View Full Version : Ughh!!! I just re-read some rumours from the beginning of this year

06-27-2004, 10:17 AM
Several articles at the beginning of this year printed we were interested in Nick van Exel, I believe. I sure hope that he 's not on our list of potential new players:bowdown:.

I know he's a PG, but Dallas used him as a SG regularly too, Im just hoping our management would see him as a good fit here either.

Your thoughts?



Will Galen
06-27-2004, 12:01 PM
One of the advantages of being famliar with players salaries is you can determine for yourself whether the Pacer's would be interested in a player.

Go to Hoopshype and look up Nick van Exel's salary.

These sports hacks need to write a column every so often so they write anything. And people believe them.

What really gets me though is people putting any stock at all in Internet rumors. I'm talking about rumors that come off sites like this one. Yet people will discuss said rumor as if it was actually going to occur. :o