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07-02-2008, 05:06 PM
As of right now, provided the trades go through, here's our roster:


G - Marquis Daniels
G - Travis Diener
G - Stephen Graham
G - Jamaal Tinsley
F/G - Mike Dunleavy
F/G - Danny Granger
F - Shawne Williams
F/C - Troy Murphy
C - Jeff Foster

Free Agents:

C - David Harrison (FA)
G - Ronald Murray (FA)
G - Andre Owens (FA)
G - Kareem Rush (FA)

Incoming via Trade:

G - Jarrett Jack
G - TJ Ford
G - Brandon Rush
F - Josh McRoberts
F - Maceo Baston
C - Roy Hibbert
C - Rasho Nesterovic

Summer League Roster:

G - Stanley Burrell
G - Earl Calloway
G - Justin Gray
G - David Teague
G - Anthony Lever-Pedroza
F/G - Ali Berdiel
F - Pete Campbell
F - Josh Davis
F - Andre Emmett
C - Vladimir Gulobovic
C - Aleks Maric
C - Tyrelle Blair
C - Courtney Sims

So out of these 33 or so guys, what's your optimal roster? You can also throw in the roster that you think will be if it differs.

07-02-2008, 05:58 PM
I don't think any of our FAs will be back. So, you can scratch all of them.

Tinsley, Williams and Quis are all on the bubble w/Tinsley being the most likely player to be traded.

I think the majority of Pacer fans would say we need a young PF w/some experience under his belt to complete the roster. I just don't see this team being truly competitive w/Murphy and Baston @ PF, not unless Murphy picks up where he left off in the 2nd-half of last season where he began to attack the basket alot more. IF he does more of that then I'd say the Pacers are in good shape because honestly that's the only real weakness I see with this current roster.

duke dynamite
07-02-2008, 06:20 PM
I think we already made a thread similar to this...