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Will Galen
05-14-2008, 12:20 AM
PICK ONE TEAM ONLY Games are Thursday, May 15
New Orleans at San Antonio 9:00 PM

Pick a winner of one of the basketball games above, and you survive to the next round. The person who survives the longest is the contest winner. (See rule 6)

[1]You are required to name the winner of one of the presented games to survive to the next round.

[2]To give everyone time to make their pick there will be an off day between games.

[3]Your guess has to be made by the posted starting time of the team you pick. (you may change your pick before the posted starting time. Don't edit your post after the deadline though, that will change your pick time and disqualify you since that's what I go by.)

[4]If you make more than one pick, all picks have to win for you to survive.

[5]No tie breaker. (If it comes down to two or more people and the teams they pick lose. They are co-champs.

[6]Contest is now closed to entries.
Mal :bananadan
zag :bananadan

Eliminated on Tuesday April 29
LoneGranger 33 :bananadea
Infinite MAN_force :bananadea
dcpacersfan :bananadea
UncleWTF :bananadea
Pig Nash :bananadea

Eliminated on Thursday May 1
Moses :bananadea
Will Galen :bananadea
indyman37 :bananadea
Inca Street :bananadea
t1hs0n :bananadea
skyfire :bananadea (no pick made)
PD Junkie :bananadea (no pick made)
Ownagedood :bananadea (no pick made)

Eliminated on Saturday May 3
bellisimo :bananadea
Kaufman :bananadea
rexnom :bananadea
cgg :bananadea
AesopRockOn :bananadea
shags :bananadea
Roaming Gnome :bananadea (no pick made)

Eliminated on Monday May 5
intridcold :bananadea (no pick made)
ajbry :bananadea (no pick made)
Indy :bananadea (no pick made)

Eliminated on Wednesday May 7
31andonly :bananadea
Robertmto :bananadea

Eliminated on Friday May 9
USF :bananadea
Gyron :bananadea
The Hustler :bananadea

Eliminated on Sunday May 11
shade :bananadea

Eliminated on Tuesday May 13
No one.

05-14-2008, 12:22 AM

05-14-2008, 05:19 AM
Well, can't justify picking against the Spurs here. Sorry to be a party pooper.

Will Galen
05-14-2008, 01:41 PM
Well, can't justify picking against the Spurs here. Sorry to be a party pooper.

Nothing wrong with that. I figured both of you would probably pick the Spurs, so I thought about using Fridays games instead of Thursdays since there's two games.

In this game you do what you can to survive. Me, I went against that in the second round picking Philly over Detroit just because almost everyone was picking Detroit. Dumb!

That was what brought me success in Doug's 'guess the score.' Double Dumb!

05-14-2008, 08:13 PM