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01-31-2004, 12:28 AM
OK, i apologize if this has been posted already, but i couldn't find it, so here it is anyway....


Conrad BrunnerQ. I was wondering what your thoughts on Fred Jones have been. He certainly was not going to be an impact rookie in (2002-03) on most any team, especially with the Pacers’ (shooting guard position) last year. As he has continued to get more (playing time) as his sophomore campaign has progressed, I have been impressed with some of his highlights and brief flashes when I have seen him. However, given the Pacers rotation, I still don't know exactly what kind of player he is or what heights he may achieve. As someone who watches him play, what are your thoughts, and what could you tell me about what you have seen in him outside of the contests? (From David in Los Angeles)

A. If the last two games are any indication, he’s in the process of taking another important step in his development. One sequence in the second quarter of the victory over Phoenix last night illustrated his skills. With the Suns on the fast break, Jones swooped across the lane from the weak side, jumped so high he actually hit his head on the backboard padding, and blocked what Leandro Barbosa thought was going to be a simple layup. After the Suns’ ensuing inbounds pass, he came up with a steal and streaked in for a layup. He can do things no other backcourt player on the Pacers’ roster can. He is getting better and better at breaking down defenders off the dribble, is a strong one-on-one defender and obviously is a spectacular finisher in transition. (Rumor has it he has accepted an invitation to participate in the NBA Slam-Dunk contest over the All-Star Weekend).

His major drawback to this point has been a poor jump shot. But Jones is a smart player with a strong work ethic, and typically guys like that find a way to either overcome, or compensate for, their flaws. He also needs to overcome his inherent unselfishness. He consistently beats his man and gets to the rim but, rather than finishing, he usually passes to a teammate spotted up for a jumper. Those are situations where he needs to finish the drive, because that’s a much higher-percentage shot – and it has a much greater effect on defensive strategy. No player on the roster has shown as much improvement this season, and there’s every indication the progress will only continue.

Good articles. Shows that he WILL continue to improve. :dance:

01-31-2004, 02:26 AM
His major drawback to this point has been a poor jump shot

Change "poor" to "non-existent" and he's got it right

But if Fred ever becomes even a descent Mid-Range Shooter, watch out

01-31-2004, 02:34 AM
I wouldn't say non existant....because at times he has shot well...like last game for example...

01-31-2004, 03:17 AM
But if Fred ever becomes even a descent Mid-Range Shooter, watch out

From midrange, he can generally get in for the easy slam.

What he needs is a long-range shot, so that he can spread the floor and so his man can't lay off of him.