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06-25-2004, 11:40 PM
I assume everyone read this article, but I am surprised no one else posted this so we can discuss.

AL has huge value, that does not surprise me.

I found Rick's comments most intersting about Bird showing some restraint, it appears to me that the Bulls would have traded their 3rd overall pick or certainly their 7th overall pick to the pacers for AL, but the Pacers did not want to take Eddie Robinson's cotnract

I know some of you will say the pacers are just trying to boost Al's trade value, by saying nice things about him, but I think AL's is extremely valuable as I always say he was the 3rd best player on a 61 win team.

many of you argue that he did not play well in the playoffs, sure he could have been better, but if AL is still a pacer come October I won't be disappointed


Harrington still a Pacer for now; he won't start

By Sekou Smith
June 25, 2004

Al Harrington watched the NBA draft Thursday night without worry, knowing that his status wouldn't change by this morning.

While his name was bandied about in trade rumors leading up to the draft, nothing happened.

Al Harrington

"I knew (Wednesday night) that nothing was going to happen right now," Harrington said by phone from Florida, where he trains in the offseason. "I can't say what might happen in the future because I honestly don't know right now."

The Pacers' third-leading scorer and the runner-up for the NBA's Sixth Man Award, Harrington's desire to start has been a topic of public discussion since December.

During his exit interview with the Pacers three weeks ago, Harrington requested a trade to a team that could offer a more substantial role.

Many teams reportedly were interested in Harrington, who averaged 13.3 points and 6.4 rebounds last season. The 24-year-old's potential for improvement is one reason for the strong interest.

Cleveland selected Luke Jackson with the 10th pick. The scenario most often associated with Harrington before the draft was that he would be traded to Cleveland for a chance to move up and draft Jackson.

By the time the Pacers selected Colorado center David Harrison with the last pick of the first round (No. 29), it became clear that the Pacers would not make any deals on draft night.

Pacers president Larry Bird made it clear Thursday night that if Harrington returns for a seventh season, it will be as a reserve.

"(Al's) position is Ronnie Artest's and Jermaine O'Neal's," Bird said, "so if he (Harrington) is here, he'll be coming off the bench."

But Bird and Pacers coach Rick Carlisle expressed trepidation about parting with a player of Harrington's caliber.

"When you talk about trading a high-level, veteran player, a guy like an Al Harrington, you're talking about now trading away one of your hottest assets," Carlisle said. "I thought Larry demonstrated a lot of restraint the last couple of days because we were involved in a lot of things.

"One thing we did find out in the last two or three days is this guy (Harrington) has huge value."

Bird said he could point to 20 games the Pacers won last season in large part because of Harrington.

"When you talk about trading Al, you're talking about trading one of your hardest workers, a tough kid and a kid who plays hurt," Bird said. "And if Johnny Bender and Austin (Croshere) weren't sitting there, Al's name would never come up. It's hard to let a player go who works as hard as Al Harrington does every day.

"We've got some tough decisions to make if we do decide to let Al move on."

06-25-2004, 11:44 PM
Talk about making him sound like a prince. :D (to make sure we get something good for him)

06-25-2004, 11:51 PM
Al who? :D

BTW, I need some input on my avatar...Should this one stay, a more laid back Mark, or Mark doing the Jackson Jiggle from the front?

06-25-2004, 11:54 PM
Here is a related article I found interesting, paragraph about Al


Sorry, Bulls need more than 'assets'


NEW YORK -- Assets, they're being called. Ben Gordon is seen as an asset, Luol Deng is seen as an asset.

''We needed assets,'' explained John Paxson, whose predecessor didn't know his asset from a hole in the wall. ''We needed scoring and defense in this draft. With Gordon, we get both. With Deng, we get both.''Sorry, I don't want assets -- especially when an ''asset'' is Paxson's euphemism for project. I want an established NBA veteran or two who will remove Chicago from the pathetic futility of the Organizations Win Championships Tour, which, rather dismally, is entering its seventh year and veering toward 400 losses since Michael Jordan left.

It's high time, as Mad Pax well knows, to push the Bulls into the general direction of the playoffs, a fairly negotiable challenge for most franchises.And the way to have launched the process was by making a deal with Indiana for Al Harrington, a star waiting to blossom. Harrington isn't happy with the Pacers because he's the sixth man, not a starter. Larry Bird, his boss, agreed to accommodate a trade request and shopped him to several teams, including the Bulls. Conventional wisdom suggests the trade would have been completed had Paxson included Tyson Chandler in a package with the No. 7 pick. But Paxson countered by protecting Chandler, the 21-year-old with the 41-year-old back, and offering the albatross contract of Eddie Robinson. As John discovered in his playing days, you don't try to fleece Larry Legend. You get shut down every time.

So in a league of musical-chairs trading activity, with a shocking amount of talent available at the right price and with proper salary-cap maneuvering, the Bulls were stuck Thursday with both first-round picks. It wouldn't be the worst thing except for a boo-boo that could come back to embarrass Paxson: The night before, he acquired the No. 7 choice from Phoenix for the Bulls' first-round pick in 2005 and $3 million of Jerry Reinsdorf's, um, assets.

If nothing else, this team at least cashes in on a high draft choice after a typical lousy season. But the Bulls will retain their top pick next year only if they finish first, second or third in the lottery. If they draft fourth or higher, the Suns receive the pick.Mad Pax, indeed.Then there's the issue of what to do with Jamal Crawford, the odd man out after his nemesis, coach Scott Skiles, convinced Paxson to draft Gordon. ''Skiles really likes Ben. They're going to keep him,'' said coach Jim Calhoun, who won a national title with Gordon and Emeka Okafor at Connecticut. How does Skiles keep Crawford happy when it's obvious management is eyeing a Gordon-Kirk Hinrich backcourt, smallish as it would be? If Crawford receives an offer elsewhere as a restricted free agent, the Bulls would be advised to wave goodbye.

There will be total peace on earth before Skiles and Crawford get along.You were expecting Harrington, I was expecting Harrington. Instead, we had two more kids wearing BULLS caps in The Theater at Madison Square Garden, a scene I've experienced somewhere before. Having clicked with Hinrich in his first draft as the franchise's fix-it man, Paxson can be given some benefit of doubt on Gordon and Deng, who became the No. 7 pick when it wasn't dealt. Yet I recall being enthused after chatting here with Elton Brand, who played well but was absurdly dealt away.

And I recall admiring the ability of Marcus Fizer, now an expansion-draft castoff. And I recall being encouraged after watching Eddy Curry wrap Tyson Chandler inside a 14-foot-tall, 550-pound embrace on draft night, a prelude to double-bustdom. And I remember being blinded by Jay Williams' smile, 12 months before he wrecked his motorcycle on a North Side street.So forgive me for being cautious when Gordon, projected as a combo scoring guard and tough defender, stood in the same room and oozed of blunt confidence. ''I'm not surprised I got drafted this high,'' said Gordon, who is 6-3 in platform shoes. ''I know what I can do as a player. I always thought I should go No. 1 in the draft.''And forgive me for hedging when Deng, he of the 7-foot wingspan and Duke curse, showed up at the podium in a purple Phoenix cap. ''I know a lot about the Suns.

They are a great team,'' he said.Someone had to inform Deng that the Bulls had traded for him, a deal that wasn't announced until the second round. ''I had a feeling that might happen, with all the trades going on,'' he said. A few minutes later, Mad Pax laughed in the face of the Duke curse again by drafting guard Chris Duhon. See a trend here?

Unlike Jerry Krause, who fell in love with prep players and is now scouting minor-league baseball because of it, Paxson is pursuing hardened winners from elite college programs.Both first-round picks have chances, like Hinrich, to become good NBA players. The question about Gordon is his focus. As he struggled with his game midway through last season, Calhoun summoned him for a meeting.''I called him in to simply say, 'Are you studying hard?''' Calhoun told the Hartford Courant. ''I said, 'Well, you've always been a very good student, and you need to start studying harder. ...' I said, 'The lottery is fine, but I don't think, in my opinion, that you're going to get drafted high because [NBA scouts] are worried about what you're going to do 82 times a season. If you have 15 nights off. ...'''From that point on, Gordon blew away the competition, particularly in the NCAA tournament. ''Coach is really a smart person. You just have to light a fire under your players sometimes,'' said Gordon, who is about to meet a blowtorch in Skiles.Deng's potential is equally evident. He could give the Bulls their first legitimate small forward since Scottie Pippen, a package of versatility, basketball IQ, passing, shotblocking and surprisingly good shooting. After watching Curry struggle to keep his shorts from falling down and Crawford fight with various coaches, Deng's maturity will be refreshing.

That said, excuse me for sneaking out of the theater early. There's a Madonna show in the big arena next door, and frankly, she still has bigger assets than the Bulls.

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Al who? :D

BTW, I need some input on my avatar...Should this one stay, a more laid back Mark, or Mark doing the Jackson Jiggle from the front?

you should have one where mark is throwing up a teardrop floater or maybe what he does before he shoots freethrows

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Al who? :D

BTW, I need some input on my avatar...Should this one stay, a more laid back Mark, or Mark doing the Jackson Jiggle from the front?

you should have one where mark is throwing up a teardrop floater or maybe what he does before he shoots freethrows

You mean this?:


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Lord Helmet
06-26-2004, 12:38 AM
yea i think so too Unclebuck there were many nights we needed his energy off the bench and then there were some we didnt know if he even showed up.i wont be mad if he still is a pacer but he does want to be moved.and if theres a deal Lb and Donnie cant refuse do it.