View Full Version : Post your 2008 Mock Draft

06-26-2008, 04:12 PM
Well, its 4pm and things have gotten very interesting in the last couple hours. The Clippers have moved to 4 and NJ has finally traded Jefferson. With the recent trades in mind, lets see some predictions for the draft up to the 11th pick.

Note: Some of these picks are according to who they are rumored to take by ESPN just minutes ago. (Clippers, Sonics)

1. Chicago- Rose
2. Miami- Beasley
3. Minny- Mayo
4. Clippers (via Seattle)- Gordon
5. Grizzlies- Love
6. Knicks- Gallinari
7. Sonics (via LA)- B. Lopez
8. Bucks- Westbrook
9. Bobcats- R. Lopez*
10. Nets- Alexander
11. Pacers- Bayless

I put a * next to Lopez's name because I honestly have no idea who Charlotte is looking for at this point. I know they said they wanted a big man that would allow Okafor to move to the 4 so I took the #1 guy left on my list and plucked him in.

Of course, this is probably a best-case scenario, but I just couldn't will myself to put in somoene like Koufos, Augustin, or Alexander at 11 for us.