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Will Galen
01-30-2004, 04:09 PM
The Orlando Magic want to replace their 15 year old arena. I'm glad I'm not a tax payer there! Let them move to Tampa, I've heard Tampa would like to have them.

By Brian Schmitz | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted January 30, 2004
Injured Magic forward Grant Hill said he hopes to rejoin the team for practice in late February after being cleared to resume full-scale basketball activities.

Hill has not played in over a year, his last appearance coming Jan. 16, 2003 at Washington against the Wizards. He has played just 47 games since coming to the Magic in the summer of 2000.

His left ankle willing, Hill said he is aiming at playing the last 10 games of the season. "The most it can be is 10 games from what I hear," Hill said Thursday night. "I'm just glad to be able to play. I don't like to be restricted, but it fits my schedule."

According to sources, 80 percent of Hill's contract is covered by insurance as long as he doesn't exceed 10 games this season.

"[The doctor] said, 'Get ready," ' said Hill, who underwent a fourth surgery on his left ankle last March. "He's allowed me to do everything. He's not holding me back at all. Now, it's a matter of doing it repetitively. It's building. It's like knocking down one wall, then there's another hurdle to jump."

New arena still sought

Magic Chief Operating Officer John Weisbrod said that the club, still seeking a new arena, will re-open discussions with city and county officials in late February or March. "At some point, it has to be discussed," Weisbrod said.

The issue of building a new arena as a public/private venture has been a subject of debate the last few years. Unable to persuade politicos to use tax money for a new building, Magic owner Rich DeVos put the club on sale in January of 2002, but had a change of heart and took it off the market two months later.

The club, which ties huge financial losses to its outdated, 15-year-old arena, ended discussions, but the mater has always been on the backburner. Asked if he thinks the climate -- political and economical -- has changed in the Magic's favor -- Wesbrod said, "We'll see. Last time around, it was us doing the talking, trying to be proactive. .|.|. But the time will be upon us again soon."

Hill happy to be home

Former Magic coach Brian Hill was back in familiar surroundings three days after being hired as an assistant with the New Jersey Nets. The Nets replaced Byron Scott with Lawrence Frank, who hired Hill on Monday night. Hill, who coached the Magic from 1993-97, was with the Charlotte Hornets last season as an assistant. He was a candidate for the Hornets' job, which went to Tim Floyd. ... Magic guard Tracy McGrady was named a starter for the NBA All-Star Game Feb. 15 in Los Angeles. It is McGrady's fourth all-star appearance, his third as a starter. He finished 10th in the voting with 1,096,578 votes. ... The Orlando Magic Youth Foundation awarded nearly $700,000 to 26 local non-profit agencies at halftime of the game. The club has raised and distributed ore than $11 million since 1989.


01-30-2004, 05:22 PM
Didn't Miami recently get a new one and they came in at about the same time. It was the same problem in Charlotte.

01-30-2004, 05:58 PM
I think those "financial problems" might have more to do with the fact that the Magic have sucked balls since the Shaq/Penny days.

On another note, and it's rare that I say this about a Dookie (especially one from that '92 team), I hope to see Grant Hill come back strong. It's sad that such a promising career has gone down the tubes due to countless injuries.

Roaming Gnome
01-30-2004, 09:45 PM
In 1988 The Palace of Auburn Hills (Detroit Pistons) revolutionized and changed the game of Arenas with 180 luxury suites and a capacity over 21,000. As we know, every NBA and NHL team has moved to new revenue making arenas that fit the Palace's description. So, lets take a look at arenas in the state of Florida.

Miami Arena (former home of the Heat)- This place was built very small with a capacity for basketball being 16,530. Personally, this mistake is forgivable because I have been at Miami Arena for the Heat and the arena was very "fan friendly" with the tight seating bowl which make for a raucus crowd. The biggest thing to hold Miami Arena back was the fact that it was constructed in 1988 without the for-thought of the Palace having only 16 luxury boxes.

TD Waterhouse Centre- The former O-rena was finished in 1989 with 17,248 seats for hoops. The only problem was the 26 luxury suites being far fewer then any arena planed after the Palace opened.

To me, it looks like Florida came to the party late and got caught building their arenas to late using the old models when the new model in Detroit was being built.