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06-13-2004, 04:25 PM
29. Pick

Kevin Martin


Scoring Machine. Overall great offensive skills. A great finisher who gets himself to the foul line. Has not really been hyped about because he plays for Western Carolina, but this guy is the real deal. Given the right opportunity and circumstance, he can blossom into a good player. Gifted player, loads of talent, great potential.

Victor Khryapa


Versatile small forward with nice fundamentals. Good ball handling and passing skills for a guy his size. Will play out on the wing. Good shooter. Heady player with a good feel for the game. Moves off the ball well and off screens like Predrag Stojakovic. A good athlete who has the potential to be a great defender. Collects a large amount of blocks and steals using his long arms.

Roko-Leni Ukic


Deceptively quick and decently athletic. Great ball handling skills. Good understanding of the game and has good fundamentals. Good distributor with the ball and has exceptional court vision making him most likely playing the point guard position in the NBA.

Delonte West


Very intelligent player with an excellent feel for the game. Seems to know exactly what to do in every situation and seems to always make the right decision. Very good shooter that is capable of sinking many shots in a row. Very fluid and smooth athlete. Explosive first step and is an overall quick player. Is capable of scoring in any way, whether it be posting up, shooting the J, or slashing to the bucket. Excels in the open court and will be a very good fast break player. Good passing skills that have many thinking he can be converted into a PG. He already has a pretty sound foundation to make the transformation into a PG. He possesses very fundamental ball handling skills and exceptional court vision. Executes everything well, shows good poise during big games, and makes the game look easy. Solid defender that will only get better.

Ricky Minard


Good scorer with good range on his jumpshot. He shoots the ball at good percentages despite his streaky jumper and lack of height at the shooting guard position. Good passer and possesses mediocre court vision. Solid rebounder for his size. Exceptional athleticism. He does basically everything for his team and is the "go to guy". Minard wreaks havoc in the passing lanes grabbing a lot of steals. In his junior year he averaged a phenomenal 22.5 ppg while shooting .516 FG%. Although his shooting percentages dropped in his senior year, Minard still averaged 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assist per game.


Andre Barrett


Barrett is the very definition of a playmaker, whether it is with his passing and his shooting. He can find the open man both on the break and in a half court set. He can hit the open jumper and is improving his long range game as well. His handle is great and he is fearless in attacking the hoop.


Great floor general. Excellent court vision and passing skills. Great ball handling skills as well. Pure point guard that knows what it takes to get his teammates involved. Barrett has also become a good scorer in college. Good leadership skills and basketball instincts. Good quickness and overall speed. Good 3 pt shooter. Has had a great solid career at Seton Hall.

You hate to see great players like Barrett not get a chance to play in the NBA. Really skilled point but NBA players are still not sold on him because of his height. That is his biggest detriment. Otherwise everything else about Barrett is what everybody desires in a point guard.

Marcus Moore


A legit point guard with a great build. Great size for a point guard. Good court vision and ball handling abilities especially for a 6'6" point guard. A true point guard who reads the floor well and knows how to pass.

Darnell Hinson


Outstanding shooter from both outside and inside the 3 point arc (47% from three and 53% overall as a senior). Good rebounder for his height. Plays with a lot of heart and energy. Always gives it his all on the court. Solid passing and ball handling skills. Good defensive player. Gets a lot of steals. Above average quickness and athleticism. Has championship experience although it was in Division II.

Rashad Wright

Amit Tamir

Bernard Robinson Jr.


Robinsonís main strength is his defense. In college, he would always take on the teamís highest scorer, and in most cases, do well against them. He is a great, natural athlete. He is an excellent passer, along with good court vision. He can create his own shot off of the dribble. He has a consistent mid-range shot. He has a high basketball I.Q.

James Thomas

Justin Reed


The type of player that coaches love. Extremely passionate about the game. One of the hardest workers in the NCAA, Will be the first one to show up for practice, and the last one to leave the gym. This is how he acts as a star in college. He is a leader by example, and always pushes himself and his teammates to give 110% effort. He is a student of the game and will do whatever it takes to get better. His coach has said numerous times that Reed will often go home with a stack of game tapes, which he studies in an effort to learn his opponents and work on his weaknesses.

Thats just some of the players Indiana should look at.

At 29 I would take Victor Khryapa if avaliable. Would bring alot of versatility to this team. [Although have him play a year overseas.]

With the 60th pick, well I don't know. Its tough to say.

06-13-2004, 06:10 PM
Good roundup of prospects. :thumbsup:

I really don't know what we'll do with #29, or if we'll even keep it.

As for #60, there were some Portsmouth pre-draft tourney players who we might look at. Mel Daniels is down here for the tourney every year, and Donnie and Larry were there this year, so I'm sure they've got an eye on some of these guys. [Jeff Foster, Norm Richardson, Jaquay Walls, and James Jones were all Pacers picks]

Tony Bobbitt (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=195)
Very good shooter, good all-around skills.

Desmon Farmer (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=55)
Probably the most exciting guy on the court from what I saw. This guy plays with a ton of energy. Think Darvin Ham as a 2-guard.

Nigel Dixon (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=135)
A huge man. 6'11" and between 320 and 350, all of it muscle. Good on his feet, and not slow at all. Needs a post game.

Andre Brown (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=11)
Got a lot of Kenyon Martin comparisons here.

Ricky Minard (http://www.draftcity.com/rickyminard.htm)
I've seen this guy projected as high as #35, so I dunno if he'll be around.

Michael Morandais (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=129)
Athletic 2-guard with good size.

Andre Barrett (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=8)
Playmaking PG. Only 5'10", which will hurt his stock.

Darius Rice (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=46)
Supposed to have a killer outside shot, but didn't show much here.

Aerick Sanders (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=200)
PF, athletic, hustles. Not too raw.

Antonio Burks (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=16)
Nice PG. Fast, good passer, good shooter.

Jackson Vroman (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=204)
Really boosted his stock here. He'll be gone by #60.

Erik Daniels (http://www.draftcity.com/profile.htm?player=65)
Good bball IQ. Just what you'd expect from a Tubby Smith player.

A few others who were solid: Bryant Matthews, Dylan Page, Anthony Myles, Luke Whitehead, Brian Boddicker, James Thomas, Cory Violette, Nate Williams, Luis Flores, Gerald Fitch, Brandon Mouton.

.... Most of these guys will go undrafted, but will get summer league and training camp invites. I'd expect at least 3 or 4 of them to be on the Pacers summer league team, and a couple to make training camp too.