View Full Version : Thoughts from the 2nd Memphis Game

10-20-2008, 12:00 PM
I watched the game on Friday, but had a crazy weekend and no time to post anything. Here are a few observations. A couple are repeated from the game thread.

I was impressed by TJ Ford's defense on Conley. Ford may struggle against big PG's like Billups, but he did an excellent job stopping Conley from penetrating.

I think that Brandon Rush is more athletic than he's been given credit for. I think back to the NBAtv draft preview show with Givony from Draft Express. He said that whoever drafted Rush was probably getting a more athletic player than they knew because this season he'd be two years removed from his knee surgery. I think we're seeing a bit of that. During the Memphis game he was grabbing rebounds well above the rim, blocking and contesting shots from bigger players, and caught and dunked a nice lob pass from Ford. Rush is probably one of the better athletes on the team, he's right up there with Baston, Ford, and McRoberts.

There was a beautifully executed 2 on 1 fast break by TJ and Danny. TJ had the ball, gave it up early to Danny who gave it right back to TJ. The result was an uncontested layup for Ford. It was so refreshing to see a PG leading a break correctly and using multiple passes instead of just one.

Roy looked good. I'd like to see him attack the basket a bit more rather than shooting fadeaways. He does seem to be doing better about not fouling.

Thoughts on Memphis:

I don't think they have the answer at the 4 or the 5 on the roster right now, but in a couple years their 1-3 positions will be as strong as any team in the NBA.

I think that Hakim Warrick would be a good fit at the 4 for us. He rebounds, defends, and block shots well and is very quick in transition.

Darrell Arthur can score.

That Iranian dude is huge and fairly athletic. He's as big as Roy and does not seem horribly slow and lumbering. I think he could be pretty good once he figures out how to play in the NBA.