View Full Version : Anybody know the status of Grant Hill?

06-16-2004, 12:25 PM
I know that every year we hear that he is feeling great, no pain, swelling, etc. Then when the season starts he needs another operation.

My question is this: If he is healthy, would Orlando want Ron (who only plays SF) rather than Harrington (who plays the 3 and 4 spots)?

Also I think any deal for McGrady would include Freddie because a)Orlando would need to replace TMac, and b) either Reggie or Freddie would have to be 3rd string SG and neither would want that.

My guess is the Pacers will keep either Artest or Harrington.

So maybe Artest/FJones/Pollard/Johnson or Harrington/Bender/FJones is what it would come down to.