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Major Cold
10-10-2008, 11:55 PM
This is my first game on the floor. Sure it was a preseason game but it was the only NBA game in Fort Wayne this year. I started out the evening going to the local Indian Restraunt to partake in a cuisine forbidden by the Mrs. Spicy Curry chicken flavored the evening and as I showed up, they opened the gates for the few and Pacer proud.

Sitting from the fifth row off the floor on the Bulls side I quickly realized this is a different nostalgia than the bleeders I am accustom to. Said hi to Larry Hughes and Loul Deng, and they acutally say hi back. Tried to talk to Dunleavy but the kiddies were all over him and he looked like he was enjoying it.

Danny was intense warming up. Running off screens that he did not see in the game. The warm ups seemed to fly by and then the pre-game Joakim Noah antics started. He was everywhere signing autographs. The anthem came and all the players seemed to be respectful, Ben Gordon showed up afterward eating some snacks. He really seemed like he did not want to be there.

The Chicago huddle was funny with Noah doing his crazy dancing. And he was their biggest cheerleader the entire game. He and Drew Gooden were encouraging Ty Thomas and Aaron Graves (that dude seemed bigger than Hibbert). At one time the crowd around me were heckling Noah and he looked at us and shook his head and brushed us off.

For the game:

The first quarter was wierd. Our transition d might have been off, but our half court d was good for the preseason. One thing I realized is that Daniels has the hardest time fighting through screens. Rush, Danny, Jack, and even Graham seemed to do better at that. Hinrich did not tear us up perse. But our inablility to deny him the ball caused our defense to react when he recieved the ball in a properous place. The Bulls might not have cashed in but I can see this being a continous issue with Daniels.

On the other end Hinrich had a hard time staying up with Daniels. Granger struggled tonight, but he was apllying himself defensively and slipped up once in particular.

Rasho and Hibbert spread this offense out incredibly. With Harrison and Foster in the past our big men seemed to lack clearing out of the way and extending thir slips intead of saging into the driving lanes. This will be important to clear out the shot blockers on Ford and Jack and enable clear passing lanes for their kick out.

Rose struggled defensivley tonight to say the least. He struggled to stay in front of Ford. His grabs did'nt even slow down Ford and there were a lot of grabs on Ford, by Rose, 14 feet out.

Rush is a very smart player. He will see playing time because he responds to what is going on the court much faster than even sme vetrans tonight.

My major disappoinment besides Granger was Foster. Foster was really slow tonight. He failed to hedge the screens and rotate. He finally got moving in the last two minutes. I think his slowness might be due to the newness of the team. Foster has been here awhile and he is more established. I hated having him and Josh Davis in there. I really wanted him and Hibbert out there. I feel they can work off of each other.

Jack played much better tonight. He is a defensive ace.


Ty Thomas might be a player once Rose becomes aclamaited. They seemed to want to connect on the court. Ty will never be a true front court player. He can't consistently shoot. He can consistently check out the Pacemates though.

The Rose and Hinrich back court is not going to work. Rose played above the FT line way too much.

It was a fun night and one that will stay with me. I wish I could afford these tickets more often but times are tough.

If you read this thank you.

Major Cold
10-11-2008, 12:23 AM
i put Indian food before an Indiana Pacer's but that was too long. Then I.........need sleep.

duke dynamite
10-11-2008, 12:47 AM
Thanks for sharing your experience.