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04-18-2008, 12:51 AM
Just wondering why everyone is in such a rush to trade some of these guys? One of the most valuable things to offer in a trade is cap relief. And the Pacers have plenty of that coming up in the next 2 years to help rebuild this team into a contender. What the Knicks get for Marbury this offseason will tell us a lot about what JO could land us in another year. Here's the Pacers expiring deals over the next 2 calendar years.

08-09/ Marquis Daniels-7.35
09-10/ JO-23.0
10-11/ Tinsley-7.5, Murphy-12, Dunleavy-10.5

That is over 60 million in cap relief for teams looking to cut payroll.

If you dealt any single one of these guys right now, you would not get nearly what you would if you simply waited it out until the final years of thier deals (except maybe Dunleavy). And everyone on here knows that the rebuilding process is going to take atleast 3 years, so why the rush? It's not just the moves you make, but when you make them.

Let's not just spin our wheels.

04-18-2008, 01:25 AM
Short alooking at the players salaries and when each contract expires we might need some money to re-sign Granger should we keep him