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02-20-2009, 11:36 AM
There was something I learned from a Chad Ford article this morning. We can trade Daniels after the trade moratorium, because we hold a team option. A team like NO who is hurting for financial relief next year will need to make a deal and Daniels could be a short term expiring contract for a team.

So I present to you a NO deal:

M. Daniels
J. Foster
J. Tinsley


T. Chandler
A. Daniels

This deal does a couple of very interesting things for the Pacers:

-The team parts with Tinsley.
-We get something of value out of our team option on Daniels.
-We cut 1.5M off our salary cap number this year. We add $5.6M in salary next year, which we can handle, especially for the Simon's to get rid of Tinsley and not have to come up with the cash to buy him out. In the third year we reduce our payroll by about 1.2M, which will help with the bigger contracts being in their final years.
-We get a terrific defensive C, who is young (26) and blocks shots. Something we desperately lack.
-We get a backup PG in A. Daniels for one year and don't have to resign Jack.

For the Hornets:

-As I said the financial implications of getting rid of Chandler will help them tremendously. They will still need to cut a little bit more salary by the end of the year, but this is the most significant way they can reduce their salary for next year. They will have the 125% restriction in any trade affecting their cap number for next year, and it will be VERY difficult to reduce payroll by over $7M in that scenario. This takes care of $5.6M off the bat. The other 1.5M should be easy to attain with the 125% restriction.
-They get back a solid backup PG in Tinsley, who is an upgrade over Daniels.
-They get Foster who can play center for them and somewhat replace the things Chandler does on the court. He is a great veteran with playoff experience and a great locker room guy.

I would love to see this deal, even if it means losing two GREAT GUYS in M. Daniels and Foster. We add more talent at the center position and replace them with another good locker room guy in A. Daniels. This trade is completely predicated on the fact that we have the loophole of trading Daniels in May or June as Chad Ford stated in his article.

Major Cold
02-20-2009, 11:44 AM
That may be but the other players do not have that option. So we have to have a player with the same option.

02-20-2009, 05:43 PM
This trade would have to happen after the season.

It's really not a bad deal at all for either team, but I just can't see the Hornets taking on Tinsley.

02-20-2009, 06:05 PM
You can't trade players during that time frame that are expiring contracts, or have player options/ETO's. But since we have a team option that gives us that flexibility. All of the other players involved are guaranteed for next year already. The one caveat with this is that NO would have to lose early in the playoffs for it to work. I doubt they would trade Chandler if he was a key to them making a Conference Finals or later type of run.