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05-23-2008, 04:00 AM
Name these pgs...All five are pgs from major teams declared for this year's draft...And just based off of the stats, how would you rank them...?

Player A: 19.2ppg 2.9rpg 5.8apg 2.09a/t 1.2spg .439fg% .783ft% .381 3p% 1.33pps

Player B: 19.8ppg 3.8rpg 6.1apg 1.58a/t 1.8spg .426fg% .851ft% .367 3p% 1.37pps

Player C: 14.9ppg 4.5rpg 4.7apg 1.77a/t 1.2spg .477fg% .712ft% .337 3p% 1.37ppg

Player D: 12.7ppg 3.9rpg 4.3apg 1.74a/t 1.6spg .465fg% .713ft% .338 3p% 1.27pps

Player E: 12.7ppg 2.7rpg 5.2apg 2.36a/t 1.6spg .515fg% .835ft% .361 3p% 1.49pps

05-23-2008, 07:47 AM
A - DJ Augustin - Texas
B - Sean Singletary - UVA
C - Derrick Rose - Memphis
D - Russell Westbrook - UCLA
E - Ty Lawson - UNC

Not ranked

05-23-2008, 09:35 AM
Without knowing who goes with what I liked E because it's a PG with good shot seletion (FG%, low attempts), good quality distribution (decent AST level, quality A/TO ratio), and has a killer PPS so he draws fouls and gets to the lane effectively.

I see A and B as not playing a pure PG role because the points combined with FG% suggest calling their own number way too often, to the point that their shot selection hurt their FG%. B's FG% is really terrible considering his PPG/FG attempts.

B also has a weaker A/TO. And then the high AST totals for them combined with FG%/PPG suggest that they simply touched the ball at all times and might not even be comfortable playing off the ball.

C & D are the weakest options by this. No outside shot, D has a lower PPS, neither have solid A/TO ratios considering their lower AST numbers (less passing should mean less risky passes/TOs). But I put C above B because he doesn't call his number as often which implies that he knows his limits.

I assume Count looked this up and has them paired right so that means I put them as:

E - Lawson
A - DJ
C - Rose
B - Singletary
D - Westbrook

Of course as Mr. Stats I've consistantly said that NCAA stats aren't that useful, certainly not as much as watching players. That's why I went out of my way to watch guys this year, I wanted to have a clue for once instead of not really knowing how I felt after draft night for certain.

In this case I think Lawson is a product of a quality system and that while he has speed he hasn't shown NBA caliber handles. He has a "flat" dribble that to me looked like his hands were smaller, but maybe that's just his style.

It's just different than Bayless or Rose yanking it around on a string. We all saw what happened to Saras without that next level of handles, despite his overall skill. A PG must be able to safely dribble out of a press and keep his dribble.

05-23-2008, 09:43 AM
So Seth who would you want as your PG.....

E - Lawson
A - DJ
C - Rose
B - Singletary
D - Westbrook