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06-16-2004, 12:49 AM
The fallout from the Piston win hasn't started yet so I'm going to be Mr. Obvious right from the start and put this out. We cannot make minor tweaks now and expect to get to the finals. Before we could. Not now. Now it is going to take some radical change just to keep up with the Pistons.

Yes, we were competitive and right there with them. We fought them much better than the Lakers did and if not for a Prince block of a Reggie layup we might have won the series. So yes, a tweak here or there would have kept us competitive with the Pistons or perhaps even allowed us to beat them. No longer. Now their level of experience is so far beyond what our boys can imagine there is no catching up by just standing pat. THey now have the confidence, the swagger, the knowledge that they are THE CHAMPIONS. Tweaking will not work. It is going to take a major trade or radicle revsion to catch us up or overtake them.
Tmac? maybe...I dunno what is out there. That is what the brass is paid the big bucks for. But I'm smart enough to know we ain't getting it done with a tweak anymore.

06-16-2004, 12:50 AM

I think Rick + JO + Ron + T-Mac would get'er done. I really do.

06-16-2004, 12:53 AM
We need a shooter. I'm less worried about the 5 than I am about the 2.

06-16-2004, 01:03 AM
I'm throwing this out here because I don't know where else to put it. A tweak I'd like to see is improvement at BU...PG. Now you're welcome to flame me for this but I'm thinking of Derek Fisher if he opts out. He can hit a shot and he's been thru the wars to earn a ring (say Byron Scott together now).

But that is just a tweak.

06-16-2004, 01:08 AM
Can't imagine that Orlando would give up T-Mac to the Pacers without wanting Artest.

06-16-2004, 01:13 AM
Giving up Artest changes the complexion of this team.
Getting TMac changes the complexion of this team.

Those might not be mutually exclusive, but given the "team" dynamics involved (either would be a major, major change no matter if Artest stayed or was traded) it might not be such a bad thing.

Unless Fred Jones steps up as an outside shooter we need one in the starting lineup, otherwise we're in the same position to be exposed as in the playoffs this year. That's the short thought from me.

06-16-2004, 01:15 AM
Can't imagine that Orlando would give up T-Mac to the Pacers without wanting Artest.

You don't say much friend, but when you do it's to the point and I salute you for it.

Although...Orlando may not have much say in the matter (think Pollard for Miller).

06-16-2004, 01:48 AM
To add to my original thought. We can no longer hope to just beat the Pistons to get to the finals to play for the championship. NOW WE HAVE TO BEAT THE CHAMPION TO GET THE CHNCE TO GO TO THE FINALS. At this point, the championship will be played in the ECF...until we beat the World Champions we cannot go to the finals.

Cactus Jax
06-16-2004, 01:59 AM
It's going to have to be a three team deal if Indy wants to get T-Mac without trading Ronnie.

Like the rumor in the other topic but mixed up a bit, the Pacers trade Harrington to the Bulls, the Bulls trade the #3 pick and Scottie Pippen to the Magic, and Eddie Robinson to the Pacers, and the Magic trade Tracy McGrady to the Pacers, and Juwan Howard to the Bulls.

06-16-2004, 06:23 AM
But I now think that Ron is available too. It may happen afterall.