View Full Version : kstat I was wrong

06-16-2004, 09:24 AM
Oh, so very wrong.

If you remember, last summer I was on Joe Dumars for drafting Darko over Carmelo because I thought that with 'Melo the Pistons would have that 3rd scoring option that would put them squarely in the hunt for the title. I thought that by drafting a player who was 2-3 years from helping that he had taken his building for the future a step too far and was probably giving up a title shot this season.

I'd still take 'Melo over Prince though Tay has turned into a very solid defender but obviously they didn't need him to win a title.

Looked for an existing thread to put this in and decided to put it front and center. Of course I don't imagine we'll see kstat for quite some time yet ...

edit: BTW - Thank the Pistons for validating the entire EC, considering the Lakers gave them the weakest competition they had in the entire playoffs (the Bucks are debatable I guess).