but fact is, I am here, I have to play.

That being said the players now got all exited, from cursing Snickers to wondering what would happen with the vote and more so what would happen with this new mayor, number 3 no less….

Well they didn’t have to wait to long for their first decision from the mayor, ignoring his lack of knowledge (ok; on the voting) He immediately went on to say:

“As for the voting, tomorrow is another day, you will all vote, this time I will show you that I am an experienced Mayor, (related in the third degree to the one that ran England for a short while {authors note: straight into the ground}) and therefore I have already made the decision who will die…………………………..
When he finished his sentence, he made a quick gesture with his left hand, and all of a sudden a rope appeared in his right hand, another flick and the rope shot over the beams high in the hall and back down where immediately to noose settled around the neck of the somewhat intoxicated Btowncolt who just wrote another resignation letter this time to his wife.
Btowncolt looked up wondering what was going on (he missed most of the commotion due to his resignation rampage) and at the same time with another flick of the wrist and a giant heave Btowncolt was lifted from his seat by his neck, which grew considerably longer, a sharp sound was heard when his neck snapped and despite his kicking legs, he was dead.

Before the resolute mayor could even release the rope and drop the dead Btowncolt on the floor, the image of btowncolt faded and transferred into a wolf……..

The mayor made a perfect guess on his first action, but it was now very dark outside and no one wanted to risk going outside and across the court to their cottages, so they decided to sleep in the hall, thinking there would be safety in numbers………….

Wolfs: time to vote.

07-28-2004, 10:48 AM
A. timelimit for the vote was set to 24 - 36 hours, 43 had past.
B. the vote was ignored by the (new) mayor which is the right of every mayor.

and trust me, I know it aint nice to die.

07-28-2004, 10:57 AM
Patience is a virtue :) wait and see what happens next :D

07-28-2004, 11:58 AM
Good job Able. I was finally in the story this time. :thumbup:

07-28-2004, 12:04 PM
So who's the new mayor? Inquiring minds want to know....even dead ones:p

07-28-2004, 12:56 PM
aaaaaahhh the secret is in the sauce.....

oh wait, that's another movie ..... or was that Hicks?

always look around you real good, wanna bet the answer is somewhere?

get rid of those cobwerbs :D

07-28-2004, 01:19 PM
duh, I'm an idiot.....i guess thats why I'm dead...:P

07-28-2004, 03:38 PM
I'm scared now... :uhoh: :o

07-29-2004, 12:52 AM
Uh.... okay. :hmm:

07-31-2004, 11:56 AM
raids & rampage

A series of howls was heard in the middle of the night, obvious the wolves did not agree on matters, and after a yelp and a loud snap silence set in.

Hours later the light broke through the clouds awakening the first people in the camp’s hall, where they all had spent the night.

Pig Nash, the new mayor woke up the first and looked around him, then went ashen, and ran out to relief his stomach in a large canister just outside, which (he never noticed) held the breakfast for that day.

What he had just seen was too big for words; he could not believe it, even thinking of it made him sick again.
He was just to crawl up when he was pushed aside violently by recap who wanted to do the same Pig Nash was doing earlier and looking at it made Pig Nash join in again.
Within seconds Obnoxiousmodesty and Dipperdunk followed suit and by the time the mayor realized they had just ruined the day’s food rations Naturallystoned had joined them as well.

It was then they realized they were the last survivors of the game, all 5 of them, and there were still wolves around, well at least one, if the remnants inside were anything to go by.

The game-organizers later re-constructed the happenings of that night, to conclude that certain chips had overloaded and perhaps usage was not such a good idea.

Strangely enough were not only the remains of humans inside; there was also the dead body of a wolf.

What had happened was so overwhelming that it could only have been as follows in short:

Aw Heck woke up from the howling and went to the door to see what happened, he was attacked in the back by a wolf, and while he looked for help he saw that all players were still asleep, so whatever happened the wolf attacking him was not a living player. No matter how brave he fought, he stood no chance, the ghostly wolf was to strong for him and before he realized he was fighting a losing battle he was turned into starters for w wolf’s meal.

It was at that time that also inside the hall 2 players transformed into wolves, one was spotted to be MarionDeputy, but he was soon attacked by the other two wolves and when he died from a violent bite to the throat his wolf shape was all that remained.

Then the wolves (one of which was simply not a living creature) started snarling at each other, clearly they could not agree on who to eat, one set out to start on Aw Heck while the other randomly killed the orange figure of Mourning, then finally they decided on what hey really wanted and the ravaged hoop completely.

For desert they decided in unison on Pollardfreek.

It was in this mess that the remaining 5 awoke some hours later, no sign of the ghost wolf or the other wolf.

There’s one more alive, 4 humans one of the 5 is a wolf, a ghost is roaming.

Two votes: 1 for the wolf: one for the ghost who is one of the dead and has made appearances before.

24 – 36 hours.

Thank you.

Pig Nash
07-31-2004, 12:57 PM
whoah. And hello guys! i'll be your mayor this evening, can i help you?

Pig Nash
07-31-2004, 12:59 PM
Oh, i vote for recap as the wolf and able as the ghost.

07-31-2004, 01:09 PM
let me help you in the ghost department:

the shadows seen were obviously the ghoist making appearances.
also: I am not a player in ANY sense, neither ghost nor living.

the rest is up to you

07-31-2004, 01:28 PM
I'll vote for recap as the wolf and btown as the ghost... :confused:

Pig Nash
07-31-2004, 01:36 PM
fine, i'll change my ghost vote to btown.

07-31-2004, 01:50 PM
My votes:

Wolf: dipperdunk
Ghost: btown

07-31-2004, 05:29 PM
I can't believe that I am being accused of being a wolf! :mad: I have consistently voted for the dead wolves... on the other hand some of you are a little too quick to jump on the bandwagon when humans are getting lynched. I am suspicous of obnoxiousmodesty and dipperdunk. I will vote for obnoxious for the wolf and Indytoad for ghost.
Come now, I didn't vote for you. Surely you can see it'd be better to vote for someone besides me? :angel:

Pig Nash
07-31-2004, 08:13 PM
I can't believe that I am being accused of being a wolf! :mad: I have consistently voted for the dead wolves... on the other hand some of you are a little too quick to jump on the bandwagon when humans are getting lynched. I am suspicous of obnoxiousmodesty and dipperdunk. I will vote for obnoxious for the wolf and Indytoad for ghost.
Come now, I didn't vote for you. Surely you can see it'd be better to vote for someone besides me? :angel:

You limey ******* trying to make me look bad. I'm changin my vote to you from recap.

(oh and i forgot to tell you, my vote's final. Oh able! do the deal.)

08-01-2004, 12:43 AM
Recap as the wolf and btown as the ghost.:whoknows:

08-02-2004, 05:34 PM
sowwy folks, holiday job on sunday became job from hell and still working on it (monday night 11 PM) 250 miles form home, will be on later, will post tomorrow, or very very very very perhaps later tonight

08-05-2004, 06:26 AM
Ghost Gnaws on Graveside

Cleaning up the mess and burying what was left of the players that were kicked out overnight was an almost day filling task, the no food was not a real help and a lot of scolding went on be it that most cussed softly so no one would hear it for fear of vote-retaliation.

The new mayor had his own agenda and a clear idea of what he wanted, he barely paid attention to the votes brought in to him, following in the footsteps of national elections, and decided that he knew better anyway, so why let those peasant vote to begin with?

Most players left the mayor alone, they saw his little rope-trick the evening before and none felt like they would want to be on the receiving end of that one…..

Recap and Dipperdunk made sure to stay out of harms way and went to empty the food trolley, now somewhat heavier then when it had first appeared that morning, with also a lot more food in it then before but, strangely, no one was interested in the food in the trolley.
The talked about the happenings and the upcoming election, each pointing fingers to others but themselves and obviously not to each other.
They decided that if time permitted they would play a one-on-one later on just to relax a bit; after all it was a strenuous time as it was.

Obnoxiousmodesty and Naturallystoned were mopping the floor to get rid of the blood and other mess on the floor and saw Pig Nash walk out through a side door, on some “mayor” business as he announced. They were relieved to see him leave since it meant that for now they were safe and some banter set in while the mops swooshed the floor; woosh….that’s one from 22 feet Hoop, Obnox grinned to Naturallystoned…. Not to be outdone Naturallystoned when his mop hit a table hollered; Clank,….. that one’s for you Pollardfreek…..

By the time Recap and Dipperdunk returned they found the two rolling on the now clean floor, laughing with bellowing sounds and wondered what was so funny.

It was when the two noticed the arrival of Recap and Dipper that they slowed down their laughter to a snicker and at the same time they heard Pig Nash (who else could it be?) howling in pain outside.
They all rushed with great care to the door Pig Nash went through, opening it extremely carefully to peek through it, however 4 pairs of eyes could not all look through the same small opening so the pushing at each resulted in the door opening completely and displaying a morbid scene ahead of them…………..

Pig Nash was hitting a big crowbar in thin air close to where once his left leg had been, and jumping around on his remaining right leg shouting in pain.
Around him was the earth and in front of him a grave, now open again, where Btowncolt was buried earlier that week.
When Pig Nash saw them coming he screamed for a med kit, and dipperdunk had enough sense left in him to turn around and get the kit to treat the nasty wounds Pig Nash was displaying.
When they all got to the scene and the graveside they peeked in to find the remainders of Btowncolt still in tact, somewhat less for being in the ground a few days, but nonetheless no traces of anything changed.

When they had treated Pig Nash and stopped the bleeding on his stump (where once a leg had supported the slightly overweight mayor) and also stitched some of the cuts on his arms the story came out, beit heavily bleeped out because of the language used by the mayor.

He had decide that the ghost must have been Btowncolt and therefore he went to the grave to make sure the ghost would not return (an old voodoo trick he picked up on his travels to do that was to dig up the ghost and “treat” the body with medicinal alcohol (dump a bottle of brandy over it) ). However when he was done with it and just ready to close the grave again, sure of himself that at least the ghost was taken care of, he was attacked by something from behind, unidentifiable but wolf-like and it violently bit him in the leg, severing his entire leg in one clean bite, while falling he protected his head from the paws that were clawing at him and upon grabbing the crowbar to defend himself more scratches and cuts were added (now stitched up).
Then he hit the wolf like character who obviously had a vicious streak to it, and struck home several good blows, though the ghost was not impressed, Pig Nash was able to at least hit it over the head and cutting of an ear, that’s when it disappeared and the others ran on to the scene.

They searched a while to find the ear, but to no avail and the only lesson learned was that Btowncolt obviously had not been the ghost……..

Pig Nash was overseeing the filling of the grave when suddenly he lifted the crowbar over his head and struck obnoxiousmodesty with it on the head, “splish-splash” and obnoxiousmodesty dropped in the open grave, dead…

Nothing happened and the other 3 looked at Pig Nash scared, wondering whether he went of his rockers or had some other type of plan, involving the killing of all of them.
When they saw the disappointed look on his face they knew it was not that, but simply the carry-out of what was supposed to have been the vote…

It was clear that the mayor had failed on all accounts, not only that but he had also severely damaged himself in the process, where would this end??

They hurried back to their own cottages, no one wanting to share with anyone that night, certainly not with the mayor, though recap offered to change his bandages when needed over the night, they all were to scared to think that the mayor might go on another killing spree… and they would be the victim!

They should all worry about something else, like this being their final night!

Wolf and Ghost, pm me your vote

08-05-2004, 09:44 AM
Good work, you bunch of murderers. :rolleyes::p

08-06-2004, 07:13 AM
Enter the End
The final gambit

Night was short, little rest for the weary, but definitely deciding……..

Recap woke up and went outside to find Naturallystoned shooting hoops already, but no sign of Dipperdunk or the Mayor…..

He went to check on the mayor, after all the good man was heavily wounded yesterday after his ghostly encounter.
When he entered the cottage he knew something was wrong, an eerie silence hung in the cottage, no sound at all and one look at the bunk in the corner told him the story, whatever it was, the wolf or the wolf-ghost had finished his job of earlier that day.
There was little remaining in the bunk, but what was there clearly showed that it had been Pig Nash, once the proud mayor and now nothing but left-overs….
Recap started shouting for help, and Naturallystoned came in, saw the mess and surveyed the rest of the cottage, his eye fell on a dark corner (there were 4 of them in the cottages, small windows, no lights) where he thought he saw something.

When he moved carefully over to the corner he saw the crowbar that Pig Nash had held onto yesterday sticking out of something, it was hard to identify it with the little light that was in the cottage and only after Recap had found some wood, lit it and came in with it was it clear that whatever it was that the crowbar had finished had once been part human, part wolf, but decay had set in, which was weird so soon, then it hit Recap… the Ghost…………This must have been the ghost!

Upon careful examination (hey ghosts are funny things when it comes to dead) they found a little silver chain amongst the fur around its neck; this was Hicks’ nameplate he had carried, so it was decided that Hicks had been the ghost.
Though the crowbar had clearly finished him off, there were also parts bitten off and the teeth marks did not exactly fit those of the mayor.
Then it dawned on them, where was Dipperdunk? Surely the ruckus should have woken him up by now?
Was he the wolf? Was he hiding? Only one way to find out, armed with the crowbar the headed over to the dippers’ cottage only to find the door locked, how hand can a crowbar be?
4 seconds and an obvious display of handling skills by recap of the crowbar the door was open. Inside a puddle of blood with a half eaten Dipperdunk in the middle. So he was not the wolf, in actual fact he was dead……

How did all this happen? Well upon studying the tapes of the game it became clear to those in the knowledge, who would not share the finer points but were prepared to explain after the fact, what happened.
The wolf and the ghost had met up in Pig Nash’s cottage, obviously attracted to the same wounded animal they were after, easy prey, and that is where things got ugly, instead of sharing the mayor, the two alpha male wolfs decided to fight over it, with the ghost on the losing end Pig Nash woke up and saw what was going on, he lifted the crowbar that was in his hand (he went to sleep with it) and killed the ghost with an enormous heave, this however made the crowbar lodge into what we now know to be Hicks’ skull and left the presumed prey (who did not realize this) to the single wolf, who was hungry.
There was no real fight after this, the wolf turned to Pig Nash and simply bit his head off, opened his stomach and feasted on the best parts first.
However Pig Nash being a leg short, was not (also considering his size) a full meal, so the wolf, hungry as a wolf still, wondered over to the nearest other cottages which happened to be Dipperdunk’s and resolved his hunger problem there, leaving some for worse times, since prey became thin around here.

So that’s where the final gambit starts…..

Two players left, one is a wolf. You the players who are now dead and gone, are to decide who is who and who wins the game, will it be the human, or will it be the wolf?

Vote for either Recap or Naturallystoned as your “winner” and soon you will find out.

08-06-2004, 08:30 AM
Naturally Stoned is the WOLF!

Take it from the carzy guy with no scooby snacks!

08-06-2004, 08:48 AM
PLEASE vote for who you want to WIN the game, be it wolf or human will only be revealed afterwords, please please only vote for the WINNER, don't make my life any harder :)

08-06-2004, 09:30 AM
I vote naturallystoned to WIN.

08-06-2004, 11:23 AM
I'll vote for naturallystoned

Pig Nash
08-06-2004, 12:54 PM
I'll vote for recap.

08-06-2004, 02:00 PM
I vote for naturallystoned to win as I'm pretty sure recap is the wolf.

08-06-2004, 03:21 PM
Ok, to clear up my vote then, I want recap to win!

08-07-2004, 12:19 AM
I'll vote for recap for no good reason.

There's Kim

08-07-2004, 12:36 AM

Target the Earth cities

08-07-2004, 02:33 AM
Here is where I submit some long winded post that convinces everyone that I am really human...


08-07-2004, 06:27 PM

08-10-2004, 07:08 AM
And then the end comes…………….

With only two survivors and no clear winner, the votes had to come in to decide who was to win TWG2. One more time the players gathered on what once had been a happy playground, now battlefield to so many lost souls.

The vote would settle the score, either the humans got their theme park back, or the wolves reclaimed it for nature, to run and rule as they saw fit.

Humans so far had been extremely unlucky in the game and there was little indication they would fare better this time.

It was then that the henchmen came out of the shadows and moved towards the two players left, the sun shining bright, both relieved that they would now learn what it would be.

Naturallystoned wanted nothing better then to shoot some hoops, Recap? What did he want, it would soon become clear.

The henchmen gathered around the area, guarding the doors, the head honcho holding a little black box, his axe-men guarding the doors.

Only one would come out alive……

With little ceremony the head honcho activated the chips implanted in the players left, and with that the light grew dim, as a great cloud moved in front of the sun, in the darkness that ensued a howl was heard, followed by growling, and when the cloud cleared the body of Naturallystoned, tarnished by bite marks and with his head separated from his body was left on the ground.

Under the trees a giant wolf could be seen and as the head honcho once more flicked his switch the form returned to human and recap stepped out in the open as the winner.

The wolves won.


08-10-2004, 09:08 AM

08-10-2004, 09:24 AM
Thanks for running the game Pig and able.

08-10-2004, 11:07 AM
Good work, fellas :rolleyes: Next time, trust your admin when he votes for the actual HUMAN. :p :D :D

08-11-2004, 08:19 AM
Thanks Able and Piggy:)

I had fun....can't wait until the next one comes around