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NBA Google Groups (http://groups.google.com/groups/search?hl=en&q=Reggie+Miller&qt_s=Search&as_drrb=b&as_mind=1&as_minm=1&as_miny=1981&as_maxd=31&as_maxm=12&as_maxy=1989)

A huge NBA message board that dates all the way back to 1981. It has a very nice search system, so you can go back and find some gems. Here are a few classics...

Youch... (early 1985)

The idea is that it would be stupid to draft a center when you have one
of the best centers in the league. Look at Portland. They could
have drafted Michael Jordan, but they took Bowie instead. Everyone
said that they were making a mistake. No mistake. Portland needs
another guard like it needs a hole in the head. Yes, Jordan has
had a great rookie season, but Bowie has done well and the
Trailblazers are looking strong for the playoffs.

A true prophet....

I recently watched three pistons games and I've decide one thing. The worst loser in the league is the Isiah Thomas. I'd noticed this before, but I didn't realise the little **** did it intentionally.

The more things change.... (from Feb. 85)

The real reason for the NBA's problem is a general decline in fundamentals. The
players are better athletes, so they get minimal coaching at the high school
and college levels. Those that make it to the top are the most gifted, and
therefore, the least coached of the bunch. Even watching top teams play, I
hardly ever see good defensive position, or a well executed boxout on a
rebound. If you want a stat, note the general decline in foul shooting
percentage. About 10 years ago, 80 percent was a bare minimum. Now it's
considered excellent.

Now the reason fundamentals have declined is part of a general trend in team
sports away from the team and toward the individual. What we have is a cult of
personality. People don't cheer the Bulls, they cheer Michael Jordan. Somebody
noted a parallel development in the NFL. It's part of the same trend. Why does
Brent Musberger talk of a matchup between Marcus Allen and Walter Payton?

Some sociologist could give 100 reasons why this is. However, it does detract
from the game in general. Basketball is never as good as when 5 individuals are
cooperating in a balletic display of athletic skill. When 4 are watching a 5th
solo, it's a lot less interesting.

From Jan. 85.... (reminds me of the Bynum vs Oden debates, ie; media says Oden is better therefor Oden is better)

Akeem is a very good athlete and will get better
as he learns the game, but he's no Pat Ewing.

Prior to the 1997 Draft....

trust me stop saying we need tim Duncan!!!!
WE DONT ----HE is a LoUSY center at best in the nba

Trust me i goto univ of maryland and i watch acc games all the time he is
nothing special---
Back when we had joe smith (they were freshman the same year) joe ripped
him up game after game--

Joe should be a senior this year----MARYLAND would be #1 and wake would be
nothing because they wouldnt even come out of the ACC.

1996 Pre-Draft...

I see
Steve Nash as, at best, a superb third guard in a classic three guard
rotation. He'll come off the bench and play either point or shooting
guard, providing his team with instant firepower and passing. I think
that trading Greg Anthony, a proven starter who looks like he wants to
play in Vancouver, for Steve Nash would be utter folly. I pray that I'm
proven wrong, that Nash will make me eat kibble and regret ever writing
down these words. But somehow, I just don't think that'll happen.

BREAKING NEWS: NBA Blockbuster About to Go Down?!....

How's this for a good rumor?

It makes no difference whether or not Houston wins the coin flip. They
*will not* pick Akeem "The Dream" Olajuwan!

Portland *will* pick Akeem. (Wait a minute, here's the good part).

RALPH SAMPSON (which makes things *real* interesting if Portland fails

Ironically enough, this was posted April 1st, 1996....

who the hell is this adam tolin kid?he thinks he knows something about basketball, doesn't he?kobe bryant is so overrated i believe he will not even MAKE the NBA, yet alone be a star. he has no hops, and can't dribble or pass.by the way, i heard from my father, who is the assistant athletic director at UNC, that Bryant is commiting to DUKE

Those HUGE NBA contracts...

Wayman Tisdale, however, has seen better days. He is a
one diminsional power forward. He can score but I'd send
him packing. He plays no D and the only thing larger
than his contract (2 mill) is his waistline.

Have to love tose post-draft grades (1998)

Boston Celtics

They took Paul Pierce, who will no doubt have a productive pro career. But
they could have had Michael Doleac. Although Doleac does not have greatness
in him, he is a solid, dependable center. The Celtics need one of those
desperately. There are a lot of Paul Pierce's out there.
Grade: C

I did not make that last part up.... (1998)

Kobe Bryant is the most over-rated player since Danny Ferry. How could
he ever start an all-star game. There are 20 guards in the West more
deserving of that honour. It is pathetic that enough LA ballotbox
Stuffing and 8 year olds with Kobe Bryant shoes can get a crappy player
into an All-Star Game. Who's next........... Acie Earl. Damn.

With Kobe throwing up 10 bricks every game like he did at all-star
weekend. You guys won't even be able to get past the second
round........... You have the 2nd best player in the NBA in Shaq yet
even he can't lead the team to a ring with Kobe showboating around the


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1996 draft a bust (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.sport.basketball.pro/browse_thread/thread/5f583fb7047470ef/2ad928355075fb71?hl=en&lnk=st&q=1996+draft#2ad928355075fb71)

I'm going to go out on a limb here. This year's draft is going to be a huge bust. Maybe not Hudson Hawk, maybe not Waterworld, but at least a Beverly Hills Cop III. This year marks the anniversary of the dreaded 1986 draft.

For those of you who don't remember, that was the year that had Brad Daugherty going first, Len "Dead on Arrival" Bias second, and Chris "biggest flop of all time" Washburn going third. It also gave us Roy Tarpley and a bunch of other druggies. Possibly the biggest success high in the draft has been Chuck "Pop-Gun" Person; that should tell you a lot.

I see three reasons for this year being a watershed year of disappointment.
First, all the players coming out too early. What is it, 40something early
entries, including 3 high school players? Please. They haven't developed the skills and maturity yet. Not everyone is a Penny or even a Kevin Garnett.

Second, none of the high picks plays a position. Iverson and Stephon are not point guards. They are scorers who sometimes have to pass the ball. One'll probably turn into a Dee Brown, and another into a Nick Van Exel. Marcus Camby? Great kid. Not a center. Not a 3. And where's his "power?" He's not tough enough for the pro game. Ray Allen? Didn't he go to Connecticut? Enough said.

Finally, the 3 year contract is going to have a bunch of these guys out quickly. They won't develop quickly enough, and no one West of Portugal will want to pay them to do so in their fourth year.


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What? The internet existed in 1981? I thought in 1981 the internet was just some communication between nerds in the same office building and nothing else.

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I believe it started with something called Usenet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet) back in 1979.

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Nice finds. Thanks for posting.

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And even in the 80's there were plenty of boards you could join and call into. Post thoughts, chat, play chess.

Certainly it wasn't remotely like it is today overall, but for the kind of interaction we have on PD (sans pictures/graphics) it hasn't really changed so much.

I had no idea that Google had anything that old still available. What does blow my mind is getting search hits for articles 10+ years old. Time to bust out the cane I guess.

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this just proves that there was already Smartass posters back then! hahaha


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You know I didn't even know things like this existed. Which is funny, because years from now I was hoping to browse Digest posts and laugh at people (maybe myself) who discounted the ability of the next Jordan or Kobe to even be a decent player in the league.

Awesome find Kofi. A lot of this stuff is just priceless.

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Some of those are classics. Nice finds!

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Here is a nice one from March 1, 1998:

Eliminating salary cap and other extraneous considerations, would you trade Ron
Mercer for Kobe Bryant?

There's no way in hell that I would. Personally, I think Kobe's overrated due
to the hype machine that is L.A. I also think that he gets alot of attention
because he came into the NBA out of high school. But if you look at his game,
it isn't all that special. So what if he can jump through the gym and produce
highlight film dunks? Have you seen Mr. Mercer the past few games? There's some
quality dunks if that's what you want.

Mercer has the better overall offensive game. He's much more of a pure shooter
than Kobe. Bryant's more of a chucker. I will give Kobe this - he does have
better range as a shooter. Mercer has yet to show (or even attempt to show) he
can shoot the three. Maybe this will come with time or maybe it's something
that isn't part of his game. Either way, I'd take Mercer over Kobe any day of
the week.