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01-09-2009, 06:31 PM
I did this last year too though in the end it got lost with the main prospect thread. This is not really for discussion of prospects because we have that thread already.

This is ONLY for keeping people aware of upcoming network tv games featuring any of the top 20 or so draft prospects. Right now I just have ESPN and CBS games listed, plus a few ABC. I don't want listings for NCAA dish/cable packages however because this is meant to be for the less hardcore NCAA viewer, the person that would just like to have perhaps seen some of these kids before they walk up on stage to shake Stern's hand.

I went out of my way last year to see a lot of these games and it made draft night a lot more fun and interesting. Of course the deep draft helped too. :)

Anyway, if you see a schedule change, or some game on another network, TBS, WGN, maybe FoxMW or other regional Fox for our non-Indy fans then please mention it.

Players I'm keeping track of now: Blake Griffin, James Harden, Thabeet, Jordan Hill, BJ Mullens, Earl Clark, Gani Lawal, Damion James, Al-Farouq Aminu, Budinger, DeRozan, Curry, DuJuan Summers, Patrick Mills, Pat Patterson, Eric Maynor, Ty Lawson, Collison, Oglivy, Kyle Singler, Blair, Jrue Holliday, Tyreke Evans, Hansbrough, Monroe

Rubio and Jennnings are on my list but as Euros don't technically qualify for this. But if you know they are going to be on ABC Wide World of Sports or something, let us know.

How to best do this - TIVO, TIVO, TIVO. FFWD when the prospect isn't on the court. Watch the prospect all the time, not the ball. And I like to watch and think "is that a move that would work in the NBA" when I see a guy do anything, and that includes blocking out, etc.

Without Tivo and zipping through there are just too many games. But it's definitely possible to see all the key guys 2-3 times at least before the tourney.

01-09-2009, 06:36 PM
Okay, for the next week I have:

Jan 10
Clark (Louisville) on ESPN
Singler (Duke) on ESPN

Jan 11
DuJuan Summers and Greg Monroe (G'town) on ESPN2

Jan 12
Clark (Lville) ESPN
***2 for 1 game***
Griffin(OK) vs D James (TX) on ESPN

Jan 13
BJ Mullens (Ohio St) ESPN
Patterson (KY) ESPN
T Evans (Memphis) ESPN2

Jan 14
***2 for 1***
Singler (Duke) vs Lawal (Ga Tech) ESPN

Jan 15-16 none

I'll add the Jan 17th slate later, but it's a big one. I count 12 prospects on TV that day, many vs other top guys.

01-09-2009, 06:39 PM
Edit to add that I finally got to see Gunnin' for that #1 spot and you get to see plenty of Singler and Jennings. Of course it also features Love, Beasley, Bayless and D Jordan who already came out.

It makes a good supplement viewing for this process.