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10-18-2008, 10:19 AM
I just posted this on the league trash talk board.

Thanks to picking up Anthony Randolph I now have 13 on my roster and I'm not big on just dropping any of them. All are relatively young and should get PT this year.

Obviously I'm looking for one of 2 things - a 2-for-1 deal or trading someone for a draft pick next fall. My roster is fairly balanced so positions aren't that important though if you want 2 forwards for a guard or 2 guards for a forward I'll at least have to think about it.

I'll take a look at other rosters a little later and make some offers if nothing gets worked out by then. Here's my roster in case you want to look it over here instead of on the site:

C - Andrew Bynum (LAL)
CF - Zach Randolph (NYK)
CF - Mehmet Okur (UTA)
G - Brandon Roy (POR)
GF - Josh Howard (DAL)
F - Wilson Chandler (NYK)
F - Brandan Wright (GSW)
F - Anthony Randolph (GSW)
CF - Darko Milicic (MEM)
G - Jameer Nelson (ORL)
G - Rodney Stuckey (DET)
G - Chris Douglas-Roberts (NJN)
G - Marcus Williams (GSW)

10-19-2008, 06:54 PM
I am always game for trading so if you see something interesting let me know.

10-20-2008, 08:34 PM
The deed is done.

Here's a hint for those trades I turned down without a response: When I said I wanted a 2-for-1 deal, I wanted one of yours for 2 of mine so I could get to 12 players - not the other way around so I could get to 14. I did have one mildly interesting offer but the early returns are that Zach Randolph may return to his monster production under D'Antoni. Considering he's only 27, the offer wasn't good enough.

BTW, in case anyone misses it on the site - I'm getting Frostwolf's 1st rd pick in next year's draft. Ultimately, for me, it amounted to Marcus Williams and a 1st for Stuckey. Williams was who I was probably dropping and there's a lot of talk that he's made for the G-S offense. Once I started thinking about it that way it made more sense. If I'd had 12 players and didn't need to drop someone, I might not have gone for it.

10-20-2008, 09:09 PM
Ok, now it's my turn to shop around. I now have 13 players and like Rimfire I'm not really keen on just dropping any of them (well except maybe Nazr but I need Cs), again, looking for a 2-for-1 or a trade for a draft pick.

Here is my roster. I'll be looking into possible trades on the site anyway but if someone sees something they like, please go ahead and propose something :)

C Kaman
C Nazr
CF Duncan
F Wilcox
FG R Jefferson
FG J Richardson
G Iverson
G JR Smith
G Delonte West
G Stuckey
G R Brewer
F Craig Smith
CF Chris Andersen