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02-18-2009, 12:28 PM
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Live from a bus stop, it’s Stephon Marbury!

by Lang Whitaker

Just got this email from Linkstigator Brendan…

thought you - and yer dog - would dig this:)

i was driving home from shooting a thing with a friend and i spot stephon marbury sitting at the bus stop talking into his blackberry half a mile from my house.

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confused as to why starbury would be riding the bus - had the economy really bitten him that badly?

it obsessed and bothered me when i got home and i was trying desperately to think of a comedy sketch idea around this…

so i grabbed my camera and hustled back to where i saw him - turns out he was waiting on his car to be fixed at a shop right behind him - and asked him if he’d shoot some improv stuff with me at the bus stop.

i was a little surprised he said yes but he did and we rolled and goofed and i’m chopping ‘em up into little bite-sized pieces to go up every day…

he did yak a bit about the knicks situation… not in this first ep but by the end of this week, i’ll have put that piece up…

long live the links!

Awesome stuff, Brendan. As I’m posting this the video has all of 4 views. Let’s get some eyeballs on this thing…