View Full Version : IND/Mil

Justin Tyme
02-19-2009, 09:38 AM
Indiana trades:

two 2nd round picks they got from Denver



Malik Allen

Why Milwaukee: they get 2 mil expiring, the lose the last year of Allen's contract, and get 2-2nd round picks. THEY SAVE SALARY/MONEY which is what they want. Plus they aren't interested in spending the money on resigning Sessions.

Why Indiana: they get Sessions. They then have rights to him as a RFA. I don't feel he's going to command the money in this economy that some others think. My feeling is around 4-4.5 mil.

You get Allen as a big who will be an expiring 1.3mil next season. Pacers can keep him or use him as trade fodder this off season.

Sessions as a PG, can do things that Ford can't at around half the price. He has speed, quickness, and CAN finish around the basket. He can find other players for assists too as evidenced by 24 assits in one game last year.

Plus either Ford can be traded for a possible big or Jack not resigned and the money used to resign Sessions.