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duke dynamite
06-05-2008, 08:26 PM
Gus Williams has a website and wrote a nice little letter to the fans of the Sonics...

Farewell to <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /><ST1:CITY w:st="on"><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:PLACE></ST1:CITY>? <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P>

Statement by Gus Williams <O:P></O:P>
Editor’s Note: In recent news, the Seattle Supersonics franchise was sold - with one of several conditions that the team would remain in <ST1:PLACE w:st="on"><ST1:CITY w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:CITY>, <ST1:STATE w:st="on">WA</ST1:STATE></ST1:PLACE>. After failed negotiations with the KeyArena, the new owners plan to move the team to <ST1:CITY w:st="on"><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">Oklahoma City</ST1:PLACE></ST1:CITY>. The prior owner, Howard Schultz (of Starbucks fame) has now sued the new owner, Clay Bennett, for breach of contract (among other charges) and consequently, both parties will meet again in a courtroom instead of a boardroom. <O:P></O:P>
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Is this farewell to <ST1:CITY w:st="on"><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:PLACE></ST1:CITY> for the Supersonics? If so, what does Gus Williams think about this ongoing controversy? Here are his thoughts which have been released exclusively here on his website. <O:P></O:P>
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<O:P></O:P>“It's unbelievable and an insult for a major city like <ST1:CITY w:st="on"><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:PLACE></ST1:CITY> to be without a professional basketball franchise.It's embarrassing. If the Sonics leave it will be a travesty.I don’t know all the details but I know this isn’t the way it was supposed to go down.

It will hurt the community and the people.The city won’t really feel the hurt until the team is gone but believe me they will feel it.I don’t see anything good coming out of it.Don’t get me wrong, the people of <ST1:CITY w:st="on"><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">Oklahoma City</ST1:PLACE></ST1:CITY> deserve a basketball team but not like this.

I know I wouldn’t be Gus Williams without <ST1:PLACE w:st="on"><ST1:CITY w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:CITY></ST1:PLACE>.I played for four teams but this team put me on the map. Yeah, we won the championship but it was the fans and my teammates who made it for me.

I remember when I first got there [Seattle] and the team was 5 and 17 but the fans were still behind us.They were really supportive. The coach at time was fired and then Lenny Wilkens was hired and we turned it around.The fans didn’t turn on us during the bad times.It’s easy for fans to turn on you when you are not doing well.The <ST1:PLACE w:st="on"><ST1:CITY w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:CITY></ST1:PLACE> fans are real fans.

The players I played with - it really was a team effort.It was not about the most points; not about top billing or publicity.It was about playing together and winning basketball games.It may sound cliché, but everyone was ‘all for one’ and ‘one for all’.

The team and the way the fans showed their appreciation and support for us and, of course, winning the championship makes the Sonics special to me.

People in other cities should pay attention [to the Sonics controversy] because if it could happen in <ST1:CITY w:st="on"><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">Seattle</ST1:PLACE></ST1:CITY> it could happen to other franchises.” - Gus Williams©GusWilliams June2008


duke dynamite
06-05-2008, 08:27 PM
For the sake of Seattle, I would really like to see the Sonics remain there. I'm totally unsure of all the details within the original contract negotiations on whether or not there is anything there that will keep them from moving, I just don't want to see this franchise in OKC.

06-05-2008, 10:27 PM
They will not be in Seattle. I hope Williams doesn't become another Johnny Unitas.

06-06-2008, 08:27 AM
I used to love watching Gus Williams play - the guy was fearless.

And have to agree with his sentiments as stated.